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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Be Kind On Yourself

DAY SEVEN of not smoking - had a taste last night of being around people smoking and I mean smoking like I used to a week ago. It stinks and I just want to say a HUGE SORRY to all the people I have offended over the past few years. It hasn't been that bad actually. I took a puff on this ladies cigerette and that was enough to show me how foul tasting it is. YUCK. I had to immediately go and brush my teeth. I am glad I had a taste. To me it proves that I really do not want to smoke and the cravings are going and the idea of smoking is appalling to me. I really still do not want to smoke and the feeling that I am missing out on something is gradually disappearing. I rewarded myself this last week with a few items of clothing with the money I would normally spend on smokes. This week I am going back to the gym and my reward there will be that I can breath through the excercise. The next reward for myself this week is to go to the movies. Not sure what I will see yet. Okay so tomorow will be the beginning of week two of not smoking.

I had such a WORTHWHILE day yesterday - gardening or weeding would be a better word with Mick for the morning in the drizzling rain. It was such a nice morning and we achieved just not cleaning up our front garden but spending some quality time together and I got some much needed excercise.

I also spent about an hour on the phone to my son. After this phone call I was thinking how my time to my son is worth so much more than all the gold and money in the world. Then the Universe steps in and I see my lesson of the day. I opened the blog that I follow called Lessons I learned From Marrying A Monk - or something like that. It is on the lefthand side here in my watched blogs list. Go to lesson 65 called GENEROUS and read this post. I got so much out of it. Below is an extract from this blog - have a read -

The moment you are generous and give to others for their own good without expecting anything in return, is the moment that the abundance of the universe is yours. You are no longer separate from it. Give love, give peace, give joy, give light...being generous is not only about money.

How well written - I know for sure that I often feel like I do not give very much of myself. This is not true. I gave my time to my son yesterday because he needed someone to talk to. I realised that he is lonely and just needs an ear to listen to him and that my time I give him as a mother and a friend is worth so much to him. My brother commented on this blog the other day that I make a difference often to others that I am not even aware of. I think that can be true of everyone. We are often made to think by society that money is the only way to give. This is so not true. Just read the above again. I love the words GIVE LOVE, GIVE PEACE, GIVE JOY, GIVE LIGHT - wow what awesome words to think upon.

And while you are in her blog have a look at todays post - Lesson 65 Don't listen to the Mustn'ts, the Shouldn'ts and Can'ts. Again a great piece of writing.

As for my Sunday bushwalk today - it didn't happen because of heavy rain still. I will mark of a walk as soon as I complete one.

Take care everyone and BE KIND ON YOURSELF. I truly believe that we are so much tougher on ourselves than on any others we might come into contact with.

I am sending you all PEACE




  1. Wendy-Thanks for reading Lessons from the Monk I Married and quoting my blog here. I write from my own experience for the benefit of myself and others. Thanks again for reading and I'm following you here!

  2. Another great quote on this subject is...

    You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

    Love reading your writting Sis & Yes now you have me hooked on Katherine Jenkins " Lessons from the monk I married ".