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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Self and Pineapples

Hi Everyone

First things first - please look at the picture of my PINEAPPLE. I am so excited to have my first pineapple growing and I so hope possums and wallabies don't eat them because I want to share this pineapple with my Dad.

Today is day 16 of not smoking. I have'nt taken a puff of my asthma spray for days on end now. I actually cannot remember when I used it last and I also am not using the preventer. Just goes to show how much smoking affected me. That's only the things I can see and not my insides that are hidden to me. I feel that my circulation is beginning to move in my body - that is probably not the correct way to say that but wow I can feel things moving inside me. I just simply feel more alive. I was really worked up about something today and I thought and said aloud how if I smoked I would have one right then and there but I truly never really wanted it and was just spouting of silly words that I knew as they left my mouth were stupid and pointless. I got through that few hours and just said to myself deal with it and I did. A smoke or a drink or any sort of drug wouldn't change a thing. Me smoking is not going to fix up my phone provider and get my phones working again. So 16 days it is and going strong.

The above picture is of our new dam which is full to the brim of water and looks amazing.

Now I need to acknowledge how my day was worthwhile - read above - that is worthwhile in itself and definately moving me towards my goal of a healthier and more content me. Then I paid bills which moved me towards my goal of being debt free and in control of my money. I also spoke at length to a friend tonight on the phone and spent time building relationships. I was giving and kind with words written in answer to other peoples blogs. Yes I feel that today was worthwhile in so many ways and that today has moved me closer to my goal of not wasting another year.

The other day on my blog I mentioned that I might share my vision of my dream self. I am not sure that I feel totally comfortable doing this but what the heck. It is just that I am discovering that by writing a blog that others can read is quite disclosing - it makes me feel like I am standing in front of everyone naked. But at the same time it is liberating to share things about myself and how I think and feel that otherwise would be hidden and kept to myself only. I like my company but I also like to share with others. So here is my written version of my Dream Self. Over the course of the year as I work at making the year Worthwhile I am keeping this vision of my Dream Self/Life clearly in front of me - a bit like a road map for me to follow for the year. Some guidance in my travels and decision making. I know that not everything will be crossed of this year but at the end of the year I want to see a big dent in the ones that are left and want to see some clearly crossed of as achieved or achieving. I feel this is a living document and over the coming year I may adjust it as required and add to it as necessary.

Full of energy – bursting with life - zing
Get up early – enjoy an early morning cupper as the sun comes up.
Smile all of time – laugh out loud often
Non Smoker
Non Drinker
Healthy Eater – lots of fruit and vegetables – vegan diet – plant based
Calm disposition
Exercises daily
Yoga expert for myself – do yoga every day
I dress in comfortable cloths – cottons and natural fabrics
Mick and I own our own house – we are debt free.

I help out in some charity or volunteer work somewhere - maybe with the elderly.

I have a lovely deck out the back
I have lovely old timber furniture and my home is decorated with things found in op shops and garage sales and flea markets.
I have lovely gardens to walk in and enjoy.
I have a happy, calm home – candles, earthy feel, warm, and friendly.
Our business is steady with plenty of work booked into our calendar.
We have an awesome reputation of a company that pays their accounts on time all of the time.
We have an awesome reputation for outstanding customer service.

Mick and I will finally travel around this wonderful country of Australia for a few years and live on the road.

Thanks for reading,

Peace to all of you deep in your hearts,



  1. That's a pineapple?! Okay, I feel stupid. I thought they grew on trees.

    Please update as it grows so I can show my daughter.

    I follow now by the way.

  2. Dream self is great, it's kind of like a vision board in a list! This is a great exercise for visualizing your creation as you decide how you want to create and rule your own universe. You go goddess of your universe!