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Monday, December 3, 2012

Last night I got to thinking and having to chat to Mick about time wasting and where precious hours and minutes disappear to. We talked about all the things that we wish we might be doing while we do other things. I know that we cannot spend every waking hour doing only the things we want to do but I do think we waste a lot of time dilly dallying around with stuff that just isn't important - well at least not at that moment.

I thought about what I would like to be doing most of the time. I asked myself the question of what do I do that makes me feel good, that I really enjoy, that I can spend hours on without me going of to other things.

For example gardening is one of these things. It never used to be. It is quite new in my life actually. It has grown over the past few years since we moved to this property and I am gradually spending more and more time outside in the yard.

I thought about all of the time we spend doing things in the yard or around the house and the very unbalanced proportion actually enjoying it.

I would like to take time each day to really relax in our place - read a book under a tree - sit in the beer garden and actually have a beer - have a cup of tea in the early morning light.

I got an email newsletter today from the website I follow - see below - and this months challenge is to have some good old fashioned fun. Funny because Mick and I decided that we are going to ask some friends over for a games night - we like Poleconomy and it is so much fun. So I will list throughout this month when I remember to about what old fashioned fun we get up to.

Simple Savings website

December is Old Fashioned Fun Month!

Your goal this month is to find some real people to have some real fun with and have a ball! Here are some things you can do this month:
  • Call a friend and make a Christmas cake together
  • Play a game of cards with someone
  • Buy bulk wrapping paper and wrap up Christmas presents with a friend
  • Go for a walk with family/friends
  • Cook biscuits with someone
  • Invite your neighbour over for a cup of tea
  • Volunteer to help a charity
Old fashioned fun is all about being with other people and enjoying spending time together. When you are with someone else, make sure you are entirely WITH that person! And you will feel the lovely beautiful warmth that you only get from having fun with real people. Go on, get out there and have some fun!
    There are so many things you could do. There is only ONE rule - turn the screens off!

    Just two of the Pots I painted recently

    Hot weather yesterday called for a cool drink - freshly juiced orange and pineapple juice with icecubes - just the thing.

    Everything is just so dry and brown and crunchy - The block still looks good though - Mick fixed the little bridge across the gully - safe to walk on again.

    Watering the hanging pots in the beer garden as the sun sets

    Tomatoes, Rocket, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Basil

    Lots of bees in my garden but no possums - seems to be working so far.

    Chalkboard sign on a store front.

    This is a tablecloth I made from a heavy piece of green scrap fabric and a bandana with watermelons on it. I think it turned out great.

    Cheers, Wendy

    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    From Mick - Wendy's Husband

    Hello to you all after a very long break......again,

    I had a post half written and was planning to post that today.

    But instead I want to share something with you all.

    I just came home and my husband Mick said he had written something for me on my blog. I wasn't sure what he meant. He has never really read it or taken to much notice except for always being supportive in that if I say I am on the computer he always just goes and does something himself. I am amazed he knew what it was called and could find it. Obviously when he has logged onto it on my computer he was able to access writting posts etc and he just did what he thought you had to do.

    So I was very suprised when what he had actually done was write a new post and he had left it open and when I got home he said go and read what I wrote. He said he didn't do anything else because he didn't want to loose it and wanted me to read it but he wanted it posted on my blog.

    So without further ado I share what my love, my best friend, my husband just wrote to me and wanted to obviously share with all of the world. No editing - no changes - just straight from his heart.......

    to those who follow this post my name mick ,wendys hubby. this is my first time writting here so this should be pretty short lol. i havn t read much of her work but know alot about it .
    i first met wendy as a person on a mission from who knows where. but after 8 years i know where to . and that somwhere was to me .toook her a little to catch up (or vice versa) but we share an amazing life as simple as it is .we do not go without .we do not want for much. what we do have though is love ,and alot of it .today she went to a linen party while i mulched a new garden she has dreamed of (and nagged somewhat for lol)
    i guess the moral of this blog is a couple of beers ,a bail of hay, a clear day and the thought she loves me for being me makes my world go round .
    thanx for listening and i hope you can relate xxxxxxxxxoooooooooo. mick