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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ask and be Grateful.... Tadah... Suprise

Mick and I have started to do a short meditation together each morning before he heads of to work. It is something that I have wanted to share with Mick for a very long time and now it is happening it feels slightly surreal. But I am very grateful. The benefits are out of this world with even just a short meditation each day. Focus for the day and a setting up for success and balance in handling whatever happens for the day.

I am so GRATEFUL to the Universe for the direction and answers to my desires and yearnings. It is amazing just what can happen in a persons life when they get out of their own way and let go of the controlling and organising and planning and structuring... the micro managing.

I surrendered my relationship with Mick and all of my trying to find common ground and fix things - either him or myself. I asked the Universe and anything for me and wanting to help me - I asked... for common ground, something of common interest, direction in our lives. I asked for softening of the edges, I asked for healing in our relationship, I asked for excitement to enter back into our lives, I asked for help and then I let go.

Oh and another thing I ask for - often now - is to be surprised.... Universe - Surprise me.... and wow do I get that answered and I know it's not me because the things that happen in answer to this request are things I would never have thought up myself. I just become open and I am enjoying the surprises. It is like my birthday every day.

Surprises this week have included... a job around the corner from home won at the last minute when we had no other work on the books... Then surprise again because it has turned into a larger than expected job and continues into next week. Surprise surprise when Mick said yes to attending James Greenshields workshop last Sunday. And we actually went. Surprise surprise as to doing meditation together. Surprise that we are also going to do yoga together with Jenny at Gundiah this Friday. Surprise at the stimulating conversation and communication happening between us. Surprise at the personal growth of Mick in such a short time.

Surprise me Universe... I let go of control and micro managing and am completely open to the amazing amount of good in the Universe and I accept all good into my life. Thankyou.

I have been taught over the past year or so about ASKING... We don't ask enough. We don't believe we deserve or are worthy. We are so used to being denied and we think that is the norm. Well it is not. ASK for help - ask for guidance - ask for direction and peace and calm and love. ASK your God, The Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, Buddha, Your Higher Self.... use whatever terms feels best to you but ASK.

Eternally Grateful this evening,

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