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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gifted Hands

Kinkuna National Park Qld Australia

Hi Everyone

Today has been 23 days since I stopped smoking and you would think that the worst is over - not true - it seems that my mind went into a temper tantrum last night and was pretty cranky that I couldn't have my own way. I truly don't want to smoke and I haven't been temepted to light one up but last night I got all grumpy and shitty because I couldn't smoke anymore. That was so weird. Anyway - lots of cuddles from my gorgeous hubby and a good nights sleep fixed that problem up and today has been fine.

The eating plan has been going for 6 days today and again I am reminded how much we live our life on auto pilot. I have forgetfully veered from my eating plans a few times this week when I have had a coffee while out and then thought half way through it - bugger this is milk. And then agian when I ordered a chicken and salad sandwich. Wheat bread, grated cheese, tomatoe. You see I don't usually drink coffee and when I go out I like to sometimes stop at a nice coffee shop and have one instead of a cup of tea. Anyway I am happy with my progress but it is interesting this habit and auto pilot thing our brain does and how we can be so focused on something but still forget what we are doing.

I watched a brilliant movie last night called "Gifted Hands" - please take the time to watch this movie - it is a must watch. It is the story of the worlds best and leading brain surgeon. The story of believing in yourself - never giving up but also how education and a love of learning is one of the best gifts a parent can give to their child. I love the parenting role portrayed by the mother. I love the absolute faith of this family and the beautiful heart this man shares with people from all over the world. Such an uplifting movie and a great family movie. Watch it and let me know what you think and moves you the most when watching this mans life story. I would so like to meet him but more than that I would like to meet his mother.

I love this little poem I found in an old library book I got at a local book sale the library was holding - the book is called "Gary Ord's Australian Friendship Book" and it is full of poems and little stories etc. I found so many in here that I would like to share but I started with this one because it spoke volumes to me about just keep going - just keep pursuing my goals - like my post a while back - just keep swimming. The movie I watched last night had the same message.


The present seems all dreary,
The future very grim.
Your problems so perplexing,
Your chances rather slim.
Your sick and tired of trying,
And hope is nearly gone,
There's only one solution,
It's: keep on keeping on!

The way ahead is puzzling,
And clouds obstruct your view.
If this is how you're feeling,
There's just one thing to do;
Don't prove yourself a quitter,
Though hope is nearly gone,
But grit your teeth and bear it,
And keep on keeping on!

Good luck is round the corner,
So show a smiling face;
For soon your fears will vanish,
And joy will take their place.
Look forward to tomorrow,
When troubles will be gone,
Because you had the courage,
To keep on keeping on.

Hope Spencer


  1. I wish you the best of luck on your goal of staying away from smoking. I'm sure it must be so very hard.

    I will have to check out the movie. Thanks for the info.

  2. That's an inspirational poem Wendy...thanks for sharing. :)

    Oh...I saw the DVD today in blockbuster, 'Gifted Hands'. But there were no copies available...bugger! :(

  3. Thanks Parsley - and the post card is being sent tomorrow by the way.

    Glad you enjoyed the poem Kerry.

    I hope you both watch and enjoy the movie as much as I did.