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Monday, March 25, 2013

I am hooked.....

I am completely hooked on growing food. There is nothing like a bit of succes to spur me on to keep trying to grow more and more. I would love this place to be a food forest....

Baby pumpkins on the vine.

I moved to this home and property five years ago this year. I finally got a vegetable garden started at the end of last year. I have run out of room and needed more space. The garden is now extended and surrounded by floppy fencing to hopefuly - fingers crossed - deter the possums. It definately keeps out the wallabies and kangaroos.

What am I going to do when I cannot go to the garden and pick cucumbers - the vines have fruit on them but starting to look a bit worn. I must plant out some more this week. I have made my own cucumber pickles and the best homemade and tastiest gherkins I have ever tried.

A capsicum. The bushs are full of these and the first ones are starting to turn red. Some plants have long fruit like this but some others from the same punnet of seedlings have the bell shape fruit setting.

A few of the banana trees in the front garden. This big one has set a bunch of bananas so I will photograph and post on here as they grow. I am so excited.

I found one very yellow lemon on the ground under the lemon tree yesterday - it was marked on one side but when I cut it open it was just fine and I juiced it and made myself a hot lemon and honey drink with a touch of ginger. MMMMMM.

Pumpkins setting on the vine out the front garden. These are kent pumpkins from seeds from a pumpkin that was so tasty. So far I have counted a minimum of 10 fruit with so many more flowers on the vines. I just hope they are not eaten by something but the odds are that I will get at least a few to store away.

Paw Paw tree covered in flowers. I think this is the female.

And this is the male tree - It has set some fruit already. I will post some more photos as they grow. Again I cannot wait to eat these so I wil have to net them to keep the birds and possums of them. My Dad grew these from some seeds from a nice paw paw he had eaten.

Fresh produce - I am hooked - completely - every where I go I am on the look out for cuttings - plants I might like to grow - and most of all growing food.

Floppy fence around a large section of our yard with the covered in vegetable garden in the centre.
I will keep you up to date on how this fencing works and any troubles I encounter but most of all I am hoping to report on the successes.

Luffa vine - it is covered in fruit and they are getting bigger everyday and still has flowers all over it.

I have so much to show you and talk about but tonight I will leave it at this.

Have a lovely day tomorrow everyone.

Cheers, Wendy