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Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Opposite to Lack Is ABUNDANCE

This is our cat Jimmy Beam  "it's all to much"



Whatever we think and FEEL is always a match to what we are manifesting in our lives. If I look around at my life I see this principal in action. I have not always seen it. I have not always understood it. I think it is something we never fully learn and will constantly be pursuing in our human lives.

The law of attraction makes so much more sense to me when viewed from FEELINGS - how we feel is the quickest and simplest way to work out if we are aligned with our Soul. That's the way I look at things. So if I have a sickening feeling in my stomach then I know that I am not aligned with my Soul. My Soul wants to feel Joy and Peace and Calm. I am learning to use those feelings to direct me. Then I consciously choose a better feeling thought and then a better feeling thought. I can move from the unease to ease one step at a time.  This has come from different sources over time for me to learn but the book I have finished reading recently and was loaned to me by my naturopath is the book that really got this into my thinking pattern and to consciously attempt to move through those feelings is The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent - living the Art of Allowing by Esther and jerry Hicks. I have been lent some CD's to listen to and this book. See their website here if you want to explore more.  Abraham Hicks Law Of Attraction

I have mentioned before that I tend to close of my feelings. Shut them down. It is just a learned behaviour that I have used in the past - not necessarily the best behaviour but what I learnt and used to deal with things in my past -  but I am daily working on exploring and more than anything just acknowledging my emotions and feelings. We have been taught over time in our society that to express our emotions is bad. Even laughing to loud or to hard can upset some people. I heard a man laughing so very loud outside a shop the other day. I was in the shop and I just stopped and listened and let his laughter give me a smile from ear to ear. Then another customer noticed and we both agreed that it was nice to hear laughter and not anger or complaining or such.

I had an "Aha" moment on the way to town yesterday. It all ties into what I have just been talking about.

I thought about something I said to Mick this morning.  Actually it was about a few subjects and it struck me as I was saying my affirmations while driving that I was basing all my thoughts about so many things on the premise of LACK. Lack. Lack. lack.

I realised just as I have been shown that one of my limiting core beliefs has been shame then lack is another one. Lack is something that came up weeks - possibly months ago but I only just put two and two together. I have realised that I base my whole life around lack. So very interesting. I would not have thought that I was extremely poor because I know that others have been so much less of than me but I also acknowledge that I didn't come from a wealthy family. I have carried this core belief for as long as I remember.

And I thought of abundance and realised that abundance can be not just money but joy, laughter, health, relationships, friendships, sex, love, work, family etc....

The opposite to lack is ABUNDANCE

The opposite to poverty is PROSPERITY.

So I will ponder these thoughts and add what I learn as I go.

On another note I receive updates and newsletters from Dr. Lissa Rankin who I have mentioned before. I would very much like to share something she has written because it is so very well written and expressed and I think it would benefit everyone to read through this and really take it on board in their lives.

Dr. Lissa Rankin - A Call to Greater Compassion

Love to you all,

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