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Thursday, February 7, 2013

OKAY - So I Changed My Mind.....

I admit it - I miss my blog - I like writing on it - I like sharing

Today's post is a photo journal.

It's green at the moment
iradescent green.
I had to go into town today
and shop for food.
I didn't want to leave home.
Home is much more my style these days,
it's calmer and more peaceful,
than even a small country towns traffic.
I am happy to stay home now
not like when I was 18 or 26.
Now home is my sanctuary.
It is where I feel safe.
Sometimes it is so green,
other days are brown and dry,
but always - always it feels good to be home.
I took my time today
on my journey home
to look around and take notice
on my trip from town to home.
Below are some photos to share.
I so love coming home....

Leaving Maryborough ( which is our closest big country town to us) and heading towards Tiaro.

Passing the cane fields....

The little country cemetary in Tiaro.

Coming into Tiaro which is our local small country village. This is my local corner store and butcher and library and pub etc. It is about 15k's from my home.

The main highway cuts through the centre of Tiaro. You can see Bauple Mountain in the distance.

Heading out of Tiaro towards the bauple turnoff.

Of the highway and now driving along the road heading to my home.

I just love this entry into a property....I have wanted to take a photo for so long and now I have.

A big dam filled with water amongst the cane fields - we have recently had a lot of rain.

Views across the cane fields towards Bauple Mountain.

Driving past our local school. I wanted to take a better photo but the kids were all outside playing and I thought that might have upset the staff if I pulled up and took more photos.

Canefields to the distant State Forest.

Macadamia (Bauple Nut) tree. Part of a farm I pass on the way home.

Country Road.

Old farm house - another one I have wanted to photograph for quite some time.

Local honey for sale.

Vacant block around the corner from me. I think this is a gorgeous block of land.

Turning into my street.....

and HOME......


  1. Great to see you back blogging Wendy! And they are just wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. It's a great idea with shots as you drive towards home. It's a beautiful part of the world you live in, and if I lived there I would find it hard to want to go anywhere else.
    And your main photo of the country road I thought was quite fitting for you. You just never know where some roads may lead. And it always looks so inviting. :)

    1. Thankyou so much for the comment - this afternoon I have set aside a little computer time so I can catch up on the blogs I like to follow - will have a closer look at your new blog then. Cheers, Wendy

  2. Gorgeous pictures and poem! So glad you are back. It makes me happy!

    1. Katherine - Thanks for passing by and reading. I am inspired by you so often and I have never met you - actually I haven't even read your book yet. I was thinking only yesterday how positive you are. You lift me up without even knowing me and I am sure you do this with so many others as well. More on this in my next blog post. Cheers, Wendy