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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My day today....

It my daughter's 21st this year in November. I am organising a Chicken and Champagne Brunch in a local parklands and then a few friends (and apparently her old Mama Bear) are going out to some fancy smancy nightclub in the city to party the night away. I am so looking forward to her 21st and I cannot put anything on here with regard to decorations or what I am doing because she reads my blog and my facebook page so I have to be careful to keep it all secret. Her instruction are to be at her brunch by 9.30am all dolled up and feeling gorgeous and be ready to greet her guests as they arrive at 10am.

It was my birthday yeasterday and this is a photos taken exactly 49 years ago to the day with my Daddy in Mt. Isa. Love my parents to bits.

I cut a pattern of a little dress my grand daughter wears and I have used some scrap material to make her a little dress. Probably wear a little coloured t shirt under it when playing out in the sun. I have posted it to her so I can see if this one fits all okay and then I can't wait to make a lot more.

I picked up this second hand top for myself for a dollar last week and it was a bit to small for me - I like things baggy. It has a zip down the front and a draw string around the waist. So I thought maybe I could cut the sleeves of and sew it into some handles and then run across the bottom to make a carry bag - maybe for the beach for my towel or something.

So this is the end result and it looks like a awesome dirty cloths bag or pj bag for in your bedroom. It can also be used as the bag I thought of at first. I have made handles and stiched bias binding around the holes but when I hung it on the hanger I just thought it was the best dirty cloths bag which is easy to wash itself and unzips right down the front to get the cloths out easy.

My daughter gave me a food dehydrator for my birthday. I have a play around with it today. Success with dried orange slices which I can use as decoration but they are very tasty as well. It is suggested that you can coat in melted chocolate but I think the peel is a bit hard - I will try a few things.

I dried mushrooms as well and these were a complete success. I only did a few and I put them into a jar in the fridge and will use them in a week or so in a stew or soup and see how they go. Great idea once I perfect the storage to take advantage of the excess produce when mushrooms are on special or the shop has a sell out of mushrooms.

I tried banana and weet potatoe as well but even though I can eat what I dried I don't think they dried out to well. I think I have to do things a bit differently.

Oh well. Of to cook some dinner.


  1. Hi Wendy, life looks busy and fun at your place :)

    1. Hello there - it is so good for the cold weather to be gone and I feel like I have a new lease on life and yep busy is good. Cheers, Wendy

  2. Love the little dress for Charlotte, hope it fits. As for the food dehydrator we purchased one for our trip for when we find cheap food stalls on the road way. We thought we could by extra to save which will save some money along the way. Would love to know more on how you go and what works and does not which would be a great help. Take care.

    1. Hi there Patti - I will post more on dehydrating as I play around with it. I would strongly suggest that you use it now if you have one and start to learn to use it regularly - I am sure the idea of money saved can be started now. Cheers, Wendy