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Thursday, December 29, 2016



There are a few things that have been happening over the past months and particularly in the previous few weeks. The irritability has been building about any little thing that usually doesn't move me or bother me or that I can usually just let go with ease and even just ignore. This irritability has even been at the irritability itself. I have felt even in the busyness of life a lost feeling and sort of emptiness that I was thinking was bad and my fault and not at all how I should be feeling. Be thankful woman - be grateful - you are not allowed to feel this way. Lost - blah - just complaining and whinging. I have felt an overwhelming need to stop and adjust and realign my life - to set goals and new directions. I have felt out of control in many ways because every plan I have made for the past 6 months or so has just melted away and I have known in my heart - in the knowingness - that these events would not unfold or not occur as planned. The final two have happened this week with a cancelled camping trip and then a postponed road trip to my son's for a visit. Neither surprise me and in many ways I just knew. But the thing is that I constantly have had plans not align now for so long that I am adverse to making any plans at all. And finally I have seen synchronicity after synchronicity confirm everything that is happening is happening in the correct way. There is confirmation constantly around me.

This morning was absolute confirmation that I am exactly where I am meant to be and doing exactly what I am meant to be doing right now.

I caught myself standing in front of an open fridge this morning - holding the door open and staring into the void thinking - why am I so irritable, what's wrong with me, I feel like I have to start over and go back to basics, do we constantly have to redo everything we learn, what's happening to me and on and on. I close the fridge make a cup of tea and sat down  to write in my journal but remembered a saved article on Facebook and I have A KNOWING that this article is be read and taken in NOW! The biggest synchronicity - the complete answer to all of my questions to the food in my fridge.

The article below -


Well tick number one. Irritable - yes - even irritable at my irritability.

Tick of number two.  Lost, directionless, desire less, emptiness.... yes to all of these feeling even in the midst of life's joys and busyness. According to this article this is when your soul speaks and mine has been clearly calling to me. I have even been led to do a meditation by Dr. Barbara De Angelis called The Knowingness In Your Heart (see link below to listen on You Tube)


I have noticed though that even in the midst of these feelings and emotions I have a clarity in my mind that is surprisingly clear and I have been able to find peace and calm even in the noises around me. I also have noticed this with my body as I recently said to my naturopath that even though the body was in more pain that my mind was so clear and concise that it was scary at times.

Tick to number three as I just purchased my yearly journal from cupcakes and cauldrons and have set aside the next few days to plan and give thought to the direction of my life and what I wish to focus on.

Tick to number four because I have come to the place where I seriously do not feel I want to make a plan of any sort at the moment. I know in my heart that right now I am to flow and allowing the universe to do what needs to be done to align me with where I am meant to be and align me with what I am meant to be doing. I also have learnt through these experiences to listen to my intuition - to trust myself and even if the direction I am being given seems out of whack with what I want or others want from me that this is okay. TRUST myself. I knew these things were not going to pan out the way that was being planned but I insisted on setting dates.

And finally tick of number five. This whole entire article was a synchronistic - an INSTANT ANSWER to my questions into the void of my fridge and how absolutely AMAZING this is. There are so many synchronicities that are to many to mention but the final one is the words "IT IS TIME". I read these words  the other day in an article from the Nicole on her blog Cauldrons and Cupcakes (see link below)


and the same words have come up many times. They were the final words in this article. IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP NEO.....

IT'S TIME Wendy....