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Monday, December 3, 2012

Last night I got to thinking and having to chat to Mick about time wasting and where precious hours and minutes disappear to. We talked about all the things that we wish we might be doing while we do other things. I know that we cannot spend every waking hour doing only the things we want to do but I do think we waste a lot of time dilly dallying around with stuff that just isn't important - well at least not at that moment.

I thought about what I would like to be doing most of the time. I asked myself the question of what do I do that makes me feel good, that I really enjoy, that I can spend hours on without me going of to other things.

For example gardening is one of these things. It never used to be. It is quite new in my life actually. It has grown over the past few years since we moved to this property and I am gradually spending more and more time outside in the yard.

I thought about all of the time we spend doing things in the yard or around the house and the very unbalanced proportion actually enjoying it.

I would like to take time each day to really relax in our place - read a book under a tree - sit in the beer garden and actually have a beer - have a cup of tea in the early morning light.

I got an email newsletter today from the website I follow - see below - and this months challenge is to have some good old fashioned fun. Funny because Mick and I decided that we are going to ask some friends over for a games night - we like Poleconomy and it is so much fun. So I will list throughout this month when I remember to about what old fashioned fun we get up to.

Simple Savings website

December is Old Fashioned Fun Month!

Your goal this month is to find some real people to have some real fun with and have a ball! Here are some things you can do this month:
  • Call a friend and make a Christmas cake together
  • Play a game of cards with someone
  • Buy bulk wrapping paper and wrap up Christmas presents with a friend
  • Go for a walk with family/friends
  • Cook biscuits with someone
  • Invite your neighbour over for a cup of tea
  • Volunteer to help a charity
Old fashioned fun is all about being with other people and enjoying spending time together. When you are with someone else, make sure you are entirely WITH that person! And you will feel the lovely beautiful warmth that you only get from having fun with real people. Go on, get out there and have some fun!
    There are so many things you could do. There is only ONE rule - turn the screens off!

    Just two of the Pots I painted recently

    Hot weather yesterday called for a cool drink - freshly juiced orange and pineapple juice with icecubes - just the thing.

    Everything is just so dry and brown and crunchy - The block still looks good though - Mick fixed the little bridge across the gully - safe to walk on again.

    Watering the hanging pots in the beer garden as the sun sets

    Tomatoes, Rocket, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Basil

    Lots of bees in my garden but no possums - seems to be working so far.

    Chalkboard sign on a store front.

    This is a tablecloth I made from a heavy piece of green scrap fabric and a bandana with watermelons on it. I think it turned out great.

    Cheers, Wendy

    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    From Mick - Wendy's Husband

    Hello to you all after a very long break......again,

    I had a post half written and was planning to post that today.

    But instead I want to share something with you all.

    I just came home and my husband Mick said he had written something for me on my blog. I wasn't sure what he meant. He has never really read it or taken to much notice except for always being supportive in that if I say I am on the computer he always just goes and does something himself. I am amazed he knew what it was called and could find it. Obviously when he has logged onto it on my computer he was able to access writting posts etc and he just did what he thought you had to do.

    So I was very suprised when what he had actually done was write a new post and he had left it open and when I got home he said go and read what I wrote. He said he didn't do anything else because he didn't want to loose it and wanted me to read it but he wanted it posted on my blog.

    So without further ado I share what my love, my best friend, my husband just wrote to me and wanted to obviously share with all of the world. No editing - no changes - just straight from his heart.......

    to those who follow this post my name mick ,wendys hubby. this is my first time writting here so this should be pretty short lol. i havn t read much of her work but know alot about it .
    i first met wendy as a person on a mission from who knows where. but after 8 years i know where to . and that somwhere was to me .toook her a little to catch up (or vice versa) but we share an amazing life as simple as it is .we do not go without .we do not want for much. what we do have though is love ,and alot of it .today she went to a linen party while i mulched a new garden she has dreamed of (and nagged somewhat for lol)
    i guess the moral of this blog is a couple of beers ,a bail of hay, a clear day and the thought she loves me for being me makes my world go round .
    thanx for listening and i hope you can relate xxxxxxxxxoooooooooo. mick

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    The past few days in pictures....

    My past week.....

    Homemade Apple Pie in the cutest little apple pie dish - another garage sale special.

    Homemade caramel tarts - very tasty

    Mint going strong...

    Mick up a very tall ladder with a long piece of poly pipe to knock a stray branch that was hanging down and very dangerous. Glad when he was down safe.

    New pineapples starting to grow. I have four on - thought it was six that had set but it is four. Next year I am hoping for 8 min.

    Bucket of bulbs that I was given on the weekend. They are all planted out in pots now.

    Gardenia in flower - literally hundreds of buds ready to open on the tree - this is just one tree - I have two larger ones and two very small ones.

    Flowers everywhere.


    Fern that came up of it's on accord - thanks to the birds - gorgeous

    Little bouganvillia planted out - can't wait for this to take up the whole area and be full of red flowers - it is on the road side of the property and will be spectacular when it is fully grown.

    A tree full of baby lemons.

    Is this the coolest street sign - I want to live on Easy Street.....

    Second hand shop shopping - bargains galore - all ready to craft and make pretty to sell or give as gifts.
    This is the biggest Hat Box - it is heavy duty cardboard - I will repaint and put bling on it and I am sure it will look amazing.

    These are huge teacups and saucers. I am planting mint and parsley into them.

    old doilies to use in crafting - gorgeous.

    Micks Cycads are sprouting - awesome.

    This kookaburra hangs around Mick all the time while he is digging in the garden. He is very game and will sit right beside Mick as he gardens and works in the yard.

    Talk again soon, Cheers, Wendy

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Learning to live in my place.... Being Settled and something that sounds like a Bob Dylan song.

    Sometimes I feel like I am getting no where and going no where. Then I look around. I stop and I think and ponder this amazing space I have the privilege to live on. And those panic attacks of "oh I am missing out on something" gently go away.

    My husband Mick has been the person in many ways to help me the most to settle. He gives me a strong sense of security and surrounds me with unconditional love. He expects the same from me and he gets it to the best of my ability. We compliment each other and support each other. Iit is when we take the eye of supporting each other that outside events can overwhlem us and make us uptight and whingy people to be around. Sometimes it makes others laugh how we do this in our home. The other day I was asked if when we get our ride on mower would I be riding around the block mowing. NO was my answer. It sounds like I am lazy and such but to be honest things like that just do not interest me. I will garden and weed and plant and be outside and get my hands dirty but mowing is not my thing and Mick likes doing to it. I cook and clean and wash and iron and do the things that I like to do. I know it sounds boring and women have fought the good fight to make it that  I can do all of these other things but the bottom line is that I like keeping house and believe me I am the most suprised sometimes.

    I also like randomly going away. I like travelling. I like suprises. I Like entertaining. I like to be on top of my bills. I like to dance. I like to get dressed up sometimes. I like the quiet. I like loud music. The point is that here in my space I am finding a way to have all the things I need most of the time. Currently travelling and random trips away are not on the cards but I am learning patience and just enjoying being now.

    I may not seem to be doing much but learning how to live differently in this consumerist world and learning that I do not have to have everything I see and learning to live on less is doing something big as far as I am concerned. I have read lots of books and looked at lots of peoples ideas. I would not profess to be on a level of understanding in the sense of academic knowledge as far as the environment, politics and economy go, but I do know which way I lean towards.

    I see a steady and gradual change around me. Sometimes I wonder is it just because I feel like I am a bit more aware? Is it because we are feeling the pinch money wise and work wise? All I know is that things are changing. A slow decline. Things that used to be are no more available. Help where help was once given is now drying up. Oh you can buy whatever you want still at a cost and if you have the money it probably doesn't seem like to much has change, but it has.

    I wrote a post a long time ago - and I can't find it to link back to it - about if things are going to get tight and if things are going to get difficult and if our world is going to change then really the biggest thing a person can do now before TSHTF is to do your grieving. You can learn new skills and try and plan ahead as much as possible but in the end I had made up my mind that this piece of advice was the best. No point me trying to work out what direction all of the numerous ways this world and the way it runs is going to unfold. I simply have accepted that the world will be changing and I will see this in my lifetime.

    So I have grieved. I still am optimistic about our ability as humans to survive but it will be different in the long run as. I have days where I get frustrated and want more. Other days - even two hours later in the same day - I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for what I have. I tend to lean towards the gratitude more these days. I don't fight against the steady flow in my life. It's like going with the seasons. I learn new skills when I can and I try to make that everyday. Every day I try to do something new - give something a go. It could be collecting seeds of a shallot plant that I have never done before. I am teaching myself how to sew basic little girls dresses and skirts. Next I want to make myself a simple shift dress for summer around the house.

    I usually do not miss shopping anymore. I have to say that the thought still grabs me to get into town and go shopping but it is usually these days to do with gardening supplies, grocery and stocking the store cupboard, second hand shops and garage sales and flea markets. I have learnt that even these simple things have to wait sometimes. Also it is just as easy to over buy/spend on craft items as it is on handbags and shoes. I tend not to waste my dollar anymore. I think about each dollar and it's value and what I want out of it.

    So this post came about because I was just thinking about a comment a friend left on my last post. I realised that I have come far. I have settled.

    This world has so many things all happening at once. I see the damage and greed and exploitation of CSG mining happening here in our country, at my back door and it hurts. I see our economy going to shit, good people who geniuinely need help not get anything but a series of fights to try and win some financial help. I see ice melting, worlds colliding, religious fanatics, greedy companies, nature doing it's thing, melting permafrosts, job loss, goverments badly run, politicians not doing, people not fighting, health declining and the list goes on. (sounds like a Bob Dylan song)

    I have no idea how things will unfold. Like I said I believe personally it is happening now and it is a slow decline that will pick up momentum. How can it not. We live on a finite planet as the saying goes and we cannot use a infinite amount of resources because there simply is not an infinate amount to go around. That's a basic. Secondly greed, control and power are all still very precious commodities to a small but extremely powerful group in this world.

    But I feel settled. I have grieved and some days grieve more for this world and it's preciousness being lost. But the bottom line is that I can overwhlem myself day in and day out and get no where or just leant to settle in place. Accept things are going to change. Be prepared as much as possible with some skills that will come in handy and that I can swap with others for their skills I need. My son watchs the news every moment of every day when he can. It consumes him. It leaves no room for any peace in his life and certainly leaves no room for gardening, growing, nurturing himself and just having some peace even for part of a day. All his worry in his days is not going to change the world. It hurts him and destroys his soul. It makes him sad.

    Thanks for reading if you got to the end of this page and are still with me.

    Homemade Lemon Merengue Pie makes so many things better.....

    Second little dress I made for my grand daughter.Llady Bugs always make people feel good. The crooked pocket was intentional....really


    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Bauple Simple Living Group - the first day

    Today was the first group get together for the Bauple Simple Living Group. We had four people attend and it was a great morning. I taught a few things I know and I learnt some things as well from others. I think the potential for this to grow is there. There were some wonderful ideas and thoughts shared. All in all it was a pleasure for me to spend the morning with others and share a little about who I am. A person needs conversation, friendship, stimulating friendships, learning and also, very importantly, people to share things with.

    I set up with the first books today our BOOK CROSSING bookshlef. There is a banner on the side here and if you click on it, it will take you the Book Crossing website. Basically I will collect books given to me and assign each book a Book Crossing identity number and register it online. Then when someone comes and takes the book they can then read it and then release it back to where they got it from or leave it  somewhere that the next person will see it and take the book travelling. When you finish reading the book you have taken you go online yourself and register where you have released the book. So the books are constantly travelling and you can see how far each book has been and reviews from others about the book. Each book has a sticker on it with it's special identity number and a little saying that the book is not lost and that it is travelling and to feel free to cborrow and read and share by passing onto others.

    So for me - back to my doing one thing diffferent every day - well today I began a new community group. And I believe it is good and will grow and be a very uplifting and enjoyable part of my days.

    The saying above includes the comment about how this world needs "more people who live well in their place." Oh how this is true! I know this just by speaking about myself and not about or for anyone else. It is so much better in my life when I started to focus on just being in my space and trying to live each day in my place. I really think the little saying above by David Orr sums up so much that we need to do in our world. I saw this on facebook and copied and paste so now I am of to do a search on this saying and it's author.


    Sunday, September 23, 2012

    Possum Proof "Hopefully" Vegetable Garden

    I went to the local markets yesterday morning and these are a few plants I picked up and planted out in the afternoon. This is a perennial capsicum. Apparently it can grow for 5 years. It gets small capsicums that are thin walled which turn from green to red. I have had these capsicums before from friends and they are tasty and useful in the kitchen. Obviously I will keep you updated.

    This is a perennial leek. Apparently smaller leeks but will keep growing and spreading and you can use the whole thing to the green tips. I just keep using them and as they start to clump I can then seperate the clumps out and they keep growing. Look forward to seeing how this goes.

    We had an old trailer surround that was laying around the yard so I planted out the pumpkin seedling that had come up and put my pot of parsley in there as well. Hopefully the idea is to get them established before the possums and wallablies eat every new shoot.

    Now this is my absolute favorite find from the markets yesterday. This is what is called Thai Coriander (Eryngium foetidum) and this little plant packs a powerful punch. Awesome coriander flavour with only one of these little leaves. Apparently is wilt resistant and grows to about 40cm. It gets flower spikes of which I was told to cut of and it allow the plant to keep growing and to pick the leaves regularly. Apparently it is a good coriander to dry because it retains it's flavour. I will do that when I have enough. Hopefully I can just keep growing this all year around to have my lovely coriander flavour.

    Last night I made a chicken stirfry and used this coriander, lemon grass from my garden and spinach from my garden as well. It was so yummy.

    I had shells laying around the house and the other day after I put the nice ones on display I had these left over so I got some string and sticks and Mick put some holes in the ones that needed holes and strung them up and hung outside in the carport. I think they look great and I can see them haning there when I am sitting in my office.

    Big fat worm that Mick found when digging through my garden the other day.

    And here it is - finally I have a vegetable garden that is covered in chicken wire and will hopefully allow me to grow some food without the possums and wallabies and kangaroos eating every new shoot before it gets to grow. Now all I need to do is plant some goodies in there and mulch it. I will also need to make sure that I do not leave that precious door open at night.


    Saturday, September 22, 2012

    Pickled Zucchini and Zucchini Fritters

    I made Zucchini pancake/fritters the night before and they were so yummy. See the brown paper scrunched up instead of paper towel. I do not buy paper towel as I think it is a processed good we can easily do without. Mick thought this was a novel idea but I always keep all my brown paper bags - wrapping etc and you can just scrunch up a piece to put fryed food on to soak up and drain of excess oil. I then just throw the paper into the compost bin. I do not cook a lot of fryed food but this works well when I do and looks really cool.

    I made Pickled Zucchini (see homemade preservesss). I tasted this and it was so yummy and will only get better with age and the vinegar settling down. Good way to use up extra zucchini. Just add to a leafy green salad.

    Can you see the possum in this photo - outside the screen door. He ate my parsley that was in a pot on the steps. Parsley will have to be grown in the covered vegetable garden.

    Storm in the distance late yesterday afternoon. Lots of noise and dark clouds but hardly a drop of rain on our patch of dirt.

    This is the salad we had with our dinner the other night. I have to be honest - it is no wonder it is hard to eat out anywhere else - when you make food for yourself you can make it just the way you like with just the yummy things that delight you. I am forever dissappointed when I eat out at resteraunt or cafe.

    Today I got out of bed at 6.30 and had a cuppa and then went to the local market down the road and a garage sale in town that I had heard was on. I was getting so lazy and even though this is something I liked to do I was constantly making excuses and never getting up early to go to these events. I got lots of goodies. I enjoyed the misty early morning and was home after lovely chats to people by 10.30 this morning. Because I am getting up earlier each day I am finding I am getting into the habit very quickly of being an early riser again like I used to be.


    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    My day today....

    It my daughter's 21st this year in November. I am organising a Chicken and Champagne Brunch in a local parklands and then a few friends (and apparently her old Mama Bear) are going out to some fancy smancy nightclub in the city to party the night away. I am so looking forward to her 21st and I cannot put anything on here with regard to decorations or what I am doing because she reads my blog and my facebook page so I have to be careful to keep it all secret. Her instruction are to be at her brunch by 9.30am all dolled up and feeling gorgeous and be ready to greet her guests as they arrive at 10am.

    It was my birthday yeasterday and this is a photos taken exactly 49 years ago to the day with my Daddy in Mt. Isa. Love my parents to bits.

    I cut a pattern of a little dress my grand daughter wears and I have used some scrap material to make her a little dress. Probably wear a little coloured t shirt under it when playing out in the sun. I have posted it to her so I can see if this one fits all okay and then I can't wait to make a lot more.

    I picked up this second hand top for myself for a dollar last week and it was a bit to small for me - I like things baggy. It has a zip down the front and a draw string around the waist. So I thought maybe I could cut the sleeves of and sew it into some handles and then run across the bottom to make a carry bag - maybe for the beach for my towel or something.

    So this is the end result and it looks like a awesome dirty cloths bag or pj bag for in your bedroom. It can also be used as the bag I thought of at first. I have made handles and stiched bias binding around the holes but when I hung it on the hanger I just thought it was the best dirty cloths bag which is easy to wash itself and unzips right down the front to get the cloths out easy.

    My daughter gave me a food dehydrator for my birthday. I have a play around with it today. Success with dried orange slices which I can use as decoration but they are very tasty as well. It is suggested that you can coat in melted chocolate but I think the peel is a bit hard - I will try a few things.

    I dried mushrooms as well and these were a complete success. I only did a few and I put them into a jar in the fridge and will use them in a week or so in a stew or soup and see how they go. Great idea once I perfect the storage to take advantage of the excess produce when mushrooms are on special or the shop has a sell out of mushrooms.

    I tried banana and weet potatoe as well but even though I can eat what I dried I don't think they dried out to well. I think I have to do things a bit differently.

    Oh well. Of to cook some dinner.