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Photograph taken by Wendy House
Love Is Like a River
Wendy House - 30/8/2011

Love is like a river
never straight
never boring
never predictable
you think you
have it all
figured out
and then
around the next bend
there are rapids
scary love
then it calms down
and the river of love
glides peacefully
and envelopes
you both in it's peace
and tranquillity
around the bends
over the rapids
through the calm
love is like a river.


Photograph taken by Wendy House
Wendy House 5/9/2011

Coming home
driving in the drive
turn off the key
and sit
be still.

Home at last
too many hours
on the road
too much traffic
in that city
too many lights
way to bright.

Home is where it is quiet
Home is where it is dark
Home is where it is peaceful
and welcoming
and familiar.

Home is where the heart is.

Home is also where your heart is.

It's good to be home.

Wendy House 27/9/2011

Up until dawn
danced the night away
not once
not twice
so often I lost count.
Laughing till our sides hurt.
Being loud.
Being us.
Partied 'till the dawn showed her colours,
never wanting it to end.
But it did.
Some things just can't go on forever
no matter how much we try.
But those were the days my friend
where awesome memories were made,
fun memories that make me tingle,
make me glow with a smile.
Yes those were the days my friend.
We were good together.

Wendy House 14/9/2011

When I look into your eyes,
I see strength.
Strength of character
so strong,
and it inspires me.
You inspire me.
Your eyes they spark,
and your eyes they glow.
Your eyes just dance with life.
And  I know your story,
and I know your past,
and I look into your eyes
and see strength.

Love At First Sight.
Wendy House 9/10/2011

It was love at first sight,
but I never said or thought it would last.
I know myself better than that.
I know I fall in love so easily
and how easily the next sparkle can move me
in a new direction.
I held you in my gaze,
I imagined touching you,
wearing you,
feeling you.
I had no control.
I stepped through the door,
I took a deep breath
and asked to see you
and it was definitely love, love at first sight.
And I tried you on.
I twirled and fluttered,
and opened my purse.
I then went on home
with my new dress.

by Wendy House 2/10/2015

I am White.
I am the foam on the ocean wave.
I am the tiny white jasmine flower
who only visits in August.
I am the white daisies open up to the sun.
I am a white cockatoo
soaring among the gums.
I am a white duck,
or three white ducks on a pond.
I am a white porch.
I am a white room
and a white bed
and a white chair
and a white mat.
I am clean.
I am fresh.
I am pure.
I am a white curtain flapping in the breeze.
I am a white hat
protecting a head from the sun.
I am crisp.
I am clean.
I am white.

Sunrise over ocean.The waves are making their infinite sound.
The water is glistening and glowing
like molten silver under the suns reflection.
A black bird hops across the sand in front of me.
The tarp is flapping in the breeze.
My cup of tea is hot and tastes like a luxury.
And time is perfect.
My soul is happy.
I am outdoors... in nature.

By Wendy House  18/10/2015