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Friday, March 5, 2010


Okay first thing first - how did I make yesterday WORTHWHILE ???? - firstly I didn't procrastinate and waste time worrying - I just paid the bills I could, which is a step closer to being on top of bills and then being debt free. I went out last night and caught up with friends for a few hours and it was good. I really had a good day yesterday which I feel was not wasted at all.

I made Mick a lovely card with - "Just Keep Swimming" written on the front and a lovely photo of us and some mushy words about how much I love him and how we can do anything together written inside. I was reading other blogs yesterday and came across this saying in one of them and it is something Mick and I used to say to each other as encouragement to keep on going and not give up and to share the belief that things will get better and to just keep going. If you have'nt worked it out it is from the movie Nimo. He loved the card and we now have it in full view in the loungeroom to keep rading over and over again.

Mick and I will JUST KEEP SWIMMING through the low times in business and we believe that we will come through the other end with a much stronger business and still be doing what we like to do.

Went to the hairdresser today and got my hair done and talked Kylies head off - lovely to have a conversation - what a shame we don't catch up outside of work as we have so much in common to chat about.

Well I did what I said I would do and have listed on the side my BUSH WALKING LIST. These are all day trips so there is no excuse that I don't have time. Mick and I said we would go tomorrow for a walk of this list but it is still pouring with rain. Probably have to wait for another day.

I got of my butt this morning though and Mick and I spent the morning in the drizzling rain and weeded the whole front garden and chopped back some rougue trees. It looks so nice. Perfect weather for that sort of work as it made it so easy as the ground was so wet. I am very excited as I have a BABY PINEAPPLE growing. It has just started to grow and I will post a photo on here later on and you can all watch my little pineapple grow into a big edible pineapple over the next few months. Dad shared his special homegrown pineapple with me last weekend and when this one is ready he will have to come visit and share this pineapple with me.

Andrew I have added your blog to my list on the side here. That's all you had to do was write. Well done and keep going. Take a look at my Bro's blog everyone - SOAP BOX.

And finally a quick update on my non smoking - Day SIX today. I am very proud of myself. I think of smoking once in a while and it is just the old mind tricks again. I just say back to myself - YOU DON"T SMOKE - and the thought disappears as quick as it arrives. I went out last night and had a few beers and chatted to friends and it didn't really bother me at all. If anything I found when Mick came back after having a smoke it is all I could smell for a few minutes and makes me realise how disgusting I have smelt to others. I just spent the morning in the garden and that is something I couldn't do a week ago. I would have got to puffed and had to use my asthma spray (which I haven't used for 2 days now). Tonight we have friends coming over to play darts and pinball. One doesn't smoke and one does. Her and Mick will have to stand outside the shed and smoke. This is a big test for me to just let it be. Let it go. I really don't want one.

Thanks for listening to me and I will be back again tomorrow,

PEACE to everyone,


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  1. I like the " Just keep swimming " it really sums it up very simply but to the point.