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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Possum Proof "Hopefully" Vegetable Garden

I went to the local markets yesterday morning and these are a few plants I picked up and planted out in the afternoon. This is a perennial capsicum. Apparently it can grow for 5 years. It gets small capsicums that are thin walled which turn from green to red. I have had these capsicums before from friends and they are tasty and useful in the kitchen. Obviously I will keep you updated.

This is a perennial leek. Apparently smaller leeks but will keep growing and spreading and you can use the whole thing to the green tips. I just keep using them and as they start to clump I can then seperate the clumps out and they keep growing. Look forward to seeing how this goes.

We had an old trailer surround that was laying around the yard so I planted out the pumpkin seedling that had come up and put my pot of parsley in there as well. Hopefully the idea is to get them established before the possums and wallablies eat every new shoot.

Now this is my absolute favorite find from the markets yesterday. This is what is called Thai Coriander (Eryngium foetidum) and this little plant packs a powerful punch. Awesome coriander flavour with only one of these little leaves. Apparently is wilt resistant and grows to about 40cm. It gets flower spikes of which I was told to cut of and it allow the plant to keep growing and to pick the leaves regularly. Apparently it is a good coriander to dry because it retains it's flavour. I will do that when I have enough. Hopefully I can just keep growing this all year around to have my lovely coriander flavour.

Last night I made a chicken stirfry and used this coriander, lemon grass from my garden and spinach from my garden as well. It was so yummy.

I had shells laying around the house and the other day after I put the nice ones on display I had these left over so I got some string and sticks and Mick put some holes in the ones that needed holes and strung them up and hung outside in the carport. I think they look great and I can see them haning there when I am sitting in my office.

Big fat worm that Mick found when digging through my garden the other day.

And here it is - finally I have a vegetable garden that is covered in chicken wire and will hopefully allow me to grow some food without the possums and wallabies and kangaroos eating every new shoot before it gets to grow. Now all I need to do is plant some goodies in there and mulch it. I will also need to make sure that I do not leave that precious door open at night.



  1. Job well done on the Vegetable garden, it looks amazing. Agree their is nothing as good as eating something straight out of the garden you have grown yourself. Will miss that. By the way that is one big worm.lol Patti

    1. I had a tomato plant come up beside the water tank and it was getting quite big but the wallabies kept eating the top shoots of it so I just dug it up and stuck in there - so hopefully it will keep on getting bigger and stronger - Cheers, Wendy.

  2. Love it! That is the fattest worm I've ever seen - we get pretty big worms here, but I haven't seen one that fat. I was wondering about the Thai Coriander because it does well in hot zones. My original coriander did well until we moved, and it died. Very finicky plant. Let me know how your Thai Coriander goes Wendy. Anyway...it's all looking lovely. :)

    1. Hi Kerry - do buy some of this Thai Coriander because only after a few days it is fast become a favorite of mine and it is growing so well. I just have to remember to cut the flower of when it flowers to stop it going to seed. Cheers, Wendy