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Monday, May 11, 2015

WOMAN - inspiration and blessing

Today is Monday. Every second Monday I am invited to attend a meditation with my friend Jillian at

Forest View Wellness Spa

I had such an inspirational morning. There were 8 women including  Jillian and it was a very powerful joining of souls today. Being a woman is such a blessing. Jillian gave some teachings she felt to share and then guided us through a meditation. It was such a powerful meditation for me today and I felt so relaxed and clear and balanced. I shared with the group of women who were there today that I realize that I have been prone to holding other women at arms length. I have been like that with males and females but today I am talking about women and my relationship to them. I am sure many times I have missed out on some precious learning or support because of holding other women at arms length. I have realised that I have been holding back what gifts and support to other women that I have to give. I was listening and realised that I could so relate to what one would mention and then in turn I realised that I could share.

This was all being written into my journal but today I am listening to the inner voice and writing it on here to share. Whoever is meant to read this will. Jillian spoke about being true to ourselves as women and briefly about the history of women and the suppression of women through the ages. The teaching was to say - hey you are a woman and integral in your own right and deserving of love and nuture and not to just give these abundantly as we do as women but to receive these blessings as well.

The sharing was palpable. The caring was real. The support was balanced and honest. I am so thankful to this day and to my ability to see these blessings. I am so thankful of not just the opportunities given to me but for my ability to share as well.

It feels really good to be part of a group of women. I have spent so long standing on the edge and looking in. I have spent so long not thinking I am worthy or good enough. That I didn't have anything to input worth value and the thought of why would anyone want to learn from me? Why would anyone want to listen to me? I realise that this sounds melodramatic but it is true. Self doubt. Fear of saying the wrong thing. Fear of not wanting to big note myself. Fear that others will think I am just to big for my boots. Doubt that anyone would actually listen to me because I am not perfect and I haven't got it all together. A belief that you have to have it all together before you can do anything. The list could go on and on.

But I have knowledge - such life experiences and I geniuinely do not wish anyone ill will. I have usually saved the bitter comments for myself. I have always treated others with more respect than I have given myself.

So it was a very apt topic today at meditation. Women receive. Women receive the friendship and help. Women assist and support each other. That it is okay to look after yourself. To give yourself space and a little time out.

I do not want to buy into the men hating theme. I love men and admire what they can achieve and be and do. There is just some things that men do that I have absolutely no interest in and that's me. I believe if there was something that a man does and I want to learn and participate then I should and that goes the exact opposite way back to men being allowed and encouraged to do things that are often perceived as a womans role.

I had a few wines and discussed my views with my daughter the other night and I am sure she was thinking - I don't agree with Mum. But it was so good for someone to just let me talk it all out because really I needed to get the words out and clear my mind.  I needed a lot of words and she gave me the gift of listening and giving me her opinion back and I am so thankful. I do not need to go into that here. The point is that I learnt and I grew. We often say something and then when we learn differently or view something from anothers perspective and change our ways we often give ourselves a hard time and flog ourselves. And we say that why would anyone listen to us now. We have changed our views - we look like a hypocrite etc etc. But the truth is that that is growth. That is wonderful and amazing and such a gift. To grow and expand and learn and change and come out of our cocoon.

So today has been special for me. I am going to finish this post of and try and just allow myself the time and space to paint tonight. Art group tomorrow and a lesson from Val McIntosh. Photos to follow. Thanks for listening.

Here is the link to this years. Hay House World Summit 2015   I have listened to three interviews so far and am so very grateful for these teachings to be made available for everyone. Just sign up with your email address and then allow the Universe to guide you to what is best for you and your journey and growth.

And here is a link to one of my favourite speakers and poets
Kute Blackson Blog - I Love You Mother - The Beauty Of Woman

Blessing, Peace and Love

from Wendy

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