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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I feel in a bit of a swirl at the moment"

Sometimes we just plain think to much. I have just had some switch of time. Funny but one of the way's I switch of is to do simple puzzles in a magazine called That's Life. Not to difficult but definately enough to keep my mind from wandering all over the place. I feel in a bit of a swirl at the moment. I truly don't know how else to say it except that way. A swirl. I keep going from one thing to another to another. I have ideas, I read such differing topics, I have things just started or ready to start, yet nothing seems to be completed or even started for that matter. I am really not sure of anything except to go with this idea of slowing down. Not so much in the pysical sense as I actually need to move in that way but I need to slow down  - to get the mind to stop swirling - to slow right down. I just feel a little bit like I am in information overload. I just don't know where to start or stop.

So I really tried to look at what I feel the Universe is trying to tell me. And below is the list that I have come up with. These ideas of where to start and what needs to be done come from listening and reading - from all of you - from all the books I have been led to read recently - from circumstances I have had in my personal and working life - from every where. I have noticed things and recurring messages and lessons and this is what I feel they point to.

1. Be MINDFUL. Practise being in the moment. So many lessons on this topic. Just over and over again I keep getting this message. Meditate.
2. Be ACTIVE. Get moving. Gardening, Yoga, Walking - anything that requires moving.
3. Be GENEROUS. Get giving.
4. PUT IT INTO PRACTISE - Just do the things I have learnt - just get to it - stop procrastinating - stop with the excuses.
5. Stop researching - stop looking up just that little bit more information - basically stop filling my cup and use what is already there now and then in time I can start to refill my cup again. This makes sense to me but maybe won't to anyone else.

I am going to go away right now and think on these things.

Cheers to you all,



  1. It must be the phase of the moon dear Sis, Yup thats it ... It's all the moons fault ! Phew ... I feel better now knowing its not my fault !

    I LOVE the pic of your back yard ! Says Sooooo much about your place !

  2. Hey Wendy

    I love what Thomas Harris said about "Wantivation".

    Yep...at some stage we gotta stop thinking and start the DOING. Just do something...anything, and you'll probably start to discover what exactly you want or are meant to do.

    And did you know that Tai Chi is considered a form of moving meditation? Why not kill two birds with one stone. Yoga would probably also be considered moving meditation too.

    Cheers...Kerry :)

  3. HI Wendy, This is a beautiful post because even though you think nothing is happening, so much IS! It seems like you know this. I think we all want things to be set, but sometimes letting things be, just as they are, is O.K. too. So if you are in a bit of swirl...just be there. I like your list, it sounds wonderful. Peace to you, Kathy

  4. Yes Andrew I love the picture as well - I was sitting in the "Beer Garden" having a cup of TEA and that is exactly what I saw. I can't blame the moon on this phase for me - it's the full moon each month that knocks my legs out from under me. LOL

    Thanks Kerry for the comment - Today I just did and my it feels good to just do and not plan - I am looking into joining a local Tia Chi group. Thanks for the suggestion because I was procrastinating.

    Katherine - yep I know something is happening so I am just going with it. Thanks for your comment.