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Friday, March 19, 2010

Just Simply Having A Good Day

Above photo taken at a reserve/park at Mothar Mountain near Gympie about 45 mins from us.

Good Afternoon to all,

Please take the time to have a look at the blog below - I have added it to my watched blogs - many thanks Katherine for introducing me and thereby any others that read my blog to this wonderful inspirational lady.


Today is DAY 19 of non smoking - still going strong - I was thinking about something today. It is not the actual non smoking that is causing problems at the moment - it is the fact that I simply don't seem to be wasting as much time sitting around smoking - I am busy and enjoying it. This is for lots of reasons but one of them is that today I realised that I am gradually gaining so much more energy. I am thinking clearly and I am noticing the foggy laziness is disappearing.How this causes a bit of a problem is that my husband likes to sit and do nothing and drink a beer and have a smoke. This is his choice and this comment isn't to have a go at him but I simply find I don't fit into that catergory as easily any more. It is not that I don't sit back and watch a movie with him or sit and chat or go out with him. It just means that I am gradually becoming more active than him. I have to make sure that I slow down and stop with him sometimes. Anyway these thoughts are there and I am mulling them over.

Day 1 of 30 day eating challenge went well and I am nearly finished day two. I spent all day out and about yesterday with my daughter at doctor appointments and grocery shopping and I stuck to my plan all day. I am so proud of myself for this day and I have set myself a goal of ticking of today as well. I can't remind myself enough that it is truly all in the planning. Tonight Mick will make himself and my visitor friend a meal they both like which includes meat and cheese. I am making myself a meal that I absolutely love that doesn't have any animal products or added fat. I am actually looking forward to my dinner and do not wish in any way to have what they are having. I just need to remind myself as to how full and bloated and sick I feel afer eating what thay are having and how I can have a big meal and enjoy myself and not feel yukky after my meal.

The added challenge for me is that I have a reaction to both tomatoes and wheat (as well as diary, eggs, meat) These two things have been the most interesting challenge to learn to cook without. At least it isn't actually gluten intolerance. I have organic spelt bread and that suits me fine. Tomatoes were a funny one - I knew in my heart but wanted to ignore this fact - I used to eat them in nearly every meal as a base especially as I don't have milk and dairy and cream. But before I committed to this first 30 day trial I have found and learnt how to cook lovely meals without the tomatoes and I have found a recipe to make a tomatoe free tomatoe sauce. It is actually great.

Here is another picture of my growing pineapple one week on from the last one. Hasn't it grown.

Today has been a wonderful day of discovery and I have enjoyed reading two things today that I would like to share. The first one was the introduction to this post and I have already sent you there to have a look - after you read this whole post of course - The second is the latest post by my brother - see SOAP BOX in my followed blogs to the right. I am feeling like a VERY PROUD AND PUFFED UP SISTER at the moment. You go Bro!!! I thought I was going to be able to borrow that book - I had a look through it on the night - now I think I will just buy myself a copy. Great inspirational gift Kerry.

This is a photo of my favorite spot to have a cuppa at our place on a warm afternoon. It is so cool and breezy in this spot out the front of our house when everything is is sweltering.

I didn't do anything exciting by some others standards but I cleaned and dusted my whole house - I washed my cloths and actually got them dry on the clothlines in the sun - I better enjoy that sun as the cyclone is getting closer to the coast and I think we may be in for some seriously wet weather - as if the past month wasn't wet enough - and I just pottered about. I just want to say to anyone listening that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY my little house.

Have a great night everyone,



  1. Hi Wendy

    Glad to hear things are going well for you in regard to your 'non-smoking' goals as well as nutrition.

    I changed my nutrition for the better, and am constantly looking at ways to refine it and work with what's best for me at the time. After many years, I know what my body needs and what is good for it, and you are obviously discovering that yourself. Once you have your routine down pat, it is amazing how little changes back to your previous eating routine can upset the digestive system.

    It sounds like bliss in Bauple, and it's nice to draw simple pleasure from your home and surrounds. It all looks so peaceful and tranquil.

    Yep, I've put my hand up to read Andrew's book. I should've bought it earlier and read it before I gave it too him...lol...

    Enjoy your tranquility...Kerry :)

  2. " From little things, Big things grow " .. how true on so many levels ... Grow little Pineapple Grow .. we know you can do it and I bet you will be the sweetest, juciest pineapple that Wendy & Mick have ever enjoyed !

    Dohi to you all

    Love Ya Sis