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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My First Post

Well this is very new. Never done this before. It took me ages the other night to set this up. Not sure what I am going to do with this blog. So I will write and see where it all goes.

Instead of a New Year Eve's resolution I decided after reading someone elses blog that a New Year Word is much more appropriate. Everything I do this year I will try and link back to that one word. The word I chose is - WORTHWHILE - I want to make this year worthwhile. Every year I get to the end and see that I have wasted so much time and opportunities. It is not that I don't feel worthwhile to my family and husband but it goes much deeper than that.

If I look at each of the below catergories and am very honest with myself then I can see clearly where I waste time and opportunities. I need at least one goal in each catergory and then make this year count. Make my actions in line with acheiving my goals. It really does help to bring everything back to that one word. So far it is stopping me from procrastinating. I am the first to come up with ideas and even start them. BUT. I am also one of the worst procrastinators I know.

The categories that I have so far thought of are - Family Relationships, Husband Relationship, Friends Relationships, Travel, Business, Budgeting, Health, Home.