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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Shoes and Owls

DAY FIFTEEN today of not smoking. I am doing so well and I am very proud of myself. I went out on the weekend and was in many situations where my habit was part of my life and I didn't have any trouble at all. I certainly don't want one. I am still vigilent though and always will have to be. I rewarded myself last week with a layby of some much needed and wanted new shoes. i can get this layby of this week and that is my ciggy money. I will post a picture of my pretty new red shoes which I fell in love with and believe me it is strange for me to want to go and buy shoes - especially red shoes. Practical is my middle name for shoes and even though these are very comfy and practical they still ooze fun. Later that day I watched a new Sandra Bulock movie called All About Steve and one of the first things you see about her character in the movie is her red boots. They are an important part of the movies message and I had to laugh as that day I had got myself some red shoes.

Take a look at this movie - I thought it was very well done and I liked the message - to me it was all about being true to yourself. Others shouln't expect you to conform to their views - if they don't like you the way you are then maybe they should just let you be - also about how we assume someone is wrong in some way if they do not fit into the typical mould of the society you live in - and that there is always others the same as you and there is always friends out there for everyone. Anyway I liked it and would recommend this movie as a nice feel good and thoughtful movie to watch.

Now you WOULD NOT BELIEVE what just happened to me just now while writing this post. And unfortunately hubby and I did not get a photo quick enough. Bugger. I heard something outside on my hanging potplants and then noise that sounded like it was on the carport roof. I am sitting facing the window which looks out under our carport. It is dark outside and even though I have the light on in my room I cannot see ouside very well as it is so dark. I shone the torch out the window and then nearly jumped out of my skin. A HUGE Tawny Frog Mouth Owl just flew at the window and held onto the screen and just stayed there looking at me and I just sat in my chair calling out to hubby and he came in and had a look and then said he was getting the camera and the owl took a few more seconds and then flew of. WOW.

This is amazing as me and Mick have had many encounters with owls over the few years we have been together. Mick regularly sees an owl out the back and it has come down and sat very close to him while he is sitting arounbd a campfire. We came across a young owl being attacked by other birds one time while on holidays and we helped the owner of the holiday park catch the owl so he could take it to the vet and then the vet gave it back to him to release into the wild from the exact spot we found him. We got to see him fly away before we went from our holiday. I wonder if owls are meant to represent anything. In any case I can't get the picture of this huge bird on my flyscren looking at me.

Now I can't remember anything I was going to write about tonight so that's it. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

I wrote this last night at about 10pm. I am posting now as I did something wrong and it didn't post first go.

Peace to you all,



  1. Loved your blog!

    I dropped by after seeing your comment on Marla's blog. Enjoyed meeting you.

  2. Hey Sis,

    Your Owl Friend is a very privilaged sign.

    A lot of cultures believe that the Owl are your guardians from the after-life, your spiritual guides watching over you.

    Native American Indians also believe the protect you against evil spirits.

    Spiritually the Owl is a symbol of inner-knowing, psychic ability, and intuition ( Which you are very much like )

    Without a doubt you are being watched over and protected.



  3. The Owl is also a symbol of wisdom and in dream symbolism, all birds are symbols of spiritually inclined thoughts and wisdom.
    I would definitely look at Owl symbolism and archetypes information and see what you can connect within that resonates with you as a symbol to use in meditation or guidance. Sometimes collecting figures of the spirit guide animal can bring positive energy into you life of feeling that connection to the natural world and that natural animal instinctual nature in you that guides when most needed.
    How wonderful, and beautiful pic of Owl.


  4. Hi there Parsley - thanks for the encouragement and I will now have a look at your blog. I rally enjoy meeting new people.

    Andrew and Aine - thanks to both of you for your guidance about the symbolism of the Owl. I am doing a little bit more looking it up but I like the way Aine said to look for something which connects with me. That helps me quite a bit as when I was reading through a bit of info I got a bit lost and a tad confused. I will stop and listen to myself and the correct information will present itself as it usually does. I just need a reminder sometimes.

    Thanks again and peace to you all,


  5. Wendy I find the praying mantas by symbol of enlightment and wisdom. I found one stuck in-between the joins of the eve's of the house one morning. I could not reach it so I went and got a broom. I placed the broom up so he could stand on it and had leverage to take his leg out of where it was stuck. Then I just put my hand out and he jumped onto it and I placed him in a tree. Later that day I was sitting by the window on the computer and heard a knock knock on the window. There knocking on the window was that praying mantas. He looked at me bowed his head looked for a bit longer and then flew away. From that moment on I have nothing but respect for this animal. So what I am saying is that there is not one thing that is a guidance or symbol to everyone. As Aine has said you will find something that stands out and reaches out and touches your very soul and your very core of who you are. You might not find it for a while, and you may not find it just by looking for it. But it is there you just have to have patience that it will show its self just like my friend did. Patti.