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Monday, June 3, 2013

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)

Currently my favourite saying is Que Sera, Sera....
When things start to get to me and when I am feeling a little or even a lot overwhelmed this is my go to saying.... it helps me realise that I simply cannot change or be in charge of everything.
I put this sticker/decal up on my wall the other day - I found it in the two dollar shop and I just love it. It makes me feel good each time I see it. It is above the walkway between the kitchen and laundry.

I saw this on Pintrest somewhere and I want to do this to my new door. At least the "hello" if not the red door....
Well what have I been up to - keeping myself busy at home after a few days away visiting my parents and family. I have another lot of lemon soaking in vinegar making up another batch of lemon cleaner - my homemade spray and wipe.

There is a new recipe in the page - Main Meals - Quick Moroccan Tagine and also Baked Coconut-Herbed Brown Rice. I have made the Moroccan Stew a few times now and it is definitely on my favourites' list.

I bottled up some more beetroot today - just another two jars to use up the vinegar mix that was left over from last week. I grew these lovely organic beetroot. I have added the recipe to the preserves page at the side.

I used the leaves in my morning carrot, celery and beetroot juice. From picking to juicing and drinking was about a whole 5 minutes. Amazing. I cannot wait until I can pick a beetroot and fresh carrot and celery from the garden each day to make my morning juice.

Picked another dried Luffa yesterday - Mick got to peel this one and get the seeds out. So many seeds in one of these. I can't wait for the rest to dry out and turn brown - I want to pull the vine of my vegetable garden and can't really do that until all the fruit has dried out ready for me to pick and process. Next time the Luffa will not be growing over my vegetable garden. I have something special planned for growing a few plants this year.

We awoke to this rainbow last Thursday morning. We got up and made a cuppa and sat down at the dining room table and looked out the door and this is what we saw. Then on the way to Brisbane we saw another three rainbows and then drove through the end of a rainbow through the colours - amazing.


  1. Nice to read what's been happening in your world, Wendy. How lucky are you to be able to grow luffah?! The baked coconut herbed rice sounds really interesting, too. :)