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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two New Poems by Me.....

I will write the next post about ME tomorrow.

Today I want to share two poems I wrote a few nights ago.

I had just watched Crash Course by Chris Martensons

and Fall Of The Republic

and The Corporation

over the past few nights. Now you can take the time to look at them if you wish. There is no one making you do this. Like me you can just get informed. You do not have to take on board everything you hear and see but you can be a little bit more informed and go away and research for yourself what is in these few films.


You can't keep buying stuff
It comes from somewhere you know
and when you've had enough of it
where do you think it goes?

Have you ever stopped to think
How much is enough?
How much do you need
of all this stuff?

Why does it make you feel good?
What role is it playing?
Are you happy for  but a moment
as you hand over the the dough?

Do you ever give a thought
to how this stuff was made?
Where it came from
and what and where is it's grave?

Maybe you complain about governments and such,
Maybe you find blame in everyone else.
It's them doing the wrong thing you say
but it's them that your helping.

Do you ever take the time
to calculate your value?
How many hours of toil
does it take you to buy that?

Then when it's all over
the love affair with that thing,
that item purchased in haste
to make you feel great,
then what do you think happens?

It just all goes AWAY.

Have you ever thought about AWAY?

by Wendy House 27/4/2010



Are you so blind you will not see?
Are you so busy you cannot watch
two hours of a documentary
and not two hours of TV?
Are you so ignorant
and think all is okay,
that things can go on indefinately
and your life won't change?
What do you hold onto?
What do you covet with might?
I covet freedom
to live as I choose
to grow my own seed
to drink the rain that falls on me
to eat what I have grown.
I covet freedom
to share knowledge
and prsoper
but not at the price of some other person
and not at the expense of my Earth.
Are you so blind
that you do not notice?
Or are you so stupid
that you just don't see?

by Wendy House 27/7/2010

Comments are welcome and I send Cheers and Peace to you all,


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So we put our house on the market. We had bought a spec home and it was brand new and it sold immediately and the contract was finalised in 21 days. Cash sale to someone that knew we had been taken for a ride by the real estate who valued the house. We nearly doubled our money in a one year period and because we thought that was good we just never thought about the fact we could have got more.

Now you have understand that there was no computer/internet/realestate.com in our home. We both worked fulltime. I was the decision maker in our home and always was for the whole 17 years we were together. So I open up the Sunday paper and see an advert for some cheap places up at Nanango way. A 4 hour drive from Brisbane and in very dry country. I didn't even check out the area. I didn't check out the schools. I just didn't do anything but buy a house on 5 acres (of which I never walked the entire block once) that had a open plan 2 bedroom house on it and that was it. It all happened in a blink of an eye. No lessons learnt from this as I missed any lessons that we could have learnt because I loved it. I loved the house and I loved working from home and I simply was too young. I just lived. I really have no idea how I ended up this way. I just did things and jumped in feet first. At 47 I am finally - DER - getting the lessons of my life. I have to say though that I am so thankful for all  lessons even if I learnt slowly. The universe had to just keep cramming things down my throat and into my mind for a bit longer.

Well the next year was busy with children at school, working from home and selling our products at the markets on the weekend. This is the time in my life that I realised that I was pretty good at running a business. I had no knowledge and I just flew through by the seat of my pants. It was the 80's and I can say nothing was really a struggle. We could have saved a packet of money and we could have easily paid of our house. We didn't.

What I did do was get cosy with the neighbours up the road. Another lesson in life that I can now look back on and realise was a huge learning curve and lessons learnt about this have been carried throughout my life. First lesson - NEVER think you are not able to be brainwashed into beliefs that are stupid and unsound and radical (this coming from someone who often says 'never say never'). Second Lesson - I gained some serious understanding about a particular way of life chosen by some people. Third Lesson - My parents are angels in disguise and all the years of a close relationship and a trust in them paid of when my father broke through this grip held by others and was able to get through to me. There are other lessons but those are the main three.

The neighbours were Fundamentalist End Of The World God Is Coming NOW Christians. I had never been exposed to anything except our Anglican religion where my Mum sent us to sunday school, had us baptised and then confirmed and then promptly dropped the whole thing to let us find our own way. She went to church sometimes at christmas and that was it. The second taste was a catholic nun at highschool where to get out of sports I choose religious studies. I liked her. She was a kind lady who seemed very happy to me and I started then and there to question my existence and the meaning of life etc. I even contemplated becoming a nun. That lasted a very short time because remember I was 15 and thought the world revolved around boys, boys and more boys as well as my favorite music. Later through the years after this period in my life with the neighbours I explored and studied all sorts of facets of new age theory and other religions and have picked through all of that and chosen what suits me up to this point in my life. This will be explained in a later post.

Now the neighbours were friendly. They were helpful. We were lonely and needed some company. They introduced us to others and we becane part of a very small group. I will add here that my husband was bought up in a family who followed the path of belief of the worldwide church of god. He had grown up being on the outside as they do not eat (or did not then) certain meat, they did not have christmas, birthdays, easter and they had something once a year called the feast when they all got together and gave gifts and did what everyone else did at another time of year. He was not practising when we got together and he was the black sheep of the family and in his usual style that never changed over the years he simply did not talk about it.

I am not sure how much I want to go into this with you all but it is very relevant for me today as the lessons have left me even more torable of others because I know how easy it is to get caught up in something. Something so alien and out of character that you think that it can't happen. Part of me is embarrassed and a part of me feels stupid. I will try to sum it up as concisely as possible. Over a period of a fairly short time they encouraged us to speak less and less with family. They encouraged us to do bible study with them and that was our social pastitme. (of which I can now remember an awful lot and can hold an intelliegent conversation about)  They encouraged us with friendship and to listen to their ideals and their beliefs and to gradually take them onboard as our own. It was smooth sailing. It was a good ride. Nothing jumped out at me and my husband never voiced his concerned if he had any and just went along for the ride as well. Speaking in tongues was something I had just never seen. They shared with us their fundamental view of everything evil and had a fixation with the devil and his demon hohorts. I think they read more books about bad than good. I didn't even know this stuff existed before this. I lost quite a lot of precious memorabillia in this period because it was all eveil. Talk about having the wool pulled over your eyes. I had never had anyone in my life tell me about conspiracy theories and the end of the world and I certainly had never met or even listened to one of those radical American preachers. We got to do that. We got to prepare for the end of the world as we know it. The Gulf war had started. This was it. They truly believed that it was all about to happen. Everything in revelations was going to now take place and the good christian folk would be taken to heaven in the rapture and everyone else who didn't believe and be baptised would rot in hell on Earth. Well along those lines anyhow. Here is not the place today to explain in depth what they taught and believed. But this is a pretty good summary of it.
Now there are a few things that stand out of how this finally came to an end. It wasn't even a quick end as I will explain. First thing that stands out is a funny story about one of these men of god preachers who know more than everyone else and are here to save us from all our sins and guide us in the path to the rapture while handing over all your money. I never handed over money. First sign. Secondly when visiting these people  someone fed a horse (yes horse) from a plate. A china plate. The preacher man was beside himself along with his wife because of the germs and what disease they might get from later eating of the plate even after it was washed in hot soapy water. I found this contradictory and extremely funny. I didn't say anything but I watched these people and the ones who watched them and if I had learnt one thing from the bible it was that they should not think they are any better than anyone else. But they did. They thought they were special. I see things now and even then I saw them the same way - if you have any sort of special gift you should freely share it. Share and charge large sums of money?  If it is gift from god then my questions arose as to why they could charge for it. What would Jesus do? It was a catchphrase of the time and they shouldn't have taught me that one. Actually it does not seem to be encouraged at all because the first ones to do this should be the church leaders and they do not want to. Because asking that question works to their disadvantage when trying to decide something. If in a delima it always works everytime. Even if you are not a christian. Just based on the belief that Jesus existed and what his morals would be helps to answer this question. I think you could ask as well. What would Gandi do?

Anyway after this I was starting to see things a bit clearer. The third thing was that I also saw I was hurting my family and I spent the one and only christmnas holidays apart from them. We never were much of a family with the gift giving thing and the fancy decos and such, but we were a family who spent time with family and it hurt them so much. Then as my husband was silently pulling way they were making out that he was not a good person and that he and I should not be together. Everything was subtle but thank goodness I was seeing things clearer. Then my father broke down in tears and got on his hands and knees in front of me and begged me to stop. Just stop and think and to remember my family.

So we did. We told the neighbours that we wanted no more to do with them. We said we didn't want to follow that belief sysytem. They were pissed of but never showed it. They simply left us alone. I am thankful for that. I will say that I do not blame them. I was a willing passenger on this journey. Regrets are a waste of time because amongst that I feel I have such a clearer picture of things today. A clearer picture of all the differing views out there in the world. This will come into later posts as well.

But like I said I didn't drop it all. I just dropped them. I had so many hangups by this time and so many issues that just didn't exist before this. I had to spend years untangling the crap from reality. I still am to some degree. I do have a set of certain beliefs that I will talk about when I get to the end of this story of my life so far. I can't talk about that yet because there was so much more to go through to get where I am today.

Anyway this is a long post. The outdoor dunny story comes in the next post.

Thanks for your time,

Cheers and Peace,


Sunday, July 25, 2010


About twenty two years ago I packed up house and moved my family to a country town. I was about 25 years old, married to a very resourceful man and had two young boys. I had this dream which wasn't very clear or vivid. I simply wanted to bring my boys up in the country and I didn't like the city life. I grew up in the 60's and 70's with most of my informative years being at school throughout the whole decade of the 70's. I left grade 12 in 1980.

We sold our house, left our jobs and moved 4 hours away from anyone we knew to an area that was very different from what I was used to. I say "I" because my husband had worked independently on cattle stations all over Australia for many years. A jack of all trades. He was not close knit to his family like I was.

I grew up in a very loving family. Not much was hidden and what was hidden was usually found out by someone in the family. We could talk to each other. My mother stayed at home and raised us three children while dad worked. This was the very early years of my life and that changed rather suddenly when they up and moved from a secure life to explore their dreams and bought their own business which required of them both to work many many hours a day. I think this might have been my first taste of not liking a city life. I hated the fact that I could not just run free. Their were now bad people out there in the streets with all the traffic and unfriendliness and we were not allowed out of my mothers sight. I had spent the first years of my life up to grade three living in a mining town called Mt. Isa. We lived in a new suburb and we rode our bikes and played in the street and didn't even wear shoes to school. I loved it. I had Aboriginal friends at school as it was a brand new school and we had mixed classes. I had no idea at the time and only really discovered in the past 10 years that there was segregation of Aboriginals and White kids in my town when I was little. My parents never showed any sort of racism in our home but we must of somehow been spared any thoughts or comments about what was wrong in the world. Maybe I was just too young to remember but throughout my schooling over the following years I was never given any education to the Aboriginal plight and what had happened and what was still going on. It was only after I chose to study at University that I learnt many of the truths and was profoundly moved by my ignorance.

My mother and father sold that business and we moved to a new home and settled there for the remaining years of my life at home. We moved to a new suburb into a new house. My mother worked part time so she was home in the afternoons and my father worked very long hours in his job. They bought us up thinking we were well of and we never seemed to want for much. Things were plain and simple. My parents had come from the working class and were considered poor. Even though we openly talked of love and talked to each other they hid so much from us children. Like interests rates going over 20% and my parents nearly losing our family home. I got a part time job at the age of 12 and I loved the independance it gave me. I have always worked from then on and I bought all of my underwear, most of my cloths and even managed to buy cigerettes and start smoking. It wasn't until I was in high school that I really thought about others having more than I did. I started to notice that other parents thought they were better than us and I didn't like that. I think that was when I first started to be against consumerism and I didn't even realise it. I could have gone the other way and wanted what everyone else had but I didn't and I never really have. I have dabbled over the years in having lots of stuff but it never lasted and all I ever wanted was lots of friends and lots of things to do. I liked to be busy. I just loved my social life. I never really thought about careers and marriages and children. I just floated through listening to good music and having fun and sorting out the pecking order amongst friends. I certainly never thought about how I would raise a family. I know now that I had some very strong opinions as to what was wrong and right. I had some very firm beliefs on equality and fairness but it wasn't like I actually thought about these things or debated them. I just lived them.

The first marriage was while I was very young. The proverbial teenage mother at 18 and two children by 21. Shotgun wedding as such. The partying went on and the social life was the most important thing. This didn't last as the rent doesn't get paid when the husband doesn't work and without any true understanding I wanted  and craved for more in my life and more for my children. I craved security and a childhood for them just like the one I had. I never craved things.

I met my next husband and we bought our first house and I worked fulltime as did he and the boys were looked after by my mother and she took them to school and she knew things about them that I didn't know. I had enough. I am a fairly impulsive person with regard to being able to make decisions quickly. I obviously had all of these subconscious thoughts about child rearing and family life and what I wanted. So this is when we sold up house and moved. I think I suprised my parents so much that they were speechless. I don't remember any negatives from them. My husbands father helped us set up a business that we could work from home and we just simply started a new life.

I look back today and am so thankful for all of the periods in my life where I jumped in feet first. The lessons learnt in these times actually are only coming to me now but they are such special and extrodinary lessons and I am so thankful to have learnt them.

Tomorrow I will write about this extrodinary period of my life. Living a simple life and not even knowing it. Living a dream that hadn't even been visualised. It was no picnic and it was very hard at times but where I am today and the knowledge I have today along with my strong beliefs come from this period in my life. Well they come from my whole life to this point. I know how strong and resilient  I am and I know how enterprising I can be. I know I am not a sook that can't poop in an outdoor toilet and I can shower under the stars. I also know the things I don't know for example good gardening skills amongst other things.

I will not be writing about regret. I usually do not waste my time on regrets. I don't even have to fight and tussle in my head with regrets. If anything I tend to live too much in the future and definately not enough in the present day. I certainly cannot be accused of living in the past.

I am not sure how this post came about but to me and for me it is a necessary piece of writing. I want to get it all down and this is perhaps because I know I am about to start anew. I love being a litlle older and a little wiser. I have an idea of taking all the things I have learnt and now putting them into practice. I don't have an airy fairy picture in my head of living of the land and being completely self sufficient. But I have realised that I do know a few things and am willing to learn more. I think my real blog has begun. I love reading others people blogs and websites from all walks of life but I think mine has now moved into the direction it needed to take. I do not like being all over the place. My thoughts here I think will take on more of a clarity of who I am and what I believe and what I am trying to achieve in my life. And also what I can teach others about what knowledge and experience I have. I absolutely enjoy learning. I love learning from others and it has occured to me that maybe others can learn from me as well.

Cheers and Peace,


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rodriguez - I Wonder (Live on KEXP) - 2nd post for the day

I have not written much lately. To be honest it is because I have too much on my mind. Too many things to say. I wonder who would be interested. I wonder about a lot of things in this world. I feel that at this moment in time for me it is all about fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. Probably about time to make my steps forward.

The above song was sort of my anthem in the 70's while going through my teenage years. This man was the first live concert I went to by the way. One of the coolest nights of my entire life. But the words just all came back to me now.

I wonder about this world.

I wonder about the waste, the denial, the indifference, the greed, the anger, the politics, the long descent, the fast descent, unemployment, peoples apathy, unfairness, the idea of unlimited growth, the idea of everyone having everything, the cost of that, the idea of some having nothing, the idea of some expecting others to go without what they have so they can have what they have, oil in our oceans, old technology, new technology, water, oil, fire, money, the love of money, the love of things, the need to fill ones life with things, the belief that there is an Away (idea of AWAY taken from this post), cars, debt, housing issues........

I also sit in wonder at this world when I see my grandchildren and my children, when I see my parents married 50 years, when I sit and chat to my brother for over an hour on the phone, when I see things in nature that take my breath away, when on a walk, when I spend time with my husband. Probably I am most often in awe lately when I am with my family. I just love them all so much. Actually I love people.

I wonder about their strengths. I wonder about their weaknesses. I wonder at the humans ability to build and then their ability to destroy. Often destroy without a single thought as to what they are doing. What is not in their lifetime is of no interest to them.

This is not meant to be a dreary post but a check in with reality. Whatever you hide behind will be removed. Whatever you deny will be shown to you. Procrastination gets a person nowhere fast. There is no AWAY. In other words just because something is out of sight means it is not there. This includes thoughts, actions, garbage/rubbish, unwanted goods, petrol used, water polluted or anything you care to think really. Putting something AWAY and getting it out of your sight does not mean it has disappeared.

I have put a link above to the post that really gave me a way of putting this into words as to what I had been thinking for so long. I am sure there are many others who think the same way. It is just the fact that there are so many more who DO NOT. If you take the time to read the linked post and blog please keep an open mind. The previous post to this one on his blog showed me in such a clear way all about Energy and the next one explains Matter. I am no scientist. I am no academic. And even if you do not agree with all of the other ideas he presents at least if read you may come to an understanding as to the folly of our human ways when we think that there is an AWAY place that you and I can just dump all of our shit in and forget about it.



Eyes Wide Open

Hi Everyone

The above link comes  - Thanks to Doing it Naturally Blogspot

I really hope you take the time to have a listen to the words of this song and watch this clip. I have heard this song so many times and just hadn't got the words.



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary


Please click on the above song and have a listen. On Friday night my Mother and Father celebrated 50 years of marriage. GOOD MARRIAGE. The song is dedicated to them and my brother wrote a post all about this wonderful celebration. Please take the time to read it. I am so very proud of my parents and would like to share with you just a bit of our wonderful family. Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary

Cheers and Peace and Love to you all,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crocodiles for Wanderlust and more GARBAGE on TV

Hi everyone

First up I have put a link here for the latest and greatest thrill to be had in Australia. Now I do think this would be something Wanderlust may like to try. Forget the diving with Great White Sharks. In Darwin you can dive with Great Bloody Big Crocodiles.


Expose Yourself

The Slammer


Welcome to The Slammer, a prison for entertainers! Each program sees four acts chosen to perform for their freedom in front of a live studio audience. The audience is asked to score each act and the winner is allowed to walk free.
IT IS...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Monday Walk and Grandma's Cubby House

On Monday Mick and I went to do quotes for work at Noosa. We stopped on the way home and went to Tinbeerwah Lookout. It is in Tinbeerwah Forest Reserve. It was simply beautiful and that one short hour was enough to lift my spirits and ground me all at the same time.

This is Black Boy tree that grows prolifically in our area. Actually it grows all over Australia. I won't go into the details here but this specimen would be very old indeed to be this big. It is way taller than Mick and he is nearly 6 foot.

The view to the Glasshouse mountains. Just stunning.

This looks like something out of a fairy tale.

I took photos from each of the sides of this lookout. It has 360 degrees views out to the ocean and back towards the mountains and farmland.

Now on a different note. I was in town the other day and spotted this caravan. It made me smile. In Australia we have many people travelling around the country and constantly leaving the cold weather behind. At the moment we have many people travelling up the state of Queensland as it is the best time of year to be there. Perfect weather with no chance of cyclones and you can swim in the warm waters without fear of box jelly fish and the like. I chatted to the elderly couple when they came back to their van and they told me how the sign on the back came about. Their little great grand daughter was lifted into the van when they were visiting her family and she stopped on the step and said " WOW. Grandma and Grandpa's Cubby House". So they wrote it on the back and it always gets attention and a chat with the locals of where they happen to be staying. I loved it.

I have started another blog. The link is here.Bauple Homesteaders Group. I was finding that a lot of what I was writing on this blog would be better of on one of it's own. Recipes and such. My daughter and I are trying to build a bit of a community group in our area. I am no expert and am flying by the seat of my pants but it is so needed in this area and I thought. Just do it. Start it up yourself. So my list of homemade goodies will move over to that blog and all the recipes and anything else to do with living sustainably will be on that blog as well. I am sure they will sometimes overlap. I am quite excited about it and looking forward to our little group growing in people who want to share their skills and friendship.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone.

Cheers, Wendy