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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sydney for lunch - suprise birthday present

My 50th was in September. My very special and precious friend Debbie surprised me with a birthday present - a day in Sydney - flew down to have lunch and wander around the city and drinks at the Opera House. It rained most of the day but that did not stop us having a wonderful day together.

For as long as I remember Debbie has always wanted a red telephone box - we had just arrived in the city and walked around the corner and this was there in front of us. I wished I could pick it up and take it home for her. Gave us a good laugh.....

A wet dark day but the rain stopped enough for us to walk the full way around this amazing building.

Then it was nice and cosy tucked into the Opera Bar for a drink or two.....

Then a fabulous lunch......

We watched a cruise ship depart the harbour. Made the Harbour Bridge look small from this angle.
THANKYOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART DEBBIE for your thoughtfulness.......

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thankyou Universe

This is Jimmy Beam on his new pillow that I got for him. You can tell it's winter because unless he needs to go outside for a bit - this is exactly where you will find him all day and all night.
A few nights ago Mick and I went to go out at night time and as we drove out of the driveway Mick noticed an owl sitting on a post directly beside the driveway. He got out and took quite a few photo's - I only had my phone on me - and this is the best we got. He didn't even fly away and just sat there watching us. We got back in the car and he stayed right there.

This is a jumper that I had folded up in a pile of stuff I was going to give away because it was to tight for me. I like loose clothing and not fitted clothing. Then I was on Pintrest and noticed lots of links to repurposing clothing websites and blogs. I thought "hey that jumper has a seam directly down the front- I wonder?"

So unpicked the front seam - no need to sew a thing and I put it over an old top and wow!

We have a friend who has the most amazing pumpkin patch in her pool area. They are simply the best pumpkins and I wish I could get that many pumpkins on my vines. Makes the best pumpkin soup.....

I bought a Cumquat tree the other day and it has about 20 fruit on it. I have never made anything with Cumquats but it was such a pretty tree. Then at art group this week a friend gave me a whole bag - 1 kg - of fresh cumquats of her tree. So this is me this afternoon preparing the fruit and I got 6 jars of cumquat jam that is absolutely delish !!!!

Last week I was also given all of these passionfruit. I made a very strong cordial/syrup with some. Tomorrow I am going to add this syrup to a bottle of bubbly with some soda water and make a punch for Micks birthday get together. I also made some passionfruit biscuits and have frozen the rest for another day to make passionfruit butter. Oh and I ate quite a few because they were so yummy.

This is a picture of one of the shelves in the cubes in my lounge room. Mick over the years has often bought home a cushion as a gift for me instead of flowers. I have redecorated and have been decluttering and didn't know what to do with a few of my favourite cushions. Ah Ha - I will display them like they do in the shops.... the little books are a gift from my cousin.
So today has been busy. I made cumquat jam - beef casserole, chicken curry and spaghetti sauce all ready for the party tomorrow. I made carrot cake birthday cup cakes and a pineapple slice to share tomorrow. I did the washing and office work for our business. I started painting a whole heap of different timber bits and pieces to finish of with some folk art decorating - these will be gifts. I am gradually sorting through the final bits and pieces in my huge house clean up and clean out. Now for actually finishing each and every project or idea I have collected stuff for over the past year or so.
I am so grateful for all the work coming our way this week. At the beginning of the week we had nothing on the books coming up. Then just when I thought to start worrying I decided to just go with the flow. It always works out - each and every time. I concentrated on what I could do and used what resources I had wisely and thoughtfully. And BAM.... it worked out and we had to go through the calendar and book in work and plan jobs... Thankyou Universe.....
Tomorrow is Micks birthday and my Mum's as well. We are having a small get together of about 20 people here tomorrow and Mick just wants to drink his beer, make some jokes and play darts. He is very simple to please. My Mum and Dad arrive for a weeks visit on Sunday and my brother and nephew on Monday for a few days. I am really looking forward to the next few days.....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Homemade Romance and Dish Washing Liquid

I have a mission and that is to purchase less and less from the supermarkets and to make things for myself - it is a sort of hobby you can say. I love to discover how I can make a product myself and in the process use less ingredients, packaging and nasty additives and preservatives and colours and numbers and - you get the point. I love not entering the cleaning aisle - well not very often - just to pick up my sunlight soap and washing soda and up until now my dish washing liquid which  I will not be doing again. I have added the instructions to my Homemade Cleaning Page for dish washing detergent. I have absolutely no idea where I saw this first. I have just printed it of and left it in my folder and finally made it up. There are so many different versions and this looked the simplest to try out. If you need to have bubbles to clean something this is definitely not for you. No bubbles - well bubbles that last anyway. But my goodness clean the dishes it does. So I am using this to wash my dishes now and a Luffa sponge that I grew myself and some vinegar in the rinse water. Besides be squeaky clean - literally - it just feels so good to make something that will save me many dollars - keep me healthy and safe from nasty ingredients that are in cleaning products. It is simple and quick to make. So now the only things I buy from the cleaning aisle are sunlight soap for my washing powder - a four pack maybe 4 times a year and washing soda which again is about four packs a year.

I just love the feeling I get when I make something myself. For so many reasons. One - I am not supporting big corporations - I know I have to purchase some ingredients but the rule of thumb is that those same basic ingredients can make quite a few different products - I know what is in them... so very important to me...

This is a friends chair that he uses at parties and sitting around the fire at his place. What a brilliant fun chair it is. Made from a car seat on old metal legs of another old chair.... love recycling and I have to say he was the most comfortable of us sitting around all night around the fire.....

I cannot remember showing this picture of an awesome surprise my husband Mick made me. One night a little while back I could hear Mick banging around in his shed. I had no idea what he was up to and just kept doing whatever it was I was doing. Then he called out to me to come and have a look at something and this is what he had made - he punched hole after hole in a fire drum and this is what we have - isn't that just so romantic.....

The radish, cucumber, lettuce are from my garden and the eggs are from my friend Leanne.


Bottling Beetroot - I simply LOVE>>>>> my beetroot recipe.

Looking up inside my banana tree with fruit on it.... amazing to watch. I am taking photos along the way. I have never grown a bunch of bananas before. Little lady fingers and they will be fresh and organic. We started with just a few little suckers given to us by mainly my sister in law and each tree keeps throwing of suckers which we cut away and plant elsewhere - bananas and pineapples - I plant so many of them.

This is my paw paw tree with fruit on it. My Dad gave me two little seedling trees and we planted them up the front garden. I am so lucky that they seemed to be one female and a male. I have one tree covered in flowers and this one with fruit on it. I am going to throw netting over this tree tomorrow and hopefully we will get to eat the fruit and not the possums. I think I will try and put a metal collar around the trunk as well that they cannot climb up. It is the shortest tree though so we will see what happens.

Lemons - yummy lemons.

The last of the yellow French beans and some radish picked the other day. I picked my first cucumber of the new vines today. Lots of little fruit over them. I am growing them in pots so we will see how they go.
Okay of now to make a cuppa and write up the yummiest soup recipe which I will share tomorrow...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

Currently my favourite saying is Que Sera, Sera....
When things start to get to me and when I am feeling a little or even a lot overwhelmed this is my go to saying.... it helps me realise that I simply cannot change or be in charge of everything.
I put this sticker/decal up on my wall the other day - I found it in the two dollar shop and I just love it. It makes me feel good each time I see it. It is above the walkway between the kitchen and laundry.

I saw this on Pintrest somewhere and I want to do this to my new door. At least the "hello" if not the red door....
Well what have I been up to - keeping myself busy at home after a few days away visiting my parents and family. I have another lot of lemon soaking in vinegar making up another batch of lemon cleaner - my homemade spray and wipe.

There is a new recipe in the page - Main Meals - Quick Moroccan Tagine and also Baked Coconut-Herbed Brown Rice. I have made the Moroccan Stew a few times now and it is definitely on my favourites' list.

I bottled up some more beetroot today - just another two jars to use up the vinegar mix that was left over from last week. I grew these lovely organic beetroot. I have added the recipe to the preserves page at the side.

I used the leaves in my morning carrot, celery and beetroot juice. From picking to juicing and drinking was about a whole 5 minutes. Amazing. I cannot wait until I can pick a beetroot and fresh carrot and celery from the garden each day to make my morning juice.

Picked another dried Luffa yesterday - Mick got to peel this one and get the seeds out. So many seeds in one of these. I can't wait for the rest to dry out and turn brown - I want to pull the vine of my vegetable garden and can't really do that until all the fruit has dried out ready for me to pick and process. Next time the Luffa will not be growing over my vegetable garden. I have something special planned for growing a few plants this year.

We awoke to this rainbow last Thursday morning. We got up and made a cuppa and sat down at the dining room table and looked out the door and this is what we saw. Then on the way to Brisbane we saw another three rainbows and then drove through the end of a rainbow through the colours - amazing.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Homemade Jewelery Cleaner

I saw a recipe idea on Facebook today for cleaning your own jewellery. So I tried it. It worked a treat. I have written it up on my page  "Homemade Cleaning".

Just because it is a very cute photo - this is my husbands cat "Jimmy Beam" - it's just to bright!!!
Well that's it for today

Thursday, May 9, 2013

LUFFA from start to finish

 It all started with a gift sent to me from another blogger of some Luffa seeds - and for the life of me I cannot remember who it was - so if you are reading this - PLEASE - leave a message.

I have remembered - Path To Simple Living - and it is not current anymore - but just in case you read this - thankyou.....

Seeds were all planted out as soon as the weather warmed up in about September 2012. It took a little while for them to appear but they grew fairly quickly right from the start.

I had no idea as to the scale these plants would grow and how they would come to cover the whole end of my enclosed vegetable garden.

The first few fruit that set fell of. Then this one stayed. And from then on it has not stopped setting fruit. This is the first fruit and was taken on the 23/1/2013
The vine has the prettiest flowers and they attract bees but mostly black ants - it seems that the ants did the pollinating. I was in the garden one day and bumped my head on the fruit and an ant fell into my ear. I was so scared I was going to have to get myself to a doctor and it was the most unnerving feeling - but I got it out. I was home alone. I am much more careful now.

The vine is dense and provides a lot of shade. As summer came around it loved the rain and just kept growing and growing. I will not be planting it on my vegetable garden like that again. I want to get an old cloths line and grow it over that in a corner of my garden and have seats in the shade this summer. Problem is I have possums and I have to keep it protected from them.

The birds ate a few but generally speaking the plant provides it's own protection with the fruit growing under the leaves - the leaves are quite large and the fruit hangs down under the top layer of leaves.

This is the first fruit that set and it is growing quite large. This was taken on the 24/2/2013. So one month from the first photo. And it keeps growing and growing.

Beautiful shady vine - just not good when you trying to grow other vegetables under it.


Then they start to change colour and dry out. You can feel them getting dryer and dryer.

I just knew by the touch of this one that it was dry enough. The skin felt very dry and when I squeezed it I could feel the fibres inside and I shook it and could hear the seeds inside.

Then I peeled it. Very easy to get of.

Then I shook the seeds out. I banged it on the counter top and loosened up any more on the inside. Look how many seeds I got from one plant. If you want a few just send me your postal address and I will share what I have spare.

I will not bleach this one, or any of the others hopefully. There is no wetness to it at all. I cannot see that it will go mouldy.
And there you go. I have my own Luffa sponges.
I will pick them as they dry on the vine and I will definitely have enough for my personal use as well as gifts for friends. This is definitely something that I will grow again.