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Monday, June 10, 2013

Homemade Romance and Dish Washing Liquid

I have a mission and that is to purchase less and less from the supermarkets and to make things for myself - it is a sort of hobby you can say. I love to discover how I can make a product myself and in the process use less ingredients, packaging and nasty additives and preservatives and colours and numbers and - you get the point. I love not entering the cleaning aisle - well not very often - just to pick up my sunlight soap and washing soda and up until now my dish washing liquid which  I will not be doing again. I have added the instructions to my Homemade Cleaning Page for dish washing detergent. I have absolutely no idea where I saw this first. I have just printed it of and left it in my folder and finally made it up. There are so many different versions and this looked the simplest to try out. If you need to have bubbles to clean something this is definitely not for you. No bubbles - well bubbles that last anyway. But my goodness clean the dishes it does. So I am using this to wash my dishes now and a Luffa sponge that I grew myself and some vinegar in the rinse water. Besides be squeaky clean - literally - it just feels so good to make something that will save me many dollars - keep me healthy and safe from nasty ingredients that are in cleaning products. It is simple and quick to make. So now the only things I buy from the cleaning aisle are sunlight soap for my washing powder - a four pack maybe 4 times a year and washing soda which again is about four packs a year.

I just love the feeling I get when I make something myself. For so many reasons. One - I am not supporting big corporations - I know I have to purchase some ingredients but the rule of thumb is that those same basic ingredients can make quite a few different products - I know what is in them... so very important to me...

This is a friends chair that he uses at parties and sitting around the fire at his place. What a brilliant fun chair it is. Made from a car seat on old metal legs of another old chair.... love recycling and I have to say he was the most comfortable of us sitting around all night around the fire.....

I cannot remember showing this picture of an awesome surprise my husband Mick made me. One night a little while back I could hear Mick banging around in his shed. I had no idea what he was up to and just kept doing whatever it was I was doing. Then he called out to me to come and have a look at something and this is what he had made - he punched hole after hole in a fire drum and this is what we have - isn't that just so romantic.....

The radish, cucumber, lettuce are from my garden and the eggs are from my friend Leanne.


Bottling Beetroot - I simply LOVE>>>>> my beetroot recipe.

Looking up inside my banana tree with fruit on it.... amazing to watch. I am taking photos along the way. I have never grown a bunch of bananas before. Little lady fingers and they will be fresh and organic. We started with just a few little suckers given to us by mainly my sister in law and each tree keeps throwing of suckers which we cut away and plant elsewhere - bananas and pineapples - I plant so many of them.

This is my paw paw tree with fruit on it. My Dad gave me two little seedling trees and we planted them up the front garden. I am so lucky that they seemed to be one female and a male. I have one tree covered in flowers and this one with fruit on it. I am going to throw netting over this tree tomorrow and hopefully we will get to eat the fruit and not the possums. I think I will try and put a metal collar around the trunk as well that they cannot climb up. It is the shortest tree though so we will see what happens.

Lemons - yummy lemons.

The last of the yellow French beans and some radish picked the other day. I picked my first cucumber of the new vines today. Lots of little fruit over them. I am growing them in pots so we will see how they go.
Okay of now to make a cuppa and write up the yummiest soup recipe which I will share tomorrow...


  1. Looks amazing wendy! This is something i miss about oyr veggie gardens. Im going to try growing more stuff in pots.

    1. Hi Kristine - thanks for reading. I am growing things in pots and working out what seems to work and what does not. I am finding that celery likes to grow in a pot. and it looks good as well. All my shallots are in pots. My carrots did not like the pots. Cheers, Wendy

  2. That's cool that you make your own dishwashing liquid. I've seen recipes for laundry detergent but not dish liquid. I use Biokleen which I buy by the gallon and decant into a smaller bottle. Have you ever tried soap nuts for laundry? That's what I use most of the time.

    1. Hi Deanna - never used soap nuts. I like making my own stuff - bit of a hobby really. Thanks for stopping by - Cheers, Wendy