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Friday, April 19, 2013

Settling In Place

We have been very lucky indeed in this house. We discovered a few holes in our flooring under the tiles. Quite by accident that we found them. We rang the insurance company and they have covered us for the repairs to the flooring up to a certain point. Apparently the people who had the house before us decided to do a quick tile job over the kitchen and wet areas and did not use any type of water proofing. That part of the deal is ours to handle.

Anyway with very careful planning we have managed to get quite a lot of repairs done around the house. The builder arrives on Monday to repair the floor and build a ramp of the back door area. This will be so good because my Mum cannot get into our house up the stairs without a lot of problems. Now she will be able to visit without any worry at all.

So we have been doing lots of little and major repairs. I will post before and after photos when it is completed.

The thing that has really made me think is that in our haste to save money or simply say we cannot afford something to be done around the house - other problems can occur. Our house is our biggest asset. It is our home - our safety - our retirement - our security. It is ever so important to maintain it. Just like our cars or any other object we own. I have watched my parents always look after their home. They do the little things and very rarely have any major problems pop up.

In my youth I never wanted to be at home - I was always out - always on the move. The grass always seemed greener on the other side. As I age and mature - I will add like a very good bottle of wine -  I appreciate my home. I find safety in it - I find calm in it. I never want to leave lately and have the opposite problem to the first part of my life. I am becoming quite secluded. I feel my best emotionally at home. There seems to be less and less reason to leave home as I consume less and less and enjoy making and producing for myself at home. Many grand ideas of travel have left my thoughts - I would still like to travel this great country of ours but overseas - nahh - not really interested now. If I have money spare I would prefer to pay of my morgage - get more freedom from being debt free.

I feel like I am wriggling my bottom and settling down into our home - like you do when you sit down at the beach on the sand - getting comfortable.

And I love it....