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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tonight I have a very simple post to write.

I want to say that I love my Brother Andrew with all of my heart.

I want to thank him for listening.

I want to thank him for his advise.

I want to thank him for just being him.

Oh how good it feels to be able to just say words, let of steam, let it all out.

Oh how good it feels to have someone else give me some advise.

I have listened.

Love You BRO,


Sunday, October 24, 2010


I have just spent a pleasant couple of hours catching up on blogs that I follow. All very thought provoking and interesting. But one post today stood out to me so much and I am making a wish right here and now.


The post I read was on the blog Eat At Dixiebelles and the post is called "I Thought It Was Just Me But It Isn't." Sometimes you read something and it feels like someone has got inside your head and you connect with that person and truly feel an agreement and an understanding deep down that connects you to the writer. Well that happened for me when I read this post.

I don't feel any need to write my own words when it is written so well here -
Eat At Dixiebelles - I Thought It Was Just Me But ItIsn't

In this post is links to a wonderful speaker and author who has now captured my interest. I have put the link here as well to her blog and what is called THE PERFECT PROTEST. For a perfectionist like myself it is the perfect (pun intended) protest. I am going to join in and send in my protest photo. Make sure you take a look.

Ordinary Courage - The Perfect Protest

Then on this blog Brene Brown puts link to a blog where Joy protests Perfection with a silly dance and song. It is so uplifting and even though I have only just started reading her blog and I have never met her she makes me smile and laugh and feel joy and just simply makes me want to step of the Perfection Bus and start walking. See the link below to this blog.

Super Silly Dance Protest

Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy it and learn as much as I have today - a quite Sunday at home alone. I won't write to much more as it is the above links I want you to read and watch and we can talk about the topic further in a few days once you have a chance to take a look for yourselves.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade Gifts and my views on gift giving.

Today I started to wrap up some homemade Christmas Gifts in preparation for the hassle free Christmas day I will have. Above is some blank cards that I decorated with scrap paper pieces. They can be used for birthdays, thankyous etc. I really like these and I know I would love to receive something like this as a gift.

This is a pretty white picture frame that I put in a page from a magazine. I have someone who is a bit craft in the family and she will get this for Christmas and some cards. The words written on it are below.

Risk more than others this is safe.
Care more than others think is wise.
Dream more than others think is practical.
Expect more than others think is possible.

I also found a calendar today that was quite inspirational. Just lovely. Now I know this seems cheap when I say it was $2.50 but again I thought it was just lovely and again I will give a little pack of notecards with this as well. It is definately something I would love to receive.

My wish for is,
Enough happiness to keep you sweet,
Enough trials to keep you strong,
Enough success to keep you eager,
Enough faith to give you courage,
And enough determination to make each day a good day.

Do not spoil what you have now by desiring what you have not.
Remember that what you have now  was once among the things you hoped for.

I am having a lot of fun making things slowly but surely as gifts. I have a few things on the go and as I finish each one I will let you all see pictures of them. My family over the past few years have come to expect some homemade goodies from me. Usually food. This year I am mixing it up a bit.

I have read a lot of posts about peoples views on gift giving and mine is simple. WOULD I LIKE TO RECEIVE IT? It is not about the cost of the item and if it is then it does not fall under the catergory of GIFT to me. A gift is from the heart. And if the receiver doesn't think it's good enough or makes you feel bad for giving it to them then I would say it might be time to stop giving gifts to that person.

Anyway I am of  to attempt to get my sewing machine bobbin filled with a different colour cotton to sew up the squares I have to make a patchwork tablecloth. (never done that before) and sew up a few cushions in the most gorgeous satin fabric.



Sunday, October 17, 2010


Firstly - have a read of the new weekly saying/poem at the top of my blog.........

People are so INTERESTING. It is just that we usually do not take the time to listen, ask and comprehend. Everyone has a story. EVERYONE

So many times in life we miss out on so much knowledge - we lack so much understanding - because we fail to realise that everyone has a story. We seem to think that our lives are the most important. We have suffered the most. We are the ones who have and are struggling. We have no time for other peoples stories. No time to listen - no time for understanding - no time for compassion. Yet we have all the time in the world to judge others. We obviously have all the time in the world to just believe what we are fed through the media. We surely do not have time to investigate and research and truly try and understand a persons story.

Have you ever just sat and watched people. I have this knack of not noticing what is going on around me. I can be in a crowded place and just not notice things happening and going on around me. I would make a lousy detective. I will usually notice and remember a conversation - words spoken - than a persons cloths or colour of their eyes or hair. But still I realise that I know nothing about them.

Before disputing what others say, get the facts.
 There can be a giant gap between what is and what is perceived.

This lesson has come up with me over the past few years. I realised that noone really knows me except for a very special relationship with my husband. Of course he knows my story. He knows of before I met him and obviously is part of my story as long as it has been since we met and started life as a couple. My family members no me - but not everything. My husband is the one who knows me best but even then I can be elusive. But no one knows why I do the things I do - what has happened in my life - why I make the decisions I make - what hurts - what makes me truly happy - the wrongs done to me and my family - or the wrongs I have done to  others - the things that bother me in a deep way - the jobs I have held down - my gifts - my abilities - my preferences - my religious beliefs - my favorite food - my relationships with other family members  - all the books I read - the things that really effect my world view - I think you get the point.

Now they same goes for all the other people in the world out there - I don't know them.

When I look at people lately I try to remember that I don't know their story - how can I judge? It is unfair and very wrong of me to label them and put them in a box so that they neatly fit into a description and make them explainable. Maybe I could find out a bit about them. Maybe that won't happen. But at least I can be aware that just like me they are a complete jigsaw made up of all the things that has happened in their lives and I would have no idea what they have been through and why the live their lives the way they do.

This is so hard to do if you are hooked in - plugged in - to the world view of the media in the society where you live and breath. So many people form the opinions that they have from the news - current affairs report - talk back show - etc etc. I know of very few people that will willingly research and explore and try to discover truths so as to have an informed opinion. I love to change my mind. In the sense that I love to learn. I love to understand something. I allow my learning through reading to evolve. I am truly amazed that one book read will somehow correspond in even just a little way to the next that I read.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.
Arthur Schopenhauer

The current book that has just got me spellbound and in awe of my ignorance is a book called PEOPLEQUAKE by Fred Pearce. Well that has turned my views upside down on population. Given me a very different view to the normal doomsdayers that the world is going to self destruct through over population. It has also given me a very interesting history lesson of the world I have lived through over the past 47 years and was fairly ignorant to most things discussed within it's pages. That is just one example.

I have never met a Jew.
I have never met a person from Russia.
I have never been to Vietnam.
I have never been invited or spent time with an Aboriginal family in Australia.
I have never been through an earthquake.
I have never been without water every day of my life.
I have never gone hungry.
I have never ever in my life not had a bed to sleep in.
I have never been without a home.
I have never been pursecuted by the law / government.
I have never met and spoken to a Muslim.
I speak one language - English. I cannot speak or comunicate to another person in their language.

I live in a bubble in Bauple, Qld, Australia.
It is peaceful, plentiful, safe, predictable.
I have a home we are paying of. 
We struggle with bills but we are not destitute.
I have ALL of my immediate family with me and around me. Husband, both parents, three children, 2 grand children.
I can believe in God and not be persucuted. I can go to church if I want. I can stay at home if I want.
I have access to all the food I could possibly need.
I can choose to sleep under the stars and choose to go "Camping".
I have so many choices that I choose to live a simple life. I choose it. That is amazing in inself.

HOW CAN I JUDGE?  HOW CAN I FEAR SOMETHING OR SOMEONE THAT I HAVE NEVER MET?  I know that bad things happen - they have happened in my families life. I know people can be hurtful and very unkind.  I understand that there are people who are fanantics and very zealous about their beliefs. But I just don't want to choose to live in fear.

Lately I have got side tracked and started to make statements that have not sat right with me. I really don't wish to go along that path. I want to choose the opposite direction. The alternative path. Instead of fear I choose peace.

Can I direct you to a post by Katherine. Please read this post. I had started to write this post and then I saw hers yesterday. I asked permission to post the link here and would like for you to read this.


Peace and tolerance and love to you all,

Friday, October 15, 2010


I did something once. I wrote down whatever was worrying, bothering, upsetting me etc etc into a list. It was called WORRY WEDNESDAY. I got the idea from somewhere. Anyway whenever I started to dwell on something and was trying hard to solve a problem I got into the habit of writing it down and letting it go. If it could not be dealt with immediately then it was written down and dealt with on Wednesday.

What I usually found time and time again was that by Wednesday most things I was worried about and had taken the time to write on my worry list had actually dissappeared of my list - could have a great big red line drawn through so many of them.

Firstly what I found was that the worry/problem had actually not really been a problem at all - just a momentary lapse of reason that had got me worked up for no reason at all. That particular moment of worry that I had recorded had vanished without any real effort on my part.

Secondly on the list I found things that after even just a few days of being left alone on my worry list had morphed into something far less insidious and worrying. What only a few days ago looked like a real bother was now just a few words that could easily be dealt with.  I noticed that over the course of the week that without me even realizing it I had come up with solutions to many of these items listed. They could now be crossed of my list.

Then thirdly I came to the real issues. The big fish. The worry list left behind after the first and second round was to be the true worry list. In some ways things relating to these leftover words had changed somewhat over the course of the week. Some things had stayed the same. I then could take a real look at each of these worrys and look for solutions. Maybe I could not do something in whole to clear it from my list but maybe today I could some small thing towards rectifying the problem. I got perspective. I also got motivation do something about it as it didn't look as though there were just to many things to handle anymore. I gained  confidence in my ability to deal with what was happening in my life. I gained huge doses of patience and started to learn to plan and acknowledge the little steps. I also gained some peace of mind throughout the week when I just wrote a few words down and left a worry alone and not let it consume me for days on end.

It worked.

Then I stopped. I don't know why. I just stopped.

I would liken this to prayer. Many people in many faiths will hand over a problem - a worry - to God. They trust and have faith that the answer will come to them and that God will help them along the way to come up with a solution. But then they get to busy trying to sort it all out for themselves that they miss the answer being given to them for their prayer. Or they simply don't like the answer. So they stop. They stop believing that God has already sorted it all out and that they just have to follow.

So I have now started my Worry Wednesday Prayer List - it is a prayer list, a worry list, a problems list and a whatever is bothering me list. I find it hard to pray for hours on end with lots of words flowing smoothly of my tongue. It does not work for me. Writing does. Lists help me. And I know in the past this idea has helped me immeasurably.

Does anyone else do anything similar? How do stop all the worrys of the world bottling up and exploding out of you? Do you pray? I would love to have some feedback.

Thankyou for taking the time to read,




Friday, October 1, 2010

Teapots Of Flowers

Teacups. I love drinking out of teacups. Below is a picture of my lovely teapot just given to me by sister in law and great friend Carmen. I have put a picture of it undressed and a picture dressed in it's colourful cosy. I love tea made with tea leaves. It is better than tea bags. I get to go back for seconds or thirds - depending on how much water and leaves I put in it. This is a very good teapot as it does not dribble. So I am on the lookout for a teacup and saucer.

Now I have never been a collector of things. I also have never been a real gardener. For some reason these two things have entwined and I now collect any old teapot that someone will part with. I am also having fun finding the 1 and 2 dollar pots at the markets. Never any more than that as they are to become teapots of flowers. I absolutely love  fresh flowers and they cost so much and die so quickly. Why not a teapot full of blooms that I can move around and put in the house whenever I feel like. I can change them over to the current seasons flowers as needed.

It was my birthday the other day and Mick took me to the markets on Sunday and then for fish and chips at the beach. Then he was going to take me to the movies but I wanted to spend the money on plants and potting mix. Then I spent a lovely few hours later in the afternoon potting them all up. Below is some photos of what I did. They are still babies so not all of them have flowers as yet. I will update the photos when they come to life with colour.

Bargara Water Front, Qld, Australia

These only lasted a few weeks but the birds and bees loved them and hopefully I will get another spray of flowers again. They looked like fairy floss. Just gorgeous.

Rainy afternoon at our place.

And last but definately the most important - my grand daughter Charlotte who is just about 6 months old now and loves her Grammy to bits.

Thanks for reading and I will be back tomorrow. Leave a HELLO in the comments.
Cheers, Wendy