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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi everyone

Today has not been very good and certainly doesn't feel like it lives up to the Worthwhile catergory. Just to many pressures and I feel completely smothered in negative energy. Not going to bore you with the details and I am sure you have all been there before. So I just read some of my own advise. Firstly - JUST KEEP SWIMMING - even though I have cursed the water I am swimming in all day long. Secondly - BE KIND TO MYSELF - I have been talking to myself and saying nice soothing things to myself and then I yell a bit at me, the universe and any other energy that might take notice then back to nice soothing things.

Then I thought well I will read the blogs I follow and I read my brothers - Soap Box - and he made me think of love and how lucky I am to be surrounded by love. Then I read Lessons From The Monk I Married and again I got another WOW moment. Not todays post which by the way is very interesting about voting but the day before - Lesson 66 - JUST SHOW UP - below is a bit from this post. Have a read - again it is a wonderfully insightful post which was completely relevant to my day / week / year.

Thinking too much can paralyze a person. You may start to negotiate or think of excuses of why you can't do something. Anyone can rationalize their way out of not doing something. I say, "Don't think, just show up." Nine times out of ten, I feel much better for having done so. I attribute a great deal of the success I've had in life to "just showing up." Of course you have to do the work too, but chances are, if you've showed up, you'll do it.

So I am going to concentrate on just showing up each day to my life at the moment when things are seeming a bit hard to handle. I will keep swimming and just show up.

Tonight Mick and I have said we would join a local dancing club. They meet each Tuesday evening and we know nothing about what to do and how to dance. I have made excuses before but I will JUST SHOW UP TONIGHT and see what happens.

Today is day 9 of not smoking. I have had an emotional day today and thought about smokes more than other days. I don't want one and I haven't been tempting to run of to the shop and buy some - actually I didn't think of that at all. Just acknowledging that my old habit has risen it's ugly head because even though it never solved a thing and actually caused more problems in the end I did have a nasty habit of reaching for a fag when I was depressed, anxious, upset, worried or angry. I actually was a chain smoker and this chain has been broken.

So anyway I am very proud of my muddled and confused way I have got through today. Even though it was all messy around the edges I didn't cave in and smoke and I remembered finally very late in the day to be kind to myself and I am going to make the day WORTHWHILE after all by getting of my butt and going dancing tonight.

Thanks for listening and I hope I haven't drained anyone with all of that negative energy.

Peace to you all,


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  1. Hey Sis ...

    I find that when things are the hardest it's because when we step back and have an honest look at what we are doing we find that we are trying to push life up hill.

    It's always easier to wind your way up the hill if you MUST get to the top or alternativly go to a different location.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that if Nothing Goes Right ~~ Turn Left !

    Love Ya