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Friday, June 21, 2013

Thankyou Universe

This is Jimmy Beam on his new pillow that I got for him. You can tell it's winter because unless he needs to go outside for a bit - this is exactly where you will find him all day and all night.
A few nights ago Mick and I went to go out at night time and as we drove out of the driveway Mick noticed an owl sitting on a post directly beside the driveway. He got out and took quite a few photo's - I only had my phone on me - and this is the best we got. He didn't even fly away and just sat there watching us. We got back in the car and he stayed right there.

This is a jumper that I had folded up in a pile of stuff I was going to give away because it was to tight for me. I like loose clothing and not fitted clothing. Then I was on Pintrest and noticed lots of links to repurposing clothing websites and blogs. I thought "hey that jumper has a seam directly down the front- I wonder?"

So unpicked the front seam - no need to sew a thing and I put it over an old top and wow!

We have a friend who has the most amazing pumpkin patch in her pool area. They are simply the best pumpkins and I wish I could get that many pumpkins on my vines. Makes the best pumpkin soup.....

I bought a Cumquat tree the other day and it has about 20 fruit on it. I have never made anything with Cumquats but it was such a pretty tree. Then at art group this week a friend gave me a whole bag - 1 kg - of fresh cumquats of her tree. So this is me this afternoon preparing the fruit and I got 6 jars of cumquat jam that is absolutely delish !!!!

Last week I was also given all of these passionfruit. I made a very strong cordial/syrup with some. Tomorrow I am going to add this syrup to a bottle of bubbly with some soda water and make a punch for Micks birthday get together. I also made some passionfruit biscuits and have frozen the rest for another day to make passionfruit butter. Oh and I ate quite a few because they were so yummy.

This is a picture of one of the shelves in the cubes in my lounge room. Mick over the years has often bought home a cushion as a gift for me instead of flowers. I have redecorated and have been decluttering and didn't know what to do with a few of my favourite cushions. Ah Ha - I will display them like they do in the shops.... the little books are a gift from my cousin.
So today has been busy. I made cumquat jam - beef casserole, chicken curry and spaghetti sauce all ready for the party tomorrow. I made carrot cake birthday cup cakes and a pineapple slice to share tomorrow. I did the washing and office work for our business. I started painting a whole heap of different timber bits and pieces to finish of with some folk art decorating - these will be gifts. I am gradually sorting through the final bits and pieces in my huge house clean up and clean out. Now for actually finishing each and every project or idea I have collected stuff for over the past year or so.
I am so grateful for all the work coming our way this week. At the beginning of the week we had nothing on the books coming up. Then just when I thought to start worrying I decided to just go with the flow. It always works out - each and every time. I concentrated on what I could do and used what resources I had wisely and thoughtfully. And BAM.... it worked out and we had to go through the calendar and book in work and plan jobs... Thankyou Universe.....
Tomorrow is Micks birthday and my Mum's as well. We are having a small get together of about 20 people here tomorrow and Mick just wants to drink his beer, make some jokes and play darts. He is very simple to please. My Mum and Dad arrive for a weeks visit on Sunday and my brother and nephew on Monday for a few days. I am really looking forward to the next few days.....

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  1. So many things to be thankful for and I LOVE all your creative ideas!!!!