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Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi there one and all

I was just reading a blog post  and thought I would put my comment here. Topic - trying to understand politics in our country Australia. If you are not aware we have an upcoming Federal Election this Saturday.

Political Discussion

"Chuckle. I am putting in an informal vote. But not a blank piece of paper that someone else can fudge with. I have never done this before. I have always been of the assumption that if I do not vote I don't have a right to comment on the government and their politics. Unfortuneately I can see no other way. I flatly refuse to vote for a minority party and that vote go to one of the two main parties that I simply cannot vote for in the first place. I have come to believe that even if I vote I have no say. Yes I can write letters and jump on my soap box from home but in all reality it makes no difference at all. I have absolutely no faith in either sides of the fence. I was taught to be clear on what I believe, be open to learning and open to change, to be honest and law abiding, and the big one - do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. I see none of these values in any way shape or form from the two names to choose from. Good Luck with trying to understand how our government works. I think it is easier to understand who they work for and that is not the people of this country. Cheers, Wendy"

There is a bit of a stir in the media today with comments made by a previous politician about informal voting. I had made my mind up about this before all this hoo haa. What a mess this all is and watching these childish games has got to the point where it is seriously ridiculous. If someone can point me in the direction of one REAL campaign topic then please be my guest. We all watch this circus year after year and culminating in a real trapeze act when the election is called. We watch our money go down the drain in false campaign promises that never get kept or at least only watered down versions down the line. We try to teach our children good basic manners and honesty and care for each other and of course we teach them not to bully. And all the while we allow and condon this outright lying and false hope peddled to us. We watch and give rating to the media and listen attentively to all the drivle being fed to us. Does anyone stop to think that what you see and hear is what you are allowed to see and hear?  Just that and nothing more. Enough to make a circus out of our democratic right to choose a government who will govern and fend for it's people. A government who will look after us and our country and resources and encourage us to look after our country and oursleves. A government who encourages working hard and enjoying the benefits of our hard work.

You see I don't mind being taxed. I understand that the only way a country runs is on our money. But to watch a government of any party squander our resources and waste it away while producing no rewards for our hard work is heart breaking. I am a small business owner who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that things are not what they are being portrayed as in our media by our politicians. Times are tough. I know so many small business owners who are closing up shop/businesses or struggling daily to make payments on accounts and win some work to make some more money. It's disappearing so fast. Like sand between our fingers. Small Local Business. Going. Going. Gone.

Oh I could just go on and on. I am truly SAD. I see nothing new happening and only more of the same. More lies, more circus acts, more broken promises. I cannot see our country in any near future with a well organised medical system, a well organised and functioning education system, getting out of debt, better road systems, less red tape, fair and equitable access to legal aide, a fair and just judicial system, any sort of decent public transport that is affordable and accessable, jobs for all. I just can't see it.

We have an awesome country. We have so many resources and I don't mean just minerals etc. But what we don't have is a united people with a united wish to keep it prosperous and make our politicians ACCOUNTABLE.

I have to be accountable in my life - with how I raise my family, budget my money and pay my taxes. I have to be accountable to breaking laws if I do and I have to be accountable for even my death in the fact I have insurance and think about and plan what would happen to my family.

Our government should be made ACCOUNTABLE- whichever party is in power. But of course this is never going to happen because transparency and accountability are just impossible for a governement to do when the people of the country are not there main concern. It seems to me that their only concern is make sure we are so muddled up and arguing with each other about which idiot is the best choice that we do not see what is really going on.  I believe if you think either Gillard or Abbott are interested in you as a person you are very much mistaken. You are not a person with real issues and troubles but simply a VOTE.

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  1. Absolutely Bloody Right Sis .. I had to read this blog after reading the title " ACCOUNTABILITY IN GOVERNMENT " as I love a good fantasy story ...

    Everyone should be enrolled to vote !
    It should be in the constitution that 75% of all eligible voters must vote for it to be a legit election !

    Why should we vote for the best pick of a bad bunch ?

    Terms should be FIXED !

    1 vote 1 value .. NO preferences

    And you should be able to vote direct for a head of state who CAN NOT be replaced by a back room mutiny by spineless power brokers who sell their souls for influence !

    I could go on ... and YES I do vote !