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Monday, June 13, 2011


Hi Everyone

I have added a new recipe to the Homemade Store Cupboard page. Orange Marmalade. I had none in the fridge so it was time to make my own. I am so pleased with this. I now have a large jar in the fridge to use now and another 2 in the pantry for later. I am the only one in the house that eats it so this days cooking was just for me. It is so sweet and orangy but not bitter like the ones in the shops. It is easy and worth giving it a go.

I also made a very yummy casserole tonight for dinner and the recipe has been added to the Homemade Cooking page. Oops no photo of this - I forgot.

It's funny that once you start blogging you take photos of things that are so everyday and mundane in so many ways. But blogging for me has made me aware of so many little things in my life. Makes me notice what I actually am doing each day. I really like that. It has also helped me not only meet and chat with strangers who then are not strangers any more but very importantly has helped me connect with friends I already have but don't see or catch up with very often. I like the fact that my friends and family can see what I am up to and learn a little bit more about me from my sharing my everyday life.

And that what life is isn't it. It is not meant to be, or ever is, a constant over the top, fabtabulous, exotic, amazing and thrilling day after day. It is actually quite ordinary and simple and so much pleasure can be had from this more constant part of our lives. As I was growing up - and I mean until I was about 47 - I spent so much time trying to capture those fabtabulous times that I missed out on enjoying so much of the ordinary. The way I see it now is that our lives are so much more the simple and ordinary that it makes much more sense just enjoying that and jumping at the chance when the amazing and out of ordinary arrives once in a while. It's like attending a suprise party once ina while or receivng an unexpected gift.

We had two big trees cut down that were a danger to our house. Below is a few photos. Now Mick is cutting them all up and piling up the wood to use when we have a night time fire to sit around. We do not have a fireplace at the moment so a fire outside is the next best thing. We have a friend who has a portable mill and Mick would like to see if we can afford to get him to come and cut the big lengths up into slabs to make a few more book shelves for in the house and also to use as the tops of the railing on our deck when we build it. We would like the deck railings to have a timber top all the way around and to be at bar stool height so the whole deck can be used for sitting at and having drinks and eating.

Cheers, Wendy


  1. If tylasnan reads this I just want to say thanks for following my blog. I tried to send you a message but that does not work. If you want to email me at any time it is guttering1@bigpond.com
    Cheers, Wendy

  2. Orange marmalade, my favorite!!

  3. Yummy, orange Marmalade. I agree....blogging provides such a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the simple things.