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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 30 Day Whole Food Plant Based Food Challenge

Well day 17 of non smoking. I seriously didn't think of it at all today but have had to prepare myself for going out tonight. Not that I want one but I am planning ahead. It is Micks social darts night and I like to go along and catch up with everyone. Just preparing so I have plans to put into action while everyone smokes.

Hi there Parsley - I will take a photo each week so we can track the progress. The pineapple grows about a metre tall and is very spiky. The fruit grows out of the middle. It takes 18 months to bear fruit. I planted these pineapples from the tops of pineapples I bought at the shop and have eaten. Once they fruit they will throw of pups or suckers and then I can plant them out and they will grow into a pineapple as well. Cool hey.

Well I have finished reading the book The China Study by Colin Campbell. Now that is one interesting book. If ever there was a reason to give a whole food plant based diet a go this is it. I don't know if I want to sit here and do a book review and try and explain what this book is about and I don't know if I can give a true and proper review of this book. Why don't you do a search on the internet and see what you find or better still borrow the book from the library and read it like I did. Some find it highly controversial. I think they are the ones who would not want to change. His ideas definately challenge the status quo of nutrition. I just think it is great that at least he has sparked a debate and personally I am on his side. Many of the ideas presented by this author are familiar to me. I have been reading things over the years that lead me to the next and onwards like that. I have gradually been making changes in my diet for many years nows and there are lots of stories to go with each new discovery I have made and the proceeding dietary change. I recently have been exploring the idea of going Vegan in my diet and after reading this book and the book by John Robbins called The Food Revolution I have decided to take the challenge and do 30 days of a Vegan diet to start with and go from there. Specifically I will eat no animal products including dairy, meat, fish or eggs. This is actually not going to be to hard because I have been decresing the amount of meat and dairy I have eaten over the past few months especially if I think of the details of John Robbins book while I am eating meat or dairy. I will base my food around whole foods such as grains and beans etc and plants of all types. I will limit the amount of fat I use including oils and butter and margarine etc and limit severely the amount of sugar I use. So tomorrow is Day One of Vegan and I am looking forward to letting you know how I go. There are so many reasons why I want to do this but maybe I will end this here tonight and fill you in on a few of the details in tomorrows blog.

Today has been very Worth While as decisions have been made to further proceed towards my Dream Self. All steps in the right direction. I paid more bills and was very frugal and held onto my money and paid bills and I keep thinking and reminding myself that every dollar saved or paid of debt is one step closer to my goal of debt free. Each change in my diet in one step closer to being full of energy and vitality.

I hope you all had a good day and we will chat again tomorrow.

Peace to you all,

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