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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I first saw this on THE GREENING OF GAVIN. I just watched it again and I really want to share  it with you.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleep Over At Gram and Gramps

I had my grand daughter over night last night. Adorable. Fun. She slept well but I get up so often to check on her. Very different than having your own.

She loves playing with Grammy's tupperware.

Look at these big blue eyes.

I picked up this odd piece of fabric at the second hand shop for a dollar. Yep $1.00 and I had some old stuffing at home. One is actually filled with some wadding I had laying around. Cool Hey.

Just some photos from the recent floods in Maryborough. These were taken in Tiaro on the Mary River.

You can see that the water had come up a lot higher. It can go a lot higher than this. Under that water is a bridge. They already fixed it up once this year. Three months the road was blocked to the othr side of town. Patch up job worth a million. All washed away again. Really needs a new and higher bridge. I am glad that I do not live on the other side.

This log was washed from the creek onto our place. We have a small creek at the bottom of our property and it was over 100m wide when it was in full flood.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Prepared Challenge

A wet start to the New Year. Finally able to get back to work and make some money.

I went shopping today for some groceries. Not my fav chore as I get a bit antsy as I look at the price hikes. Today was no exception. Butter. 500gr of butter. The cheapest one was Coles brand ( no choice of salted or unsalted) and it was $2.54. ALL the others were over $4.00. Western Star was over $4.50. WHEN DID BUTTER GET SO EXPENSIVE. That is highway robbery and they know it.

Okay onto other things.

With all of the flooding around us recently the shops ran low on many items. It was also hard to judge when to leave and try and make it to the shops before the rain flooded the local roads again. Luckily for me and Mick we had a fairly good stock of store cupboard items. If we could not have got out for a week or two we would not have gone hungry. It may have been a bit boring at the end but we would have managed. I have always tried to stockpile a bit of food for hard times. It often helps when there is simply no money for groceries one week due to lack of work or something else. I had used a fair bit of it recently so I really need to  top it all up.

I have been saying to Mick that we need to have a bit of back up in all things and not just food. I make lists and then get myself in a bit of a tizzy because I try to do everything at once. So I have joined in with a few wonderful people who are doing a short and simple explaination of how to go about all of this. Please look at the below blogs and have a read and learn.



The Greening Of Gavin - Be Prepared Challenge

Just to know that if a disaster were to hit - bush fire, cyclone, floods etc - that we could either sit it out and survive or be able to quickly evacuate in a hurry with the very essential items we need, will give me peace of mind. I don't sit here and think - that could never happen to us anymore. For me this planning at this level is fairly short term stuff. Surviving longer and supporting yourself more and more is another ball game all together.