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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living Life.

Hello there to all.

Thanks for the comment left by Bruise Mouse because it has got me writing again.

Busy - yes I have been busy but it is a different type of busy. I have been focusing on learning about my health and what I can do to improve it.

I have been busy also with focusing on my relationship with my husband. It's working and it's good.

I have also jumped in and started painting. I joined  the local  "Tiaro Creative Arts Group" last year. I have pussy footed around not really doing anything. Well I went on a camping trip for a few days at the beginning of last week and I did paint. I broke the ice. I am going to find time and paint again this weekend. I had such a lovely time with a wonderful group of ladies. More on that later.

I was also feeling very empty in some respects because I like all of the things I do but I also love to go dancing and go out and stay up all night and even though I do not want to do it all of the time now - actually I simply couldn't do it all of the time - well I have been out lately a few times. I have put back into my life some of the things I really enjoy.

Things I have been up to.

Alex's Christening

Brody's 21st

My mother Annette's 70th Birthday

Weekend away with friends

Night out dancing and laughing and singing and just plain having fun.

A lovely Sunday afternoon High Tea for another friends 21st Birthday

Celebrating a friends opportunity to have life saving surgery.

My first ever painting.

My second one.

Me and my friends of Tiaro Creative Arts Group.
Talk again tomorrow,
Love to you all,