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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome 2013

IMAGINE A PHOTO IN THIS SPOT - i cannot get blogger to download a photo for the life of me....

Welcome 2013

I am ready for a New Year...

As usual I am one the many who has made promises to myself for the coming year.

I really want to focus on those promises and constantly use them to steer my course throughout this year to achieve my goals. I am sure I will go of track - we all do -  but the quicker I revisit my promise to myself and veer back to the path I have chosen for 2013 the more chance I have of success over the coming 365 days.

The first thing I want to do is be KINDER to myself and I believe that I will automatically pass on to others in my life more KINDNESS just be being KIND to myself. It's okay to stumble. It does not mean to give up. Forgive and move on. That is the advise I give to others and I forgive them so much easier than myself. This year of 2013 I want to be kinder and forgiving to me....

DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY - I got given a lovely little notepad from my sister for Christmas and this is the first one that I have started recording daily AT LEAST ONE thing that I choose to do differently that day. I have been doing this since the 26th December and have a few pages filled already. I just wanted something that made me aware of my choices and remind me daily that things don't change unless I change my thoughts and actions. I will share these each day... I believe that if I just focus on doing things differently on daily basis that new habits will form and old ones that are of no use to me will fall away.

As part of being Kinder to myself and choosing new ways of doing things I plan on incorporating a new vegan/raw food recipe into my life every day of this year. I like a saying that I heard on "Hungry For Change" that instead of focusing on what wrong food you are putting in your body, you are best of just constantly putting good food in and in the end you just don't have the room or inclination to put the bad in any more. I have been doing this over the past month or so and it works.

YOGA - daily.

I love cooking and Mick loves the fact that it is like a restaurant every night or lunch time. I will share these recipes on here as well. That way they are recorded for me to use again as well. I have one for each day of the new year so far. Just have to catch up on sharing them.

And last but not least - this is so typical  of New Year talk that I hesitate to share but I have to. I do not function well in mess and clutter. I get annoyed quite easily when I cannot find something that I go to use. I am not a full on minamalist because I like a bit of homeliness around me as well. So the word I am looking for is ORGANISE. I have a tiny little house that serves Mick and I just fine but it is small and needs less stuff in it. . This ORGANISE is in all areas of my life and each day I want to record something that I organised, sorted or decluttered.

WORDS for 2013

Cheers, Wendy


  1. Love your New Year's Resolutions Wendy! I could use a bit or organizing myself! I'm glad that you will be kinder to yourself. Everything starts there and expands outward! Much love! Katherine

    1. Thanks Katherine. Look forward to reading your 365 as they progress throughout the year.

  2. Great goals! A lot of rational thought went into them by the sounds of it.