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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bauple and District Homesteaders Group

Good Evening All

I have had my gorgeous daughter and grand daughter staying with me for the past few days so being on the computer has come last. We had a lovely time together. My daughter gave me a food dehydrator for a birthday gift so hopefully I will have something done in it over the next few days and will post some photos.

My grand daughter has had a terrible rash that has just kept getting worse and worse and she has been so restless and just not sleeping  and very hyperactive. We took her to a Homeopath/Naturopath on Friday. She was having an allergy tests as all the doctor wanted to do was give her some cream and cover it up like a band aide. My grand daughter is only 2 1/2 years old. We have now been told that she is having a servere reaction to ALL DAIRY products, wheat, soy and cane sugar. From the moment we left there my daughter has been vigilent in eliminating all of the above and now today - just 3 days later the rash is nearly completely gone and last night Charlotte slept from 7.30pm to 5.30am. Miracle. Oh how food can affect us. We will review the whole process at 6 weeks and just see what else changes in her behaviour as well as health.

As part of my pact to do something different every day I will list a few things below that I have done over the past few days since I last wrote.

  •  Walked out of a room when the negativity was just too much and I literally had no words to share.
  • Asked my husband to make the decision about something that normally I would have. That felt good.
  •  Decided to accept my husbands offer to drop everything today and visit a friend while he was going there to look at some work. That was extremely pleasant and was a learning experience because Laura has a lovely garden we spent ages walking around.
  • And today - this evening - I finally just wrote up a speil about the group I want to start up in our community and just emailed it and set the first date and just simply stopped procrastinating and worrying if it will work or not.

(For want of a better name – maybe “Bauple and District Simple Living Group”)
“Get Together” each Wednesday morning at 9am to 11am at the Bauple Q150 Recreation Shed.
First get together is Wednesday the 26th September.
TOPIC 26th September
·         Learn how to make your own mayonnaise
·         Learn how to make your own laundry powder and literally save hundreds of dollars a year.
FREE to participate each week. You may bring a plate to share for morning tea if you wish. Tea and Coffee supplied.
A friendly informal gathering of anyone interested in learning new skills and sharing the skills they have with others. Come and join others who are striving for a more simple way of life.  Join people and families trying to stretch their dollar further.  Meet like minded people who are looking at ways to be more sustainable.
·         Simple living
·         Recipe sharing
·         Ways to save money
·         Cooking from scratch
·         Country living
·         Gardening tips and knowledge
·         Plant  and seed spare and share
·         Produce spare and share
·         Self sufficiency
·         Sustainability
·         Homesteading skills
·         Sewing, knitting, crotchet
·         $21 challenge
·         Make your own cleaning products
·         Swap skills
·         Make friends
·         Preserving
·         Book / Information swap
·         Got a question – ASK
·         Not sure – ASK
·         Got an idea – SHARE


  1. What a great idea Wendy with the group you are starting. Wish I could join in. I loved this " Walked out of a room when the negativity was just too much and I literally had no words to share". Hope all is well with the little one now.

    1. Charlotte is getting better and better each day - thanks for reading and commenting. Love ya, Wendy

  2. This sounds like a fabulous idea, Wendy. Your community should feel very lucky to have such a fabulous person like you to get the ball rolling.

    1. I am so excited as I have three people already committed to coming along for the first get together....now I have bitten the bullet I am so excited about getting there and starting something. Cheers, Wendy.

  3. Well done Wendy ,,, sounds fun . A nice way to meet people , learn a few & new ideas , & to have that extra laugh with someone . Proud of you ♥

    1. I know I would have you in my little group if you and I lived closer to each other. Hugs to you, Wendy.

  4. Anonymous is me Wendy Michelle