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Friday, April 30, 2010

Coalition Of The Willing

This is a picture of our front yard 
 that is not our house in the background but our neighbour across the road.

Today is a full two months of not smoking - 61 days in total. I am doing very well. Funny though as even yesterday I had finished a cuppa and got up to do something and I went to reach for the smokes. I just stopped and laughed at myself. I actually thought it was funny and I definately didn't want one but WOW - does that show you how addictive they are. So tomorrow I start my third month of not smoking. Only 939 days to go to get to my target of 1000 days of not smoking.

Yesterday I spoke of replacing purchased items with homemade items as they appear on my shopping list. Yesterday I also went to the shops and tryed to buy a common item from my local supermarket that I have been purchasing for years - washing soda (the powdered one and not the crystals) They have deleted the item. I stood my ground and told them that it just wasn't good enough and that if they want me to shop in their huge supermarket then they better get this back in stock asap. I did say this very nicely though but with my clear intentions made. I was getting frustrated because I had just been into Bunnings to get my Borax. They didn't have any and told me that they firstly didn't know what it was and secondly that they don't stock it. I explained that I got the last two containers there and I want it. I live in a reasonably small town and my choices are limited on where I can get these items. They ended up getting 6 packs sent to them and I can pick them up on Tuesday. These are ingredients I use in making my own washing powder and I was going to be making my own dish washing liquid yesterday. Does anyone else find that they are having trouble getting some of these basic items to make your own cleaners etc. I am going to now do a search and see if I can buy some of things in bulk.
Our one Chilli shrub - so many chillies of one plant 
 when you think of the price they charge in shops it is Criminal

Anyway I ended up NOT making my homemade dish washing liquid yesterday but instead I attempted a recipe for homemade sesame seed crackers. YUK. I think I need to find another recipe. But I have mastered the most yummy and perfect homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce to use in cooking or just as a dipping sauce. I also processed all the ripe chillies of our bush. I think I will get one more crop of it before it closes shop for the winter. I have experimented this year as it is the first time to do this. I tried to research it, but seriously I didn't know so many people had so many differing opinions on how to preserve and use up their chilli crop. So I have jars of whole chillies in oil. I assume I will be able to use the oil in cooking stirfrys etc and use the chillies as needed in whatever. I also have made a really hot hot chilli sauce that I can use as a base for other chilli sauces. I have minced chilli in jars in the fridge in a little vinegar. So it is all very exciting and I will see how it all goes. What works will be done again and what does not work will not be done again. Pretty simple really.

These Chillies are HOT, HOT, HOT. A little goes a long way.

I am going to add a list on the side here of things that I am going to make - one at a time as I think of them - from scratch. It isn't always about the money saving of making something. It is, for me anyway, about knowing what is in something, learning the skill to be able to make something myself, which is empowering, and also and really the most important part - about not using heaps of resources to manufacture something in copious amounts of packaging that I can easily make myself.

I am off camping this weekend and will be back online on Tuesday. I hope everyone has a good weekend. Mick and I have waited for a weekend away for quite a while now as the money was tight and my daughter was due for a baby and I wouldn't leave and go anywhere until I knew she was settled at home and is fine with her little family.

She is by the way - her and Charlottes Daddy are doing so well. I am so proud of them and will do a bit of Grammy Photo Bragging next week. Oh OK here is a photo of my Charlotte my precious gorgeous Grand Daughter.

Now to finish of here - I would invite you all to have a look at the link to the site added below - Coalition Of The Willing - it is am animated movie being made in sections which is free for everyone to view. The site will explain more about it but I highly recommend a viewing. It isn't completed as yet and you can be updated as to when a new section has been added but I just watched it (again) from start to finish of what is there so far and it is an awesome message with some seriously great animation. I find one the most amazing things about this project is that these very talented craftspeople are doing this for FREE and sharing for FREE and doing it with open hearts and are truly Co Operating to bring us and as many out there in the world this message. ENJOY and share.

Peace to you,


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  1. Enjoy your camping. Hope to see pics when you get back.