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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Puppetji vs Yoga

I was introduced to Puppetji through facebook by Katherine from the blog lessonsfromthemonkimarried. How original and thought provoking and so spot on these little clips are. This one made me think about all of the things we complain we can't afford. All of the the things we complain about the price of. All of things we can provide for ourselves at home but choose to spend our well earned money elsewhere. Below is a list of the ones I could think of quite quickly. I am sure you could add to this list.

 - Buying store bought Honey and Soy Sauce - it is honey and soy sauce - make it yourself.
 - Obviously coffee is the one mentioned in this little video - 365 days a year at $4 a take away cup
= $1460.00 and 365 disposable cups being made, used once and becoming land fill.
 - Yoga classes as mentioned above but includes all type of gym and excercise classes. The fitness industry is made rich daily on people who pay for memberships that never attend. Thousands wasted and complained about and still nothing gained.
 - White Sauce, Cheese Sauce - so simply to make yourself and so expensive to purchase.
 - Pasta Bake Sauce - how to make the simplest meal  expensive.
 - Rice that is already cooked - come on - I mean rice that cooks in just 10 to 15 minutes.
 - Frozen vegetables - yuk.
 - Frozen chopped Onion - you have to kidding

Anyway I am sure you get the point.

Something to ponder about.

Today I made 6 bottles of Homemade BBQ Sauce. I baked a lovely batch of muffins using up the left over banana I found in my fridge. I made a jar of mayonaise for my mayonaise junky husband. Keeps in the fridge for a week but it won't last that long. Took me about 2 minutes to make. Got to love the food processor.

Anyway I got a new book from the library today. I am of to read. I have waited for a while to get my hands on this book and so far I am not disappointed. I will let you know what I discover and learn as I am sure you know I will. Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes

It has been such a cold day here and the night is going to be even more cold. Apparently it is the coldest on record for this time of year. So I am of to have a hot shower and rug up and curl up and read my book.


  1. Hi Wendy, have found your blog recently and am enjoying it very much. Have just read that book. I suspect it is the same copy as I am just down the road at Glenwood and borrowed it from Tiaro.

    Cheers, Karen

  2. I LOVED Radical Homemakers. I hope you enjoy it, too.

  3. Hi there tylasnan. Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. Wow we are practically neighbours. I kept reading last night and in the end just had to put the book down and get some sleep. It is like it is written for me. So much of what I try and tell people and here she is just putting it into words that make sense. Cheers, Wendy

  4. Hi Deanna - thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I took a look at your blogs. Will have a better read a bit later on. I do love the Rod Stewart song -Sailing. Always have. Cheers, Wendy

  5. Hey Wendy...Radical Homemakers sounds like an interesting book. I will put it on my (fast-growing) book list for reading. Oh! can you please share your 'mayonnaise' recipe? I attempted it once with abysmal results. :)