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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

360 Degrees Longitude

This is the most beautiful wattle that is flowering all around here at the moment. Do not know the name of it and don't really need to - it is gorgeous and abundant and glorious to look at.

Good Tuesday Evening To You All

I just finished reading a book called 360 Degrees Longitude by John Higham.
Link to website here....
It is an excellent book about one family's journey around the world together in one year. I recommend it as an awesome read. I was further impressed when I discovered that half the proceeds of the sale of this book go to Kiva

What a cool photo - wish I had taken it but this was just one of a selection sent to me on an email....

Okay - what else have I been up to...... life..... wishful thinking...... dreaming.......pleading ignorance.....avoidance.... cleaning.... etc etc etc

Biggest thing on my mind at the moment is the fact that there is such a huge difference between what I know and what I do.

I am currently choosing to close that gap. CLOSE THE GAP between knowing and doing.

I realised that I didn't need to read another book - learn another thing - persue more information.

The thought occured to me that I already have the information - I am already in information overload actually.

I know what makes me feel lighter, breezier, happier - I know what makes me smile - laugh - giggle. I know what lifts my spirits. I know what foods to eat that work well with my body - I know how good yoga makes me feel - I know that not smoking lets me breathe - I know - I know - I know......

Not sure where I got this photo from - it is perfect for what I am writing about here....


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have added a new item to my Homemade Cooking page and also a new tip/recipe to my Homemade Store Cupboard page. I made the quickest and easiest pizza for dinner last night. It is a yeast free base that can be put toether in a matter of minutes. I also added a  tip for making up your own pizza sauce as required instead of buying jars of seperate sauce which cost more - and are a waste of resources, packaging etc as well as the waste of money spent on them.

I used to buy frozen pizza bases. The cost over a two year period for these bases has gone up over 100%. It is simply not justified and I have learnt that it is just not necessary. I don't care how busy a person is  - this pizza can be put together and be cooked and ready to eat in just on a half an hour and it is even quicker if there is a person chopping up the topping while the other makes the base. This is actually infinately quicker than driving down to the local pizza place and it is infinately YUMMIER and HEALTHIER.

I was going to take a photo and then ate it - just plain forgot to take a photo as it smelt so good and we were hungry. I made a tossed green salad of lettuce, cucumber and cherry tomatoes to go with it. Perfect.

I am going to make up a base and freeze it uncooked as well as make up a full pizza and freeze that uncooked as well. I want to see how they go cooking them from frozen and if they work out okay I will make up extras to keep in the freezer for those spur of the moment times that I feel like pizza.

Here is an interesting link about food if you are interested.  I am sure Sharon won't mind if I can get a few more people to read about what she has to say. another-reminder-of-the-food-crisis

My Camillia is only in it's second year in my garden and it flowering prolificly. I am sitting at my desk writing this and I can smell the scent each time the breeze picks up. Gorgeous.

I have finished making a Christmas gift. I picked up a set of coffee mugs for $5 and decided to paint them. It was a spur of the moment thing to paint the words - Relax - Coffee - Dream - Tranquil - Rest - Quiet - Imagine - all over them. I prepped them correctly - all I need to do now is put a sealer over the top and pop them into a warm oven to bake them for a bit. I have a little cane basket that I will fill with tissue paper and nestle the mugs in and this gift is for my sister in law. I will put a photo on here tomorrow. I know that if someone gave them to me as a gift I would be stoked.

The above photos is of Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. Absolutely gorgeous. Mick went to a birthday party of a friend recently and his property backs onto this magnificent park and the lookout is only a hop skip and a jump from his place - just a short stroll. How lucky he is to view this every day.

Ah well - today has been good. I am a bit more relaxed and Mick just rang to say we have won a few more jobs that we have quoted. I am counting my blessings at the moment.

Cheers and Love to you all,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

CHANGES - moving things around

Hi there to all

I have changed my blog around. I am not as clever or inspired as some of those other wonderful bloggers that I follow but it was time I did something.

I had tryed starting another blog that had half the things I was interested on it and I realised that was quite silly. Why try to divide myself in two when this blog is mine and a record of what I want to be able to recall. So this is it. One blog covering ALL the topics that interest me.

Funny because my last post was on how I halve things to make them go further and create less waste of our resources. Only tiny steps so far for me but I am getting there. So I have halved my worry of trying to write two blogs and trying to divide myself into two people really.

So what you see is me. What you can read if you want to is the things that I try and have found success at - or the things that I find uplifting - or the things that annoy me and fire me up. JUST ME.

Cheers to you all,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


HALVE WHAT YOU USEWant to save some money and use less resources - HALVE WHAT YOU USE.


Use half the washing powder that is recommended - bet you it still works (better still make your own - IF YOU WANT THE BEST RECIPE THAT WORKS  see Down To Earth blog listed in my side bar - I literally only use a tablespoon per load.)

If the cake recipe calls for two eggs - try using one large egg. Works all the time for me. I wouldn't choose a recipe that has more than two or three eggs normally. Why use 4 to 6 eggs in a cake when you can make two cakes. Freeze the other for later or suprise guests.

Half the frozen spinach in my frittata - I usually thaw out a whole box of frozen spinach and add to my frittata. Tonight I used half the box and kept the other half for next time. Was plenty of spinach in there.

If the recipe calls for 500 gr of mince meat - use half and add a can of mashed beans like red kidney beans.

If you are making stir fry with chicken or any other meat - try using half what you usually do and add more vegetables like mushrooms, carrots etc. I make a mean stir fry that everyone loves with just 1 large chicken breast and that feeds four people.

I make a bacon and egg pie that calls for 4 rashers of bacon - I now use only 2 - that is plenty for flavour.

If the recipe calls for 1 cup cheese to be used - can you use 1/2 cup.

What about toothpaste - how many people use twice as much as needed. Use half and it works just the same.

What about your shampoo and conditioner - really take notice and you will find that often we use just to much of each - halve it and see that it works the same.

Get the idea?

It saves so much money - and saves using so many resources buying products again when we could have made them last  twice as long.

That's my simple tip for the day. Can anyone give me further tips on this - is there anything that you halve and get twice as much use out of.

Cheers and Smiles