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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another day and burning the pool table.....

Hello to you all,

Today I did things differently by firstly letting things slide when I was trying to say something to my husband and just decided to let him decide. Oh I liked that feeling. (don't worry - I am way to bossy to let him tell me what to do all of the time but I am coming to realise I don't have to be the boss of everything). Secondly I instantly agreed to something he suggested we do for my birthday tomorrow.

Now this is such an awesome photo - and yes I am sure you are going to ask why? burn? a? pool? table?
It was water damaged - broken and not able to be used and we were at a big Hungi for a friends birthday a month or so back and they ended up throwing this pool table on the bon fire. This is a cool photo.

Getting the ground hot enough to pile the food into baskets and cover up to cook.

Food all in the ground in baskets and all covered with hot ash and sealed in and cooking.  Beautiful meat and vegetables a few hours later.

I went to a childs birthday party on Saturday and it was a racing car party for a 4 year old boy and his Mama had made him this tiny teddy race car treats.  Cool hey?

I went shopping yesterday. I was excited to purchase 3 pineapples - all looking ripe and smelling delish - cut each and every one open this morning and this is what each and every one looked like. I was cranky. I rang the shop and told them I had photos and will be in for a refund when I shop again next week. $6 wasted and I wasn't prepared to ignore it again. I had just cut open 2 avos I had got from another shop the same day and at a cost of nearly $4 was very disappointed when both are black and unable to be eaten. I have kept them and will return them on Thursday with my docket. That is $10 of my bloody hard earned money wasted on this and I want a replacement or my money refunded. Enough is enough.

This is my Lemon Vinegar Spray and Wipe soaking up the lemon into the vinegar. One week down and one more week to go and then I will strain it and bottle it up. I will add more vinegar and a few more lemon rinds and do the same thing again. I will get enough spray and wipe cleaner out of these two lots for the year for me. The lemons of my tree - the vinegar will have cost $4.40 all up and it works brilliantly on the stove top - the sink - the wooden boards and benchs. Smells devine as well. See Homemade Cleaning Page for the instructions on how to make this.

I purchased this punch bowl from a friend last week and it is just perfect for this type of thing and looks so fresh and pretty doing it's thing on my kitchen bench. 

I made two hand painted silk scarves at art group last week - I decided to sew them into a cushion. I was going to put a few dollars on it at the market this weekend - then I thought I might gift it - but - I am going to keep it. I really like it.

Mick has been building me the frame for my vegetable garden and my Dad and Mum have bought me a large roll of chicken wire for my birthday and the whole thing will be covered in wire tomorrow. I have planted some beetroot already but as soon as it is finished I will get some other goodies in there and start the learning process of growing myself some food that I hopefully get and not the possums.

Mick and went through our shells we have collected and put a lovely display out. The remainder are going to finally be tied up and made into a hanging display. I will post a photo when we are finished.

I watched a short documentary this evening on the ABC and it was called Take A Seat - Dominic Gill 

and it was such a great little documentary about Dominic Gill who road his tandem pushbike from the top of Alaska to the bottom of South America. I am now going to buy his book. Awesome story - but it is definately my cup of tea.

Cheers, Wendy


  1. Happy birthday for tomorrow, Wendy!
    I love the idea of getting roll of chicken wire as a pressie. I got a load of soil for a Mothers Day.
    It is great that you contacted the shops who sold you the food that just wasn't really up to scratch. So often, it is just too easy to let it slide.
    I also watched Take a Seat and thought it was wonderful. My only criticism is that it was far to short. To tell the story of a 2 and a bit year journey in just under 40 minutes doesn't really give it justice. I would have loved to have seen a 2 hour movie, looking at more of the people that joined him along the way.
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Yep you know times have moved on your life when you ask for chicken wire and poo for a present. LOL. I totally agree with the show just being to short. But he actually did film this himself as he went along which I think is amazing. I thought at first he had a camera man along side him but I don't think he did. I am going to get his book. Cheers, Wendy

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