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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have been busy doing nothing really. Well yesterday I went out and about and did some groceries and was very thankful to get home. The weather was wild with some extremely heavy rain. So today was a stay inside day again. I have started to sort through my craft/office. It is the last room to be organised and sorted out but I feel that this will be slowest because as I tidy I want to finish each project that I have set aside or started. I will post photos as I complete each thing. I am nearly finished another sign and a gift mug I am making for someone so I will post some pics of them tomorrow.

My vegetable garden is okay. I have lots of button squash on the plants but they have been affected with powdery mildew. The extreme heat and then the wet, wet weather. I thinned the leaves out and cut all of the affected foliage of the plants but they have now got it on the other leaves. I think the only thing to do is pull them out but I want to see if I can get the last of the crop of them. I have fertilised them but it is hard while it is raining so heavy. I have new plants coming up and I am hoping that the whole lot do not get this. I have read that I can make a milk solution and put on the leaves but that it needs to be organic milk. I will get some in town tomorrow and try that as soon as the rain stops long enough to spray them. Something must be right in that garden though because I have seen quite a few lady beetles.

(click on photo to zoom in a bit closer)
I am not sure what these grubs are called but the last time a few weeks ago that we were expecting rain Mick captured this photo of all of this wiggly grubs joined together and climbing down the tree and I think they buried themselves under ground.

Today we went for a walk down the back and saw these grubs on the ground under a tree. We have just had 66mm rain today and that was after about 125mm in the previous day and a half. We think these ones were washed out of the tree.

I made this sign today to put into our back garden.

Ahh and I made a birthday card and wrapped a present ready to give my brother in a few weeks time.

Cheers till' tomorrow,


  1. That photo of the hairy grubs would be a good entry in this week's challenge 'Texture', Wendy. :) Love your sign too!

    1. Hi there - I put the water on on our photography site. The other photo was not taken by me... Thanks