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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When sitting, just sit; When eating just eat ...................

Day 72 of not smoking.

Yesterdays post really got me thinking. I have reread my own post a few times today.

I enjoyed today. I just did things as they needed doing. When I started to think of too many things at once and started to try to decide what I was going to do next or started to look like I was going to do more than one thing at a time. I STOPPED. I paused and took notice of what I was doing. I decides what it was I wanted to do next and then proceeded with that. I let the other things go. Some I came back to after I had finished what was at hand. Other things got left. It was quite a good day. And one I wish to repeat again tomorrow. I moved and gardened and did yoga and just generally lived.

Now on this same subject is a little bit taken from a Blog I happened to stumble across while reading one of my followed blogs.

"I was lying in bed nursing my little one, a book propped up in front of me as usual. This time it happened to be Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn. And I came to these words:"

When sitting, just sit.
When eating, just eat.
When walking, just walk.
When talking, just talk.
When listening, just listen.
When looking, just look.
When touching, just touch.
When thinking, just think.
When playing, just play.
And enjoy the feeling of each moment and each day.

"What can I say? I put the book down. The sun coming through the window felt warm on my back. My daughter fell asleep in my arms. The moment lasted a long, long time."


  1. That's just beautiful and such good advice.

  2. What a fantastic post! I will have to copy the when sitting just sit part...and put it beside my calendar in the kitchen - thankyou Wendy - come over and visit my blog - we are common-wealth commrades you know (Canada) :)

  3. Just beautiful Wendy! It's just what I needed to read today, as I've got so many things 'to do' swirling around in my head, it seems a little overwhelming. So great advice, thankyou. I've ony just STOPPED, and now I can just do what I'm doing, when I need to, rather than going over and over in my head all the other stuff that needs to get done today. I'll just do what I can, and be in the moment. :)

  4. Wonderful take on being present! Congratulations on day 72. I know this is a difficult challenge but it must feel rewarding.

  5. Woo Hoo Sis, 72 days which is about 1728 hours or 103680 sec or about $1500 .......

    Awesome !

    And I love the blog too !


  6. Andrew and Aine - thanks and I love the stats - did you know that cigs have gone up again.
    Kerry - I hope the stopping feels as good for you as it does for me.
    Marcime - I have now visited your blog and I will now follow your blog. Thanks for the comment and visit and I have that saying printd and on the window near where my kettle is so I can read it over and over again each day.
    Parsley - hi and thanks - I am glad you enjoyed it.
    Peace to you all, Wendy