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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The past few days in pictures....

My past week.....

Homemade Apple Pie in the cutest little apple pie dish - another garage sale special.

Homemade caramel tarts - very tasty

Mint going strong...

Mick up a very tall ladder with a long piece of poly pipe to knock a stray branch that was hanging down and very dangerous. Glad when he was down safe.

New pineapples starting to grow. I have four on - thought it was six that had set but it is four. Next year I am hoping for 8 min.

Bucket of bulbs that I was given on the weekend. They are all planted out in pots now.

Gardenia in flower - literally hundreds of buds ready to open on the tree - this is just one tree - I have two larger ones and two very small ones.

Flowers everywhere.


Fern that came up of it's on accord - thanks to the birds - gorgeous

Little bouganvillia planted out - can't wait for this to take up the whole area and be full of red flowers - it is on the road side of the property and will be spectacular when it is fully grown.

A tree full of baby lemons.

Is this the coolest street sign - I want to live on Easy Street.....

Second hand shop shopping - bargains galore - all ready to craft and make pretty to sell or give as gifts.
This is the biggest Hat Box - it is heavy duty cardboard - I will repaint and put bling on it and I am sure it will look amazing.

These are huge teacups and saucers. I am planting mint and parsley into them.

old doilies to use in crafting - gorgeous.

Micks Cycads are sprouting - awesome.

This kookaburra hangs around Mick all the time while he is digging in the garden. He is very game and will sit right beside Mick as he gardens and works in the yard.

Talk again soon, Cheers, Wendy