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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being Appreciative......

"One home which I can continually make more efficient, one chunk of land which I can build up towards my edible Eden, one particular ecosystem which I can come ever closer to knowing." This is a few words out of a post I read today  on the blog Apron Stringz.  -  Truly Green Investment - by Apron Stringz

Wow is what I can say to this. It just resonated with me so deeply. I am so lucky to be where I am living and in the position of being in my own home and on my own land. It is so easy to get side tracked into thinking that somehow or other I am missing out on something else and the inevitable itchy feet itch like crazy. My Dad said to me that the most important thing we can do to get ahead in our lives is to put down roots. To stay in one place. I have always moved around so much and if it wasn't moving house it was moving jobs. I am learning the art of staying in one place. I still want to travel and see this wonderful country but I really do appreciate what I have here.

"mad if you do and mad if you don't" - 365 Less things

Photos of the sky taken on my phone camera. All on the same day at the same place on the beach.

This is the sun. Looks like a huge eye in the sky.

It's great to be back writing again. I have not stopped reading everyone else though.
Cheers, Wendy