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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sunrise Over Ocean

On the 18th October I woke up 6am.

I came out of my tent and made a cup of tea.

This is what I saw.

Inskip Camping Grounds at Rainbow Beach, Queensland

This is what I thought.

Sunrise over ocean.
The waves are making their infinite sound.
The water is glistening and glowing
like molten silver under the suns reflection.
A black bird hops across the sand in front of me.
The tarp is flapping in the breeze.
My cup of tea is hot and tastes like a luxury.
And time is perfect.
My soul is happy.
I am outdoors... in nature.

By Wendy House  18/10/2015

My art journal entry that day

Years ago I only ever camped in the mountains. Always on the lookout for the perfect camp site beside a running creek or stream or swimming hole. Trees and rainforest walks. Grassy sites to pinch a tent and never any sand or mud. Rain. We often got lots of rain and a storm.

We never camped at the beach except one time only where I slept on a mattress on a tarp on the sand on the beach with a mosquito net strung from a tree and tucked around and under the mattress we slept on. That was me and Alexia (about 8 years old I think)  and her Dad.  We had just picked my daughter up from a Girl Guides Camp she had been on for a week. We collected her and did a random thing and drove to the beach to camp because we had met another couple in a picnic ground having morning tea and they had told us about how to get there and what to do. It was a good nights sleep and a good overnight beach camp. But the ex's favourite was The Mountains / Rainforest. So that is what we did.

Now we come to the beach to camp.
It is my husband Mick's favourite and he has introduced me to something I have in turn fallen in love with.

Looking back towards our campsite as the sun is setting.

Mick and his beer. xo

Looking left
Looking right

And I remembered I just love the beach, the surf and the sand.

I remembered holidays with my Mum and how good it was to go to the beach for our holidays. I remember my dad had a boat for a short time and we would spend whole days on island beachs with family and friends. What good memories.

It is good to enjoy memories. I spend a great deal of time pushing memories away. I don't usually even sift through to find the pleasant ones. But that is another post.

Cheers and Love,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

WHITE is a colour.....


I am writing again. So welcome back me....

I share a poem I wrote that was in answer to a question in a course I have been doing the past 10 weeks.

Cockatoo Love - photograph by Andrew Swansson Flickr


by Wendy House

I am White.
I am the foam on the ocean wave.
I am the tiny white jasmine flower
who only visits in August.
I am the white daisies open up to the sun.
I am a white cockatoo
soaring among the gums.
I am a white duck,
or three white ducks on a pond.
I am a white porch.
I am a white room
and a white bed
and a white chair
and a white mat.
I am clean.
I am fresh.
I am pure.
I am a white curtain flapping in the breeze.
I am a white hat
protecting a head from the sun.
I am crisp.
I am clean.
I am white.

Photograph Below: Taken by Andrew Swansson Photography. Flickr

It feels good to be back.