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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bauple Simple Living Group - the first day

Today was the first group get together for the Bauple Simple Living Group. We had four people attend and it was a great morning. I taught a few things I know and I learnt some things as well from others. I think the potential for this to grow is there. There were some wonderful ideas and thoughts shared. All in all it was a pleasure for me to spend the morning with others and share a little about who I am. A person needs conversation, friendship, stimulating friendships, learning and also, very importantly, people to share things with.

I set up with the first books today our BOOK CROSSING bookshlef. There is a banner on the side here and if you click on it, it will take you the Book Crossing website. Basically I will collect books given to me and assign each book a Book Crossing identity number and register it online. Then when someone comes and takes the book they can then read it and then release it back to where they got it from or leave it  somewhere that the next person will see it and take the book travelling. When you finish reading the book you have taken you go online yourself and register where you have released the book. So the books are constantly travelling and you can see how far each book has been and reviews from others about the book. Each book has a sticker on it with it's special identity number and a little saying that the book is not lost and that it is travelling and to feel free to cborrow and read and share by passing onto others.

So for me - back to my doing one thing diffferent every day - well today I began a new community group. And I believe it is good and will grow and be a very uplifting and enjoyable part of my days.

The saying above includes the comment about how this world needs "more people who live well in their place." Oh how this is true! I know this just by speaking about myself and not about or for anyone else. It is so much better in my life when I started to focus on just being in my space and trying to live each day in my place. I really think the little saying above by David Orr sums up so much that we need to do in our world. I saw this on facebook and copied and paste so now I am of to do a search on this saying and it's author.



  1. :) Hi Sis

    Love You :)

    ( Blogging Again )

  2. Great stuff Wendy! What a great idea, and a great way for people to connect, learn and share their knowledge and then pass it on to others. :) And I do so love the quote - it is so true...we need more healers and peacemakers, and it starts with us. :)

    1. Thanks Kerry. Hopefully it will take of but yes I am liking the term peacemaker and healer - healer of not just bodies but souls and dreams and . Cheers, Wendy