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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Show Must Go On...

This weeks prompt from Carry On Tuesday is "The Show Must Go On". Below is my poem using these words in the poem.

The Show Must Go On

It really doesn't matter
whether you want to or not.
It really doesn't matter
how you feel
or later...
for in this life
the show must go on.
Just pick one foot up and move.
Take a step.
Just put one foot in front of the other,
because even though it seems the end
and you feel life has been stripped from you,
the world is still turning.
The lights are still red, amber, green.
The show must go on.

Wendy House 18/10/2011

Kalambaka Greece - Monestry

Hotel - Myconos, Greece

View from roadside cafe - somewhere on Crete, Greece

Coffee in the above awesome view cafe in Greece

I have been busy lately and I have not been giving myself a hard time if I do not write anything much on my blog. I just write when I get a chance and I have something to say. I read those that I follow though and also flip through random sites that others follow as well. I also have a weakness from craft sites and can get lost for hours looking through the clever things other people make.

There is a new cake recipe in my homemade cooking page. It is recipe using 3 weetbix - no butter or eggs. So easy to make and I have made this and frozen slices ready to toast for a snack or breakfast.

I had my fundraising afternoon on Saturday just gone. The Great Cake bake for Red Cross. I had a lovely afternoon and have raised $135 for Red Cross. My target was $100 so that was a great effort.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

It was love at first sight.....

Today's post is a poem - written for Carry On Tuesday - the prompt this week was "It Was Love At First Sight".

Love At First Sight.

It was love at first sight,
but I never said or thought it would last.
I know myself better than that.
I know I fall in love so easily
and how easily the next sparkle can move me
in a new direction.
I held you in my gaze,
I imagined touching you,
wearing you,
feeling you.
I had no control.
I stepped through the door,
I took a deep breath
and asked to see you
and it was definately love, love at first sight.
And I tried you on.
I twirled and fluttered,
and opened my purse.
I then went on home
with my new dress.

Wendy House

Well I hope you liked that. I don't think I have ever written a poem about purchasing a dress. I actually do not shop very often. But I don't think there is a person out there that has not fallen madly in love on the spot when they have seen an item that moved them - in this case a dress. I am sure that even if you are careful about your spending you can still remember a time that this happened to you.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


These flowers have been in this vase for well into the second week now. Orchids from a friends garden and the rest from mine.

Hello to all. I have been busy doing other things that were not based around the computer. I certainly cannot complain that I have nothing to do. Lots of visitors to our home and a little bit of visiting our family and friends. Lots of creativity.

I had to share this awesome plate with you all. I went to a coffee shop with my daughter on my birthday in September and the staff found out it is my birthday and they all came out and sang happy birthday to me and presented me with this yummy muffin.

I have been making Christmas things to keep. The odd decoration here and there to keep year after year in my new Christmas keepsake box. I have not bothered about doing to much decorating for Christmas for such a long time. The change begins this year. We are actually not home for the main holiday days as we spend each year with my parents one day and then Micks parents the next. But I want my house to look festive and to get into the spirit of things. So I made these two pillow cases. $1.00 each from a $2 shop and then a bit of rick rack sewn across the top and tada - I have my very own Christmas pillow cases to use each year to brighten up my bedroom.

More of these amazing flowers. The bulbs have all came up in the garden but I can't see them all day every day so I cut some and placed in vases around the house and they just simply last for ages and look extraordinary. Oh they make me feel good to just glance at them constantly all day.

Our Tiaro Creative Arts Group met today and joined another group from the local area at Curra. We were invited to a members home that is set on top of a mountain and has incredible views to choose from for painting and drawing. It was such a relaxing day. I am still very new to this and have  this tendancy to stop myself from trying and saying things to myself like, "I can't do that - I don't know what to do". You know, just the negative self talk we all drown ourselves in every day. Well not today. I got out my colour pencils and sketched this drawing below of the shed above.

I really like it.

I am also making a set of placemats for a gift for someone for Christmas. Each one has a little saying on it about friends and home. I really like this one.

And roses.....

And sunflowers.....
3 more to go to finish the set. I am going to finish them of tomorrow.

Original photograph by Michelle Edwards.

Our Creative Art Group will be holding an exhibition of our members work starting at the end of October and going through to the end of November. 

Original photograph by Wendy House 2011

This is a photograph that I took and I am going to frame this for the exhibition.

Talk again tomorrow.
Cheers, Wendy