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Monday, September 10, 2012

Home improvements and Health improvements

There is so much to talk about that I am afraid I will bore you to tears so I will try and limit my post as much as possible.

We have little work on and Mick has had some spare time and the inclination to build a little deck at the bottom of our stairs. Except for the cement and some screws the whole deck is made using a recycled deck a friend of ours gave us when they pulled this one down and built a larger one on their home. So the above shot is before - just stepping blocks and the resident wildlife having a munch on the grass.

Getting there.....
and finished bare some wire along the front when we have a few spare dollars to get some.

Lemons from our tree. I have picked another four since this and the tree is covered in flowers and little tiny lemons already. This was it's first season of fruiting and I am so impressed. I am going to make some lemon butter tomorrow and some lemon cordial and all the peels will soak for a few weeks in white vinegar and become my lemon spray and wipe.

I am eating a Nightshade free diet.  Getting Started With Healthy Eating  has a list of what vegetables etc that this means avoiding in my diet. I have been on this elimination diet for the past three weeks and have seen an improvement. I have rheumatoid arthritis and for the past months it has been very debilatating. My usual way of dealing with illness is to ignore it and hope it goes away. I usually avoid doctors like they are the plague and try and do whatever I can to fix the problem myself. I have tried and I have some improvements but I had to come to terms with the fact that this thing needs intervention so that between me and what I do and what the doctor thinks will help we can get me moving and pain free. Whatever I have been doing has helped considerably to limit the damage done to joints. I have learnt a major lesson in all of this and I am obviously going to keep on learning.

So one of the foods that was first to go out of my diet quite a few years ago was tomatoes. OH dear. I really like tomatoes. I avoided them for over a year and considering when I originally came down with this arthritis most of my meals were very much based around the tomatoe base of some sort, this was a big flip in my cooking regime. I am lucky because I like to cook. I like to experiment. But this got me and food became very bland for a while. Then I slipped in a few cherry tomatoes (grown by my Dad so they couldn't be bad for could they?) and made the odd sauce with tomatoes. Well they do make my pain level higher and I don't care what any body else says. So out they go again.

I found this Tomatoe Free Tomatoe Sauce recipe. I have had this printed out for so long now that I do not even know exactly where I originally found it but I have now made it a few times and have adjusted it to my liking. I have added it to my recipe page for those wanting to try it. I will update as I make it each time but it is a definate winner. Above is a homemade gluten free lasagne I made using the sauce cooked with some mince for the layering. And below is some leftover sauce I poured over some corn chips and sprinkled with some cheese and melted under the grill. YUMMY. Honestly it really tastes good. It is very pink the first time - a little less the second time and I think I know how to get the colour more subtle. The recipe will update and explain how.

So much more to talk about but I will leave it there. Chat again tomorrow. I am of to Art Group in the morning and we are doing some silk painting (more like tie dying I think).

Cheers, Wendy

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