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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Opposite to Lack Is ABUNDANCE

This is our cat Jimmy Beam  "it's all to much"



Whatever we think and FEEL is always a match to what we are manifesting in our lives. If I look around at my life I see this principal in action. I have not always seen it. I have not always understood it. I think it is something we never fully learn and will constantly be pursuing in our human lives.

The law of attraction makes so much more sense to me when viewed from FEELINGS - how we feel is the quickest and simplest way to work out if we are aligned with our Soul. That's the way I look at things. So if I have a sickening feeling in my stomach then I know that I am not aligned with my Soul. My Soul wants to feel Joy and Peace and Calm. I am learning to use those feelings to direct me. Then I consciously choose a better feeling thought and then a better feeling thought. I can move from the unease to ease one step at a time.  This has come from different sources over time for me to learn but the book I have finished reading recently and was loaned to me by my naturopath is the book that really got this into my thinking pattern and to consciously attempt to move through those feelings is The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent - living the Art of Allowing by Esther and jerry Hicks. I have been lent some CD's to listen to and this book. See their website here if you want to explore more.  Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction

I have mentioned before that I tend to close of my feelings. Shut them down. It is just a learned behaviour that I have used in the past - not necessarily the best behaviour but what I learnt and used to deal with things in my past -  but I am daily working on exploring and more than anything just acknowledging my emotions and feelings. We have been taught over time in our society that to express our emotions is bad. Even laughing to loud or to hard can upset some people. I heard a man laughing so very loud outside a shop the other day. I was in the shop and I just stopped and listened and let his laughter give me a smile from ear to ear. Then another customer noticed and we both agreed that it was nice to hear laughter and not anger or complaining or such.

I had an "Aha" moment on the way to town yesterday. It all ties into what I have just been talking about.

I thought about something I said to Mick this morning.  Actually it was about a few subjects and it struck me as I was saying my affirmations while driving that I was basing all my thoughts about so many things on the premise of LACK. Lack. Lack. lack.

I realised just as I have been shown that one of my limiting core beliefs has been shame then lack is another one. Lack is something that came up weeks - possibly months ago but I only just put two and two together. I have realised that I base my whole life around lack. So very interesting. I would not have thought that I was extremely poor because I know that others have been so much less of than me but I also acknowledge that I didn't come from a wealthy family. I have carried this core belief for as long as I remember.

And I thought of abundance and realised that abundance can be not just money but joy, laughter, health, relationships, friendships, sex, love, work, family etc....

The opposite to lack is ABUNDANCE

The opposite to poverty is PROSPERITY.

So I will ponder these thoughts and add what I learn as I go.

On another note I receive updates and newsletters from Dr. Lissa Rankin who I have mentioned before. I would very much like to share something she has written because it is so very well written and expressed and I think it would benefit everyone to read through this and really take it on board in their lives.

Dr. Lissa Rankin - A Call to Greater Compassion

Love to you all,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Opposite of Shame is PRIDE and HONOUR and RESPECT

Painting I did my friend for Christmas gift. I had not posted a photo. First time I did an acrylic painting like this. The back ground is ink. I loved the background.

Water colour - first water colours I have ever done. I really enjoyed doing these paintings.

Not perfect but I like this - camping on the beach and looking towards Noosa....


This is water colour pencils - this is the first time I had ever attempted to draw/paint the ocean and the waves...


Where to start...

Well its been a few days. Up to day 7 to be precise. Pleased to say that I have so far kept up my 21 day challenge for doing one thing - lemon juice every morning in glass of warm water. I have also taken to putting the remainder of the lemon juice into a jug of water and drinking that throughout the day as well.

I have meditated each day except one. AND what a difference this makes. I enjoy a relaxation meditation more than a visualisation type meditation. I cant quite do unicorns and fairies and things. I even struggle with waterfalls and long walks through forests. It just does not work for me. In saying that I have come across a meditation from Dr. Lissa Rankin (more on her later). It is healing mediation and quite interesting coming from a doctor as she really gets into the body parts and healing. I enjoy that. And the best thing is that I feel absolutely great afterwards and can feel the healing warmth throughout my body.

My favourite though is a meditation I did with Jillian at the Bauple Spiritual Centre. I got a copy of that of her and it is what resonates with me so strongly at the moment. I am listening to this for a second time while I write. THETA meditation. I love this. No talking. I just say to myself on each inhalation and exhalation. Peace. Calm. Love. Healing. Joy. Health. Healing. Yesterday as I sat there for half an hour I actually felt like I was flying/soaring above mountains full of dense forest. So green and lush. It was such an amazing feeling and I couldn't help but smile. Huge smile with no one else around. I started to stop myself and then I just went with it and the smile got bigger and bigger and I could feel my face pulling tight and then I actually laughed out loud. That was cool. Something that has never happened before. I felt JOY. My hands were resting on my legs and I actually could not feel where my hands started and my leg began. The only other time I have felt that is when I have been in a Float Tank.

The thing with this meditation is that it really helps my body relax and the pain of arthritis seriously eases. It works for me. I know this.

Yesterday was such a slow day. I awoke today feeling a bit out of wack. I am not sure how to put this. After lemon juice daily and green juice as well over the past few days and less coffee and lots of water, I would say it is a detoxing. Took me a few hours to work it out. So I am being kind to my body and going with the flow. I have not done to much. I have spent most of the day just studying and writing in my journal.... listening to my Soul and the Universe.... making good food, taking a nap.

A few days ago I signed up for Dr. Lissa Rankin 40 Day Whole Health Challenge. Mondays email came through and the days challenge was to join a group/community. Then I remembered that Monday night is meditation night at the Bauple Spiritual Centre. I can be so stand offish and I put so many barriers up and glass walls etc. So Mondays challenge to myself was to let those guards down. Not run late. Be there early. Be prepared to talk and not hide behind my barriers. Listen and learn from everyone there attending and just enjoy and go with the flow of being with other like minded and open minded people. Definitely not get hung up on words. We all use different words for the same thing. I use Universe for God. I use Soul for Spirit or Intuition or Inner Pilot Light that covers the invisible part of me.

This 40 Day Whole Health Challenge had a recorded session in the first day to listen to. I will go into this more each day but today the main thing I want to share is that over the past weeks and months the Universe and my Soul have led me to explore and be aware of my self limiting beliefs. To explore what they are and to get a handle on what they are. I have asked for help and guidance. Today as I was listening to this recorded lecture the audience - me - was asked to close my eyes and go back to to myself as a child about 7 years of age or so. Then to ask that child what hurt you? What happened to give you that belief about yourself and the world? Then we were to think immediately of the first word or phrase that came to our minds without interpreting it. Write it down. At first I had a thought about a happy bike riding along the streets outside our home. Nothing came to mind immediately of anything bad. My first reaction was as usual to say in my mind that that's a lot of hogwash. Nothing bad happened to me. Then I remembered. I can even remember the teachers name. Mr. Tricket. I was in Grade 3. Early on in the school year. I have no idea to this day why or how I took it but I had taken a new notebook of another girl and taken it home and covered it in alfoil. Of all things alfoil. I don't even know where that idea would have come from. Anyway the teacher pulled me up in front of the whole class and called me a thief and made me cry and sit in front of the whole class as a theif and lier. I didn't steal. I don't steal now. I abore theft. I cant actually understand why I did it at the time but the bottom line is that it definitely was not handled in a loving and teaching manner. But do you know what - the word that comes to my mind immediately then is SHAME. She explains that this word sums up one of my inner beliefs about myself and how I relate in this world.

And this is so very correct. My whole life has been about shame.

The next thing we are encouraged to do is to find the exact opposite of what our word or phrase is.

For me the opposite of shame is PRIDE and HONOUR and RESPECT.

My whole life has been a struggle with accepting when I do something well. Pride has always been something that I will show to others but never to myself. All those words in my head about not being good enough, dont get a big head wendy, don't say to much because I don't want others to think I am big headed..... my goodness.... such a lot of words and thoughts.

So that is what I have been pondering the past few days.

I will be back again tomorrow.... thanks for listening...

This is the creek at the back of our property on the boundary. Was dry and hardly any water a week or two ago. After some lovely rain it was flowing beautifully again..

And the dam is full. Took only two days and 200mm of rain to fill it. It was just a puddle of mud in the bottom. We are so lucky to have the run of into this dam that we do. I will take some photos of how green everything is turning. You can see from this photo how very brown everything was....

AND FURTHER READING IF YOU INTERESTED - This is an email seen to me and I copied and paste it here - just though this little email was quite thought provoking....

Experience of a man who worked in Sweden detailed here vividly:
"It's been 18 years since I joined Volvo, a Swedish company. Working for them has proven to be an interesting experience.

Any project here takes 2 years to be finalised, even if the idea is simple and brilliant. It's a rule.

Globalized processes have caused in us (all over the world) a general sense of searching for immediate results. Therefore, we have come to possess a need to see immediate results. This contrasts greatly with the slow movements of the Swedish.

They, on the other hand, debate, debate, debate, hold x quantity of meetings and work with a slowdown scheme. At the end, this always yields better results.
1. Sweden has 2 million inhabitants. 
2. Stockholm has 500,000 people.
3. Volvo, Escania, Ericsson, Electrolux, are some of its renowned companies. Volvo even supplies NASA.

The first time I was in Sweden, one of my colleagues picked me up at the hotel every morning. It was September, bit cold and snowy.

We would arrive early at the company and he would park far away from the entrance (2000 employees arrive in their car to work).

The first day, I didn't say anything, neither the second or third days. One morning I asked him, "Do you have a fixed parking space? I've noticed we park far from the entrance even when there are no other cars in the lot."

To which he replied, "Since we're here early we'll have time to walk, don't you think that whoever gets in late will need a place closer to the door?" Imagine my face.

Nowadays, there's a movement in Europe named Slow Food.
This movement establishes that people should eat and drink slowly, with enough time to taste their food, spend time with the family, friends, without rushing.
Slow Food is against its counterpart, Fast Food and what it stands for as a lifestyle. Slow Food is the basis for a bigger movement called Slow Europe, as mentioned by Business Week.

Basically, the movement questions the sense of "hurry" and "craziness" generated by globalization, fuelled by the desire of "having in quantity" (life status) versus "having with quality", "life quality" or the "quality of being".
French people, even though they work 35 hours per week, are more productive than Americans or British. Germans have established 28.8 hour work weeks and have seen their productivity driven up by 20%..

This slow attitude has come to the notice of USA, the pupils of the fast and "do it now" brigade. This no-rush attitude doesn't represent doing less or having a lower productivity. It means working and doing things with greater quality, productivity, perfection, with attention to detail and less stress.
It means re-establishing family values, friends, free and leisure time.
Taking the "now", present and concrete, versus the "global", undefined and anonymous. It means taking humans' essential values, the simplicity of living. It stands for a less coercive work environment, more happy, lighter and more productive work place where humans enjoy doing what they know best how to do.

It's time to stop and think on how companies need to develop serious quality with no-rush that will increase productivity and the quality of products and services, without losing the essence.

In the movie, "Scent of a Woman", there's a scene where Al Pacino asks a girl to dance and she replies, "I can't, my boyfriend will be here any minute now." To which Al Pacino responds, "A life is lived in an instant." Then they dance the tango!

Many of us live our lives running behind time, but we only reach it when we die of a heart attack or in a car accident rushing to be on time. Others are so anxious to live for the future that they forget to live the present, which is the only time that truly exists.We all have equal time throughout the world. No one has more or less. The difference lies in how each one of us does with our time. We need to live each moment. As John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
Congratulations for reading this email till the end of this message. There are many who will have stopped in the middle so as not to waste time in this "Globalized" world.--Life

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HOW IT STARTED (or continued with me finally noticing)


Last week something did not go as I had planned. Out of the blue I went to react like I may have only a few short months ago. And then I felt calm. The reaction just went away and washed over me. Disappeared.  Vanished.  It made me laugh. I was so surprised and I said to my husband. Well that was just pretend. I am not even actually angry.... just reacting in an old way. It felt wonderful. And then I knew that I was growing. Growing in spirit.

Today though I did get angry and voiced my opinion to someone on the phone. But then something happened during and afterwards. I said my piece and while saying what I thought I actually caught myself thinking of what to say and to actually let something stop before I said it. Then afterwards I let it go. I truly did not get myself riled up and carry on with it. I said what I said. I dealt with what needed to be dealt with and then BAM it was gone. So very different to what I used to be like.

So very different.....



 I WRITE LISTS.... lists of what I want to do, should be doing, wish I was doing and planning on doing. Oh those lists - they suck up my time and energy and lure me into a false sense of achievement. I think I may have written the last one. It's like an addiction. Such a habit.

Today journal writing is a clear message to me from the Universe to stop trying to do everything at once. I need to build momentum. The ripple effect from small achievements. So even though this is not new to me in learning it is fairly new to me in activity. Do one thing. Do it every day for 21 days. Then keep going with that one thing and add another activity. Do that for 21 days along with the original activity and then again another one for another 21 days. Basically a 21 day cycle of incorporating new and welcome habits into my life. 

I try to do all things at once. It is my usual way of over loading myself and over whelming myself. Then I have to work quite hard at convincing myself that I am okay and that I am not a failure. As it is said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Not going to happen.

So today was day 1 of 21 days of two new habits I want to incorporate into my life. I will start my day each morning before anything else with a glass of warm water with lemon juice in it. The second one is to meditate for 20 minutes a day. Both done today....

HOW IT STARTED (or continued with me finally noticing)

My real journey started about 7 months ago with a commitment to speak out loud and write down a set of affirmations every day for 21 days. This came about through a card reading of which I had never in my life ever done before. I am extremely dubious and cautious when it comes to this and was surprised when a counselling session became this. I decided on the spot to go with it. I was fairly reserved, though I found the lady I was with to just feel right to me. Pages of pages of notes were taken by her while she talked and went through the cards that I had chosen. What was said to me that day was EXACTLY what had been consistently coming up in my life, over and over again. The same messages, the same guidance. Synchronicity, Intuition, Guidance or whatever word you use, it was very very real and moved me to action.

21 days later I was changed. I have not stopped growing since. I would say it was The Shift in my life as Dr. Wayne Dyer would say. Dr. Wayne W Dyer - The Shift I will write more on this movie another time. I had not watched this movie at this stage.

I spoke these affirmations out loud in front of the mirror every day. I spoke them out loud as I drove my car. I just constantly kept coming back to them when other things in my thoughts felt ill at ease and not nice. I wrote them down in my journal every day for 21 days seven times each. I even sat up one night and did this after a late night out because I wanted to do this correctly and honestly.

Well they worked. They worked. They worked.

These are the affirmations I used in those first 21 days. They changed words after this 21 days as I understood more and moved forward. My current affirmations are not quite so long. I asked the Universe for guidance when choosing what needed to be affirmed in my life at this stage.

" I am willing to change.
I approve of myself.
I approve of myself and how I am changing."

"I am willing to release the need to be unworthy.
I am worthy of the very best in life,
and I lovingly allow myself to accept it.
I am worthy of all good things including success."

"I am highly creative and I trust in my creativity given to me by God.
I am an artist and a writer and a poet.
I am a teacher.
I am a healer."

"I am willing to release the need to be serious all of the time.
I have a wonderful sense of humour.
I laugh often.
I am playful.
I enjoy my life.
I am thankful and grateful for every breath I take."

"I am special and unique.
I am magnificent. I am caring and understanding.
It's okay for me to be myself.
I am perfect the way I am.
It's okay to be me. I am good enough."

"I am focused and always finish what I start.
I am capable and knowledgeable.
I am intelligent, smart and clever.
I am good enough."

"I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers.
 I am worthy of abundance in my life.
I am deserving of abundance and I receive abundance in my life.
All my needs and desires are met before I even ask."

Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Discussions are good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A rest in a shady spot at the golf course

I wanted to write again - I think (know) I  am ready. The problem is I did not know exactly which angle I wanted  to take. And should there be an angle?  Can I just write each day about what was the most important thing that happened that day?  Can I write about what was the most inspiring thing that happened that day? Can I write about my health and healing journey - my relationships - my parenting - my friendships - my garden - my choices - my beliefs - my world view - changes in my world view - my self talk - my life journey?  Maybe there is similarities in your life and you will find a connection. Maybe not. Maybe I just need to write for me - a part of my healing and journey in this life. All I know is that I want to write. I want to be honest. I want to share. I read so many of other peoples words and I am constantly moved and inspired and sometimes angered and often challenged. The people that write these words that have these effects on me do not even know most of the time. If I can leave a comment I do. Even if it is just one or two words.

So I have changed the name of my blog to reflect this change. This blog also will ultimately require a new name anyway as we have our house on the market and will be moving away from Bauple. Well that's the intention but in letting things take their course and going with the flow I actually have no idea at all how long we will be in Bauple.

The synconicty in each day - the flow - the messages from the Universe. The direction I am going and the forks in the road and the twists and turns. Wow is all I can say. I have been keeping a journal for about 6 months now. That is what I want to share. I have kept a journal before in my life but I am now going to name what I used to write as a diary, not a journal. My journal now is a conversation with myself and the Universe and with Life itself.

I will be sharing my photography.....

Our holiday pool where we stayed in January this year.

A local bridge that is over 100 years old. Hard to believe but the Mary River underneath this bridge comes right up to the top - just under the road - it would be amazing to see.

Frangipani flowers in my garden

Home Grown Bananas

Home Grown Paw Paw
I find enjoyment and satisfaction when I pursue my mission to purchase less and less from the supermarkets and to make things for myself that I can. Not because I have to. But because I enjoy doing this and the little feeling of control and independence that this brings to me.  I love not entering the cleaning aisle - well not very often - just to pick up my sunlight soap and washing soda and up until now my dish washing liquid. I enjoy shopping at the local markets and whenever I can purchase what I need from independent shop owners and stall holders.

I just love the feeling I get when I make something myself. This is for so many reasons. One - I am not supporting big corporations - I know I have to purchase some ingredients but the rule of thumb is that those same basic ingredients can make quite a few different products. And two is the fact that I know what is in them as this is  so very important to me. So I imagine there will be sharing in this blog with regards to this topic as well.

I will be sharing recipes that work for me. You may like to try them. But generally I have to say that this side bar of recipe pages is going to be where I go to quickly to find my tried and true recipes without stressing all the time on what to cook. I love to try new recipes but I think we can complicate things so much. I aim to keep a few simple workable and yummy recipes that are my basis for meals and try new recipes when I can just enjoy cooking for the sake of enjoyment. I truly do like to cook and I get a real kick out of turning a few basic ingredients into a meal. More on this in the future.

I just made this lovely recipe with some peanuts, almonds and cashews.... We have visitors for the afternoon and evening and I thought some nuts were in order. They actually went down a treat and are soooo very good. These would make a lovely gift.

All Recipes - Chipotle Honey Roasted Peanuts

Diaries that I hand painted as Christmas gifts .

I will be sharing my creative side.... sewing, painting, photography, drawing

I will also be sharing poems I write or just my musings in this case

Look around. Take my time.
Try to focus on just one thing at a time.
Just relax.
Go with the flow.
Trust the universe. Trust myself.
Be very aware of my thoughts. They are creating my reality.
Its okay to just be me.
Set my intentions everyday.
Love. Love. Love.
Be quiet and be still. Listen. No need to give feedback all of the time.
Be aware of my perception of life. The world.
Its just my world viewed through my own rose coloured glasses.
But more than anything. Trust the Universe. All my needs and wants are met before I even ask.

TRUST THE UNIVERSE....dont sweat things. Dont sweat the small stuff.
Ask and Receive. Just accept that that once I have bought something to the attention of the Universe then it is taken care of. I seriously cant do much more than that. This is the message for the year so far and it keeps coming to me constantly. The synchronicity of it is amazing me.

So until tomorrow....



Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hello my Friends,

I thought I had  lost this post the other day.

Happy New Year.

I actually went to bed at 9.30 on new year eve  night. Did not feel like a big night and true to this year's plans, dreams, hopes and being myself I just did what I thought was best for me for the night.

I am glad I did.

I had a very melancholy day today. First day of the new year. 2014. Hard to get motivated. There is extreme heat at the moment and the rain has decided to stay away and it is dry and hot. I prefer summer to winter but I must say this is not very enjoyable and I suppose its no use in complaining.

5th January today. Heatwave. We came down to our friends place to spend some time in his air conditioned apartment. Very much appreciate the cool and relaxation.

Not sure what this year has in store for me. And Mick and family. How can  I even guess. I have tried that over the past years and realized that is it is impossible to do that. You can plan as much as you want but you really cant know.

I just completed reading the book,  The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared. That book is excellent and a great story about not planning to much in advance. I will follow up in next post with where the Universe seems to be leading me at the moment.

Love  and cheers,