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Sunday, November 6, 2011

COMMENTING on blogs you read....

One of my Bromeliad's in flower. It is absolutely exquisite - the flower on this plant. I am trying to find out what it is called - any help would be appreciated. I think I will send a photo to the local Bromeliad Society.

It is so spiky this plant - It is hard to even take a close up photo of it. It has pups on the side and I would like to break them of and plant them but I can't get near them to break them of. I will just let it spread and grow to it's hearts content exactly where I have planted Mama plant.

COMMENTS - do you take the time to leave a little comment when you read someones blog post? It is funny but we take the time to read what someone wrote but not to leave a little word to just indicate that you have visited and read what the author took the time to write. I have done that in the past. Read something and then closed out of it and not left a word to say that I read and enjoyed what I read as well. Then I decided that if I spent the time reading something I would take the time to leave a comment.

I have read recently somewhere the request for people not to have the security word to type in when leaving a comment. That it takes too much time. It does not bother me if I have to do the security word. It does not take long. The problem I have sometimes is that I scroll up or down the page and forget to actually do that part and click off the blog page and then realise that I have not done the word thingy. Oh well.

I just think that if you are the type of person to write blogs, read blogs and follow blogs then you should take a little time and leave a comment. I thought a little LIKE button such as is on facebook would be good but then I thought about that and said to myself that it is the little words of encouragement that count. The little acknowledgements that your words have been read and even if not agreed with they are still acknowledged.

I just find that if I am taking the time to actually read through someones post ( and in most cases it is a blog that I actually have taken the time to follow) this means firstly that this blog and this post have got my attention long enough to read the whole post and secondly that I either agree or disagree, have enjoyed their words about their life, enjoyed their photos etc etc and thirdly that I actually want the author to know that I visited.

I also think that it goes the other way as well. If people leave you a comment on something you have written or photos you have posted surely it isn't too much trouble to leave a small acknowledgement and thankyou for their visit. Sometimes we forget that the comments are a way of having a discussion on the subject written about. You might seriously have way to many comments to answer each one individually but it would be good manners to at least leave a short reply acknowledgeing the fact that so many people have replied. I feel so much closer to the people who write back to me when I leave a comment.

There is one blog that I follow daily/weekly that never leaves a comment in reply to anything I write. The funny thing is that I still look at this blog because I really like the message and photo. It does not take me long to read but sometimes can be quite inspiring. But I am just about to delete the blog from my follow list. I just do not understand why some people post things and then never acknowledge others looking and taking the time to read their words and look at their pictures. If it is private then maybe they should have their blog set on private for themselves and a close few that they wish to share with.

Is life that busy and if you have that many blogs to read that the few seconds - and it is literally less than a minute to leave a quick reply/comment after reading a post - if life is that busy, maybe you need to slow down.

What do you all think?????

My CAMILLIA's are starting to open the hundreds of buds all over them.

The gardenias have also nearly finished so now the camillias will fill my vases for the next few weeks.

Window sill of flowers.

Two of my children with their children. The circle of life.

Just because I think this is a gorgeous photo. I just want to grab a good book and a blanket and lay under this tree for the afternoon. So inviting.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love One Another

This weeks prompt from Carry On Tuesday is Love One Another - here is my take on those words....

Love One Another

To love one another
is the most purest
and blessed of feelings.

To love one another
hurts and cuts deep
and feels like a curse.

To love one another
is easy.
To love one another
is so very very hard.

Two sides.
Two heads.
Two choices.

Make it easy
or make it difficult,
to love one another
and to allow another to love you.

The bottom line though
always love one another,
and that starts
with a clear conscious choice
that only you can make.

Love one another with all of your heart
and all of your being
and all of your soul.

The rewards will be yours.

by Wendy House


I follow a few blogs about minimalist living. To me it is the same thing as simple living. Just going in from a different angle but heading in the same direction. You see I have a very small house. I recently knocked out a wall. i have wanted to do that for so long - actually ever since we bought the house. I now have a two bedroom instead of a three but it is GOOD. I have been looking around and feeling so squshed - so cluttered - so overwhelmed. The wall is gone. I got rid of quite a few things but my goodness so much more has to go.

Little vases of Gardenias - my house smells awesome.

More pineapples growing - I will get three this year.

A vase that someone was tossing out and I grabbed it and potted it up with petunias - gorgeous

I find one of the things we do is hold onto something because we know that if we do want it in the future you don't want to have to buy it again. I do not have a lot of money - I cannot afford to go cloths shopping very often - so I hold onto the things in my cupboard. Yet I wear the same pieces day in and day out. I love those cloths - I feel comfortable in them. They flow on me - they are not tight. So in the next week - everything is coming out of my cupboard - The things I wear are going back in and the rest is going to a charity - or in a bag ready to sell at the next car boot sale.

I have been at my husband about building me a wardrobe. You know a floor to ceiling robe that I can fit everything into. I have just changed my mind. I will fit my cloths into the cupboard I have.

I am currently going through all of my photos and dividing the lot between my three children. They will get them when I go one day so it may as well be sooner than later. As I go through these photos I am keeping out ones that move me - really speak to me - only happy memories though. Those few handfuls of photos are a slither of my life. I am doing a photo wall/area of these and that is it. The funny thing is that I love photography. I am just not into going through photos and reminising. If I ever feel the need to go through my old stuff - I can always take a look at one of my childrens collection.

I have also been thinking a lot about my relationship to money. I have a hate relationship with money - always have. A dear friend has given me a book to read as a birthday gift. He was worried I would be offended. I said not so. I will read it and get back to you I told him. I am doing that - I am reading slowly - taking on board the questions it asks and just letting the information wash over me and allowing myself time to respond. I usually cower away in fright when I have to deal with my relationship with money.

I use it.
I need it,.
I say I don't want it
I say I don't desire it.
But of course I do.
It is just the things I desire are probably different from the things you desire.
I know I hate debt.
I know I am in debt.
Finding my reason - finding the fire in my gut - to change this relationship.
That's the key.
Assuming what fires me now will be what fires me in the future is not correct.
What fires me now will always be important to me but will change in importance once it is achieved.
That is.....


Thanks for reading and dropping by.

Cheers, Wendy