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Monday, July 25, 2016

We FILTER so much - and we see so LITTLE sometimes.

Yesterday I went to a men's workshop with Mick. There is so much to write about this and I will share as I process the day in my heart.

This is the event Mick and I attended - I will share more soon.
The thing right at this moment that is stuck in my mind and playing over and over again is the lesson shown again to me to NEVER judge a book by it's cover. NEVER. When I look at someone I have NO IDEA about them and their lives and where they are currently.

At lunch yesterday I was sitting with new people that I had never met before. We were sharing a bit about ourselves and our stories to open ourselves up a little to new acquaintances. I was sitting beside a woman who I had noticed immediately upon entering the function room and spending the morning learning with everyone. I had noticed her when we had morning tea. What had I noticed? I thought she was very well groomed - I liked her hairstyle and the cloths she wore and just her general feminine way of being - it gave me the impression of a strong woman who was comfortable in her femininity and her masculine side. I looked and thought - ahh well balanced - confident. She was gently spoken and quite thoughtful including others in her conversations.

At lunch I overheard as she shared her story that she was a recovering alcoholic. 5 years now. I heard that she had driven trucks interstate and large mine trucks for most of her career. I heard how she had spent most of her life working with males and growing up with males. I heard how she felt she struggled with her feminine side and how she desperately wanted to get in touch with that side of herself. I heard that she felt that there is a lack of outreach for women and more available for men.

Seriously.... just think about how our perceptions and learnt behaviours and beliefs effect our lives and relationships with others. We FILTER so much - and we see so LITTLE sometimes.

I took this on board again. It is a difficult and never ending challenge to stop the filtering. I find one way is to SLOW DOWN and really listen to the other person. Take the time to talk and ask them their story. Ask them about themselves. But it's the choice to slow down and take the time to do this. We live in a world that taking the time to chat and talk and listen and ask questions of other's is not common. That's one way to stop some filtering.

Can you share any other ideas with me? Any other stories of how you have been shown this lesson in life?


And a sunset photo - just because....

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