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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sunday - Oh Lovely Sunday

Saturday saw Mick and I entertaining friends with an afternoon BBQ. The weather held out and it stopped raining for the afternoon. Cooked some awesome steaks and I made some great salads and we feasted and drank wine and enjoyed each others company. No photos. Just memories.

Sunday morning my daughter and her family packed up after a weeks visit and headed home. I packed up a picnic and grabbed my walking shoes and went to Noosa National Park - the Hells Gate walking section and followed that walk as far as Alexandria Bay. We took our friend that was staying with us for the weekend. He is doing a course in Caloundra and is from Victoria. Mick had only just taken me to this section of the park a few weeks ago. On that day I did not take one photo. I just enjoyed the walk and it was great. Yesterday I took LOTS of photos. I feel some of them captured the essence of the day and I have put some of the many photos on here to share with you. If you want to you can go to my flicker photography page - see link at the side here - and look at more of them.

Picnic lunch and a cuppa before we begin walk - please note awesome tablecloth I picked up for 50c at an op shop recently.

The beginning of the walk - Noosa National Park - Headland Section - Hells Gate Walking Track

I call this the dougnut tree - how it grew like this is anyones guess.

I love the sunrays in this photo. It has been raining here and overcast for the past week so this sunshine was very welcome.

I took a few photos of a couple sitting on the cliff edge. In this one you can draw a love heart around them.

I love the sky in this photo.

This is looking down into Hells Gate.

Looking across to Alexandria Bay

Just love this photo of stairs into the sky.

You can see which way the wind blows here.

Pandanus Tree

Pandanus Tree

Looking over the cliff edge and straight down to the ocean.

Two Pandanus Trees

The fruit on a pandanus tree - the birds love these.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my walk with me - Cheers, Wendy


  1. Awesome photos Wendy! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Thanks tylasnan. If you get a chance to go for a walk - go there - quick and easy for you to get to and it is a pleasant day's outing without being to far away. Do you like bushwalking? easy walking I mean - not mountain hiking.

  3. Great photos Wendy! And sounds like you had a wonderful weekend doing alot of 'connecting'...to people and nature. :)

  4. Wendy, awesome photos:) I really enjoyed looking through them all. Looks like it was a fantastic walk:)

  5. Thanks Kerry and Kala - love getting feedback.

  6. I loved that walk too Wendy, & your pix are fantastic.